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Mar. 14th, 2011 01:59 pm
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Here is a list of fic that I have written since 2005. The list is not guaranteed to be complete, and does not include snippets that were never officially published. Some pre-2005 work is still available; see the end for details.

This list does not include spoiler warnings, content warnings, or any other kind of warnings or tags. (This is not an attempt to be insensitive; rather, I haven't found a warning/tagging method that works for me, or that I have been able to maintain with any reliability.) I give word counts where I know it, and note remixes and crossovers, but that's it.

Fics are sorted by fandom, then date.

My AO3 account (here) overlaps this list; not everything on AO3 is listed here, and not everything here is on AO3. One of these days I will get around to fixing that.

fandoms: Buffy, Firefly, Harry Potter, Heroes, Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Numb3rs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek AOS, Star Wars TPM, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, Vagrant Story, White Collar, X-Men (First Class), and misc )

This list is up to date as of March 5, 2012


Apr. 23rd, 2015 09:17 pm
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So I am refreshing my German using Duolingo -- 146 day streak woo -- and one of the words today was Ernst, meaning seriousness. One of the sentences I encountered three times with this word; the first time was the “refrigerator magnet” sort of thing where you have a list of words that you pick out the correctly translated sentence from.

The German sentence was “Im Ernst” -- and there is no punctuation in Duo but the vocal inflection was as a question. Literally, this translates to “in the seriousness”

The only possible English translation from the provided words, and apparently the default translation for that sentence, is “No kidding”.

Seriously, Duo? Seriously?


Apr. 22nd, 2015 04:25 pm
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I *miss* writing.

The answer (some people say) is to write. But I can't. I try, and the words don't come, or I get tangled up in logistics, or something.

I have stuff that I want to work on, except that because I don't really get new plot ideas any more (which comes from not writing), most of it is stuff with existing writing, so on top of the process of writing being like *pulling teeth* only less fun, I have a paralyzing fear of breaking it.

Current WIPs, as far as I can tell )

So much of that stuff is so old omg. I just ... I feel like such a failure at writing, but I can't remember how.
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Today sucked like a vacuum cleaner made out of a black hole.

Power went out -- we'd had advanced notice (doing work blah blah blah) but without estimated times or durations. I woke up at 8:30, possibly awoken by the power going out; by 3:30, when I left for chorus, it was still out. (It's back on now at least.) I only had internet through my phone (and with no idea how long the outage would last, didn't want to overuse it), didn’t have computer, didn’t have microwave or hot water (at least my stove is gas, so I could have coffee), etc. At least I could crochet...

Also my grandma died today (not unexpected, but fuck cancer) and I am not as sad as I feel like I ought to be. (Like I’m being a bad granddaughter for not caring, or something.) Did I mention fuck cancer?

And I had to go in person to my doctor to get a fucking physical paper prescription for Vicodin to take to the pharmacy because of the stupid regulations that are in place. Fuck the war on drugs, anyway.

And I had a meeting tonight that I didn’t want to have to go to argh, except I ditched last month because it was right on the heels of Rehearsal Hell Week.

I am full of mrgh.

(...which I accidentally mistyped as meth, whoops.)
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So I'm kind of in a bad headspace right now (in case the poem didn't give that away). Depression is hitting harder than normal, and normal for me is pretty hard anyway, so I'm ... very not okay.

One of the things it's being most vocal about is that I need to isolate. That people don't want to me around me especially when I'm on a depressive jag, that I don't deserve to be around people, that no one would notice or be bothered if I just disappeared, that I should go away and stop imposing on people who don't like me. And intellectually I know that depression is a lying liar that lies like a lying thing, but brainweasels are very good about making their lies feel real.

I can't trust my own brain right now, so I need to borrow y'all's for a while. If you like me (not in the sense of *like* like, just, idk, think I'm nifty) and are so inclined, please tell me? This is not an obligation, and I promise that I won't judge if you don't say anything -- it's not that I need you to prove our friendship (or whatever), it's thar my brain says I am a hate-worthy despicable person and right now I need points of view that are *not* that.
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I seem to have signed up for FR. (woo) Username = ysobel

I have *no* clue what I'm doing, lol.

(Things I have done: bred my initial pair of dragons; gathered items; poked around the trading post, mostly failed at trivia because I'm too lazy to actually research the questions, got my free item from Pinkerton; played games in the Fairgrounds. Things I grok: how to breed dragons; daily visits are necessary for incubating eggs (but omg I like this model so much more than Dragon Cave's); you can buy things from the marketplace (site) or auction house (other players). Things I do not grok: Uh, anything else.)

I know there are other Flight Rising peeps out there; anyone feel like giving suggestions?

ETA I splurged. Because pretty. Read more... )
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... I am thinking of setting the fic after wipe but before the major battle, for ultimate fun.

Read more... )
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teal deer: I miss seders, and sometimes wonder if I chose wrong

babbling )

Tragic sigh

Apr. 3rd, 2015 06:14 pm
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I have too much stuff to watch D:

seriously )
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So the whole MCU/XMFC Charles-and-Erik-help-Steve-save-Bucky soulbonding fic is still gnawing at my ankles, though it's taken me this long to rewatch CA:TFA and CA:TWS.

Problem is, I can't figure out where exactly to set it.

Do I still need to warn for spoilers? Eh. MCU through CA:TWS with speculation beyond. )

Um hi

Mar. 26th, 2015 10:37 pm
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Apparently it's been like two weeks since I posted. Oops? Still alive.

Things of note:

- brainweasels (esp. depression related) have been eating me alive

- cancer sucks. not me but family )

- oh and in "thank you universe, I totally needed that right now" timing, the lift I use to transfer between bed and toilet and wheelchair ... decided to stop working. that whole saga )

- chorus starts back up next week. Yay.

- get to visit sister and niecelet Saturday. Yay times infinity.

- am rewatching Leverage. Still awesome.

- Also I am feeling ridiculously and pathetically lonely right now. physical touch more than anything )
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I want to reread Discworld novels, but my bookshelf has NO organization (and is mostly double-stacked so I can't even look through what I have without serious assistance) and anyway physical books are Hard for me to deal with, so I figured, what the hell, I'd get ebook versions. Not everything, just ones focusing on my favourite characters.

Which happen to be Death, Sam Vimes, and Granny Weatherwax.

Or basically, using this chart, three of the four major groupings; and of the remainder, I like the Ancient Civilizations ones and the YA ones, so I have gone from "not everything, just the special ones" to "everything but the Rincewind books and the Industrial Revolution books, the latter mainly because I never got around to reading any".

Now, woe the first, which is mainly me being lazy, is that these do not exist as omnibus groupings (which would be awesome for the ebook versions; just have "The Collected Witches Novels of Discworld" and "The Collected Death Novels of Discworld" and so on, so that the related books just are one huge file. But eh.

Woe the second, which is a huger deal: *this is a fuckton of money*, at least relative to my life.

A lot of them are on sale for $3.99 instead of $9.99 -- not all, and e.g. Small Gods is reduced all the way to 9.09 what a ~bargain~ but for the moment assume for the ease of calculation that they are. Six Witches books plus four YA books plus two AC books plus five Death books plus seven Watch novels? $96. Granted, that's 24 books, so it's not anywhere close to the scale of, say, college textbooks, but it's also a) close to a hundred dollars, and b) not the actual price as not all of them are $4.

And of course the way Kindle books work, you can't shove them all in a single shopping cart to see the cost. It's just one-click. For each one.

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Why does it bother me so much to get lost in MineCraft?

I'm not talking about odd situations like "fell down hole with no tools, waiting to die of hunger" (last night's situation) or "stuck in an endless desert with no trees whatsoever" (one of my iPad worlds; I started at place-with-trees, because I have tools and torches, but right now I can *not* get out of the desert, and I am running low on said tools and torches, and trees are kind of necessary for those things; you can eke out a basic existence with just wood and cobblestone (since logs can be burned into charcoal), but you can't do diddlysquat without trees). I'm also not really talking about "I built a perfect scale replica of the Enterprise and don't remember where it is" or whatever.

Just ... getting lost. Having to start over.

Basic early-stage gameplay (on survival) is: punch trees for wood, get basic tools, get torches, get basic shelter. Survive first night. Figure out food source, go looking for resources, upgrade tools, kill things, survive more nights, go out for more resources. Upgrade home base to have chests, furnaces, maybe some decorative stuff.

Sometimes, in foraging for resources, I lose track of where home is. And it frustrates the hell out of me.

Like, my non-desert iPad world? I spawned on a savannah, so had several stairstep-trunk trees, so I just adapted one into a treehouse: partially done, with an 11x9 floor of acacia wood blocks and a frame but no walls or ceiling. I decided I wanted the walls to be mostly glass, so I went off in search of sand to smelt down. Found sand; found a NPC village; have no fucking idea where home is.

Now, the rational reaction is one of two things:

1) Shrug and make a new home base, maybe (in this example) centered on the NPC village. It's not like old home base had a whole lot, and all of what's there -- furnace and crafting table, wood, cobblestone, coal, a modicum of iron -- is not just replaceable but *easily* replaceable.

2) Temporarily make a place to store stuff, dig down far enough to get redstone, make a compass, follow compass back to spawn (while leaving trail if I want to do a more permanent pathway)

But somehow my brain flips out and chooses door number 3:

3) Panic, flail, and stop playing that world, with sometimes the added bonus of wanting to quit Minecraft altogether, though I usually end up just creating a new world to play in.

The odd thing is, there is *no actual advantage* to starting a new world instead of continuing with the old one. I mean, either way I've "lost" the time and effort put into making the first (usually basic and crappy) shelter, and the shrug-and-rehome option at least allows me to start with some resources on hand. And yet I can't seem to do it. I'm too disappointed to take it further.
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Playing on easy, I get beat up by spiders and creepers. Whic, okay, easy != peaceful, that's fine.

I forgot to write down coords of my base, so I put my stuff in a chest (wrote down those coords) and drowned to respawn. In trying to travel from respawn point to chest, I fall down a hole. With seven blocks of dirt and a sapling and nothing else.

So I set it to hard, so I will die and re-respawn.

I have not died yet

It has been like ten RL minutes.

No monsters.

I have no torches, no tools, no light.

WTF, game.
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is here. I tried to do a picspam post on DW/LJ, but emailing the pictures didn't work (message too big) and I was too lazy exhausted and brain-fogged to do the uploading and coding by hand. Feel free to comment here though, since this is a better platform for replies than tumblr is.

Spoiler: I have adorable pets.
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...totally safe for work, but I got another CSA box :D

nom )


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