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Mar. 14th, 2011 01:59 pm
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Here is a list of fic that I have written since 2005. The list is not guaranteed to be complete, and does not include snippets that were never officially published. Some pre-2005 work is still available; see the end for details.

This list does not include spoiler warnings, content warnings, or any other kind of warnings or tags. (This is not an attempt to be insensitive; rather, I haven't found a warning/tagging method that works for me, or that I have been able to maintain with any reliability.) I give word counts where I know it, and note remixes and crossovers, but that's it.

Fics are sorted by fandom, then by date (old to new).

My AO3 account (here) overlaps this list; not everything on AO3 is listed here, and not everything here is on AO3. One of these days I will get around to fixing that. Maybe.

fandoms: Buffy, Firefly, Harry Potter, Heroes, Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Numb3rs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek AOS, Star Wars TPM, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, Vagrant Story, White Collar, X-Men (First Class), and misc )

This list is up to date as of May 3, 2015
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...look at this awesomeness -- PURPLE. ASPARAGUS.

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They replied to my "not sending you a scan of my ID" with this:

Since a unit number wasn’t specified when you signed up, we have to confirm that you’re not the person in the registry.

A copy of an official document like a utility bill, lease, or tax record that references both your name and address would also be acceptable for verification purposes.

Yeah, how about lolnope. :gif of Mr. Rogers holding up both middle fingers:

Um, nope.

Apr. 13th, 2016 01:25 pm
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So there's this site I've been a member of for a while -- Nextdoor, which is sort of like a localized Facebook.

I got an email yesterday saying they were temporarily suspending my account because sex predator. Apparently in the case of apartments they block *anyone in that apartment conplex* until they prove they're not the sex offender.

To resolve this, they want me to fax over a scan of my ID card with name and address listed.


Um how 'bout hell no. I don't trust websites that much.

(I looked up the sex offender registry. There is someone listed for this apartment complex, but a guy, with a completely different name than mine. And I don't get the policy of blocking the entire complex. True, I didn't list an apartment number with them, just the primary street address, and I suppose they have no way of knowing I don't live with this guy, but they also have no way of proving that someone two streets down isn't a close friend of the guy and lets him use their computer all the time, so wtf.)

I feel like I'm being unreasonably cranky about this, but wtelf.
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Today's duo lesson: place names!

Abergwaun = Fishguard
Caergybi = Holyhead
Drenewydd = Newtown (and I already know newydd/new)
Casnewydd = Newport
Pwllheli = Pwllheli


*squints at list*

*sings softly, "one of these things is not like the others..."*
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Well, not math, just the names for math.

In Welsh, anyway.

I don't mind the numbers, at least yet when we've mostly just done 1-10. I can't recall more than half of them -- un dau tri pedwar pump chwech saiyh wyth naw deg -- but I can recognize them. And the above-ten two-digit numbers seem to literally be, like, "three ten seven" for 37.

But today's lesson is the + ~ x % = words. Some of it is okay, by which I mean that I can remember that "math/sums" is symiau and "is equal to" is yn hafal i. And plus is okay, because that's adio. Tri adio un yn hafal i pedwar.

But I can. Not. Remember. The other three. It's not sticking from one sentence to the next, and I can't figure out any mnemonics or anything.

Subtract: Tynnu
Multiply: Lluosi
Divide: Rhannu

(I wrote it down here partly so I could get through the lesson but partly because writing makes things stick better, and I still ended up wanting to put lluosi for subtract. I *never* have this much trouble within a lesson. Remembering later, sure, but wtf brain.
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When am I going to ever need to say "I want 91 apples"????

I mean, really.

(Dw I eisiau nau deg un afal)
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I have no idea why welsh is so much fun for me; it has no practical use. (Spanish is useful in California; Russian is useful with a Russian aide; German is useful for reading the books I own in German; welsh is completely and utterly random.)

But anyway. One thing that amuses me is that at least so far, if I blank on the Welsh word for something, more often than not "phonetic with some w'a and y's thrown in" works. I was given the audio for the welsh word for burger, which sounded like berger, but then I went "...not welsh enough" and changed it to byrger. Which was correct.

I do realize that a lot of that is that I am still in the early stages and Duo is giving me easier words. (For example, the translation given for "hello" is helo, and the translation for "sorry" is sori, and I'm sure there are welshier equivalents; and the vocab is skewed towards Lots Of Things What Are Similar -- bacwn and reis and jins and trowsus and sgert and pasta and lemon and pitsa and tost and coffi -- it's not entirely that, but I suspect there's a higher proportion of loanwords/cognates than in overall welsh.

On the non-loanword side, I find it easy to remember the word for cheese. (Caws, pronounced like English cows.) And it somehow amuses me that dress is ffrog.
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Oh, also, apparently I am a better verbal storyteller than I think.

Someone asked me yesterday during the group I go to on Mondays (it's not really a support group, more of a meaning group, but I just call it Group) to tell the story of -- well, first she asked for the story of Job, but starting before the whale, to which I asked if she meant Jonah, and it turned out that yes, yes she did.

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I had a dream last night where I was reading -- or watching, it's hard to tell with dreams -- a cozy-style mystery that had largely to do with some legal loophole about how, if you kill someone a) by implausible "accident" b) on the way back from paying the fine for a different crime, it's not actually murder. (The book-movie-whatever ... The narrative didn't make it clear whether it would count as manslaughter; the main character thought she'd get off scot-free.)

So she deliberately got caught speeding on the highway, and paid the fine, and was driving her cop friend (whom she wanted to kill) back via some alternate route that took them through a small town where she had plotted some sort of Improbable Accident to occur. After lunch, of course, and the narrative made it clear that the cop had a large appetite that her friend generally disapproved of but, since she was going to kill her, she actually encouraged eating a lot, like finishing off the main character's pasta dish once she was finished. And there was blueberry pie.

But then there was a Humorously Inconvenient Twist in the part of three burly local men showing up for lunch at the cafe, at which point we switched to their POV, in which we discovered the three of them were all werewolves, and they had this problem of fursploding into werewolf form whenever someone mentioned vampires, which made it hard to maintain plausible deniability about the existence of werewolves.

At which point I got awoken by my morning aide, so don't know what happened next. *fistshake*

OMG Chair

Apr. 3rd, 2016 07:56 pm
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So I have some very important news: I HAVE A NEW CHAIR OMG.

It's not perfect yet; there are all sorts of minor tweaks and changes that have to be made. (And because I am so physically inflexible, the wheelchair controls need to be positioned very precisely, and there are all sorts of awkward things like deflating the seat cushion a bit to make it more comfortable means the armrests are too high, etc.)

But. But! It is shiny and new, and *fast* (6mph top speed), and the suspension is amazing, and it has all the features I need including the lateral tilt, and the display has a clock, a speedometer, an odometer, a resettable trip odometer -- no streaming video though, lol.

I'm still switching back and forth between the chairs until the things that need resolving get resolved, but soon the most important question will be how to bling it up to suit my personality :D

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Bacon = bacwn
Chocolate = siocled (shock led)
Potatoes = tatws (what's taters, precioussss?)
Pasta = pasta

Also I can now say (with probably a horrible accent) dw i eisiau dysgu Cymraeg (I want to learn welsh). Go me.

Also also I want a welshy icon, hmmm.
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The thing that seems to be throwing me off the most about welsh pronunciation is the letter u.

I'm fine with dd being a voiced th, fine with f being v, fine with ff being f, fine with w being a vowel. But u being ee trips me up every damn time.

The Iau of Dydd Iau is not yow but rhymes with sigh. Llun (Monday) is hleen. Sul (Sunday) is seel. Etc.

At least Dydd Sadwrn (Saturday) not only is pronounced in a way I can remember, but is a connection I can remember. Yay Saturn!
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For some reason I am feeling really ... small and pathetic and useless right now. Very much a Thing and not a Person.

I don't even know what would help.


Mar. 19th, 2016 09:08 pm
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* Because I am a big dork, I decided to start learning Welsh on Duolingo. I am very amused that one of the sentences in the second lesson grouping is "I am a dragon" (draig dw i). I also got a Les Mis earworm with "pwy dw i" (who am I), which even scans. A welsh version of Les Mis would be awesome.

* my Inner Critic had a moment of "wtf why are you learning Welsh" -- the other languages I've done have made sense, because Spanish is useful in California, German and Russian are both languages I've learned previously (albeit to vastly different fluency levels), Russian has the additional benefit of being the native language of one of my aides, but Welsh??? -- but I was able to stifle that quickly. Can I use Welsh in my life? No, not really. But I like learning things, not just to be useful but purely for the sake of learning.

* I realized recently that a Mystery Knitting Object I've had for fifteen-odd years, which I got as part of an eBay purchase of yarn and knitting tools and so I thought was some weird large U-shaped stitch holder, is actually a look for hairpin crochet. Which I am utterly captivated by. (Summary version: the loom has parallel inflexible sides, and you hold the yarn behind and to one side. Flipping the loom over loops the yarn around one side; you crochet in the middle to stabilize it; flip the same direction to loop around the other side; crochet in the middle to stabilize; and you end up with a strip of crochet up the middle with loops on either side kind of like fringe.) I have, however, come to the conclusion that it requires three hands (one for yarn, one for hook, one for loom).

* Speaking of crochet, I made a video showing how I crochet (and babbling rather a lot). I will embed it here once I look up how to do that (I'm on my iPad, and I can't find embed code on the YouTube app) but for now here's a link: http://youtu.be/v4P2pK0joHk It's 16 minutes long, and fully captioned. I hope to make more videos showing other things. It's pretty basic and amateur-looking, but eh.

* Also speaking of crochet, I (re)discovered tonight that switching immediately from a project using thicker yarn and a 5.5mm hook to one with thinner yarn and a 4mm hook? Really throws off muscle memory for a bit.

* random icon ftw \o/
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There is an iOS app that I've been using for about a month now, and it may be of interest to some of y'all. It's called BoosterBuddy, and it is a free (and ad-less!) app created by Vancouver Island Health Authority to "help teens and young adults improve their mental health".

The premise is this: you check in every day with how you are feeling (broadly speaking -- the options are great, not greasy, struggling, and crisis), and then you have a cartoonish animal buddy that you wake up by doing three quests. (The nature of the quests depend on how your mood is at check-in, and can be anything from "look up pictures of beach scenes" to "figure out something you need to do, break it down into steps as small as possible, and write down the first step" to "take a picture of something beautiful" to various other things. Nothing that takes long, and many come with an "I can't do this now" option that switches to a different quest.

Once the animal buddy is awake, it gives you an inspirational quote of some sort, and you can play dress-up with various hats, neck things, belts, etc. You unlock new clothing items with in-game coins that you get for doing quests, taking medications, adding to-do items to the in-game calendar, completing said tasks, etc. There is also a list/collection of coping strategies that you can go to at any time, with a Favorites list so that you can flag your favorite strategies.

Setup involves marking the issues that you have problems with (out of a list including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, initiation/motivation, oversleeping, under sleeping, drug or alcohol use, nicotine use, and other things I can't remember), which I think are used by the app to select what quests it gives you; how many times a day you take medications and whether you would like a reminder to do so; and crisis contact info like the address/number of the nearest hospital (and, iirc, the option of listing the name and phone number of someone such as a therapist or friend that you can call in an emergency).

There is the option of sending in anonymized usage data -- nothing personal, not the contents of what you write, but things like minutes spent in the app, which coping mechanisms you use, how often you check in, how often you complete the daily quests, etc -- but this is opt-IN, which I love, and permission can be revoked at any time.

I find it super helpful both for the daily quests (small daily coping reminders) and for when I'm struggling with brainweasels and need one of the on-demand coping mechanisms. You can also see a monthly calendar view that shows among other things which days you checked in *and what mood*, which is a very granular look at my emotion trends (the mood is selected once per day and can't be changed). It also shows when you took your meds, or at least when you told it you took your meds (and this *can* be changed after the fact; even if it's a different day you can go back and mark the med as taken).

The only gripes I have are a) you can't look at previous answers to fill-in-the-blank coping methods (which I suspect is because the app doesn't even store them; good for privacy, and the primary point is mindfulness rather than dwelling on the past), b) you can change settings (like which issues are issues for you) but you can't see what the current settings are, and c) it is occasionally physically ableist (one daily quest was "take three steps" and unlike most, it didn't have the "I can't do this now" option). But overall I would give it an A, especially for a free app. (And it is actually legitly free; no ads, no in-app purchases, just plain free.)

Sorry for the teal deer. If you've read this far, you deserve a kitty pic:

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I r smrt

Mar. 8th, 2016 01:13 pm
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Sunday night I had two episodes of throwing up that left me with nausea and a headache, both of which lingered.

A headache that, I realized today, is pretty damn migraineish.

I probably would have figured it out sooner except I was assuming that a) the headache was secondary to the nausea, and b) therefore the only way to get rid of the headache would be to ride out the nausea for as long as it lasted. Except even if the first is the case (and I have no idea which direction the causality went and no real way to find out), the second doesn't necessarily follow.

I took an imitrex this morning, and whether it was the med treating the migraine or just placebo effect, but the headache/migraine is lots better. I may need to take a second one as the pain is starting to creep back, but after more than 24 hrs of constant headache, even partial relief is amazing.

I just wish I'd thought of it yesterday ..,
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My high school math teacher (and one of my favorite teachers ever) has passed away.

The fuck-cancer aspect of this is milder than sometimes; at 88 (87?) this is not as unfair-feeling as some deaths, though on the other hand 88 feels a lot younger now than 68 did when I was twenty years younger and in high school.

I was lucky enough to have her for not one but two classes. I can't remember what I had her for first -- not geometry because that was clueless mysogynist guy; not trig because I did that as summer study so I could do calculus my junior year rather than senior; maybe precalc if that's a thing? -- but whatever it was, an announcement in that class led me to PROMYS, the summer number theory camp I went to. She was also in charge of administering the CaMeLs (California mathematics league, aka optional extracurricular math that I found fun because did I mention I was a math geek omg.

And then there was calculus, which was where I truly adored her. It was faster paced calculus -- AP Calculus BC, for those of you that know the difference between BC and AB -- and there was a parallel slower (AB) track scheduled for the same time that more than half the class dropped back to. But I thrived.

She was not an easy teacher but a good one, and fair, not arbitrary or tyrannical. She was also fiercely in favor of girls engaging in math. And did I mention I adored her?

This death does not hit me as hard as some; I didn't maintain much of a relationship with her besides saying hi at concerts. But after twenty years I still remember her name, which says something, and she still remembered mine, which says another thing.

She lived her life well, and made quite an impact, and she will be missed.

I also do think that she would have loved tonight's concert -- classical music, Schumann and Mozart and tschaikovsky, played well and enjoyably.

*raises glass of wine to her memory*


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