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Apparently, my brain wants to do WC drabbles. About yesterday's ep. Which I didn't even like much, overall.

This is massively spoileriffic for the finale.


"Moz. Mozzie! Hey. Stay with me."

Mozzie's fairly sure he's hallucinating, but he's not complaining. Much. Better to die with company, even imaginary, than die alone.

"Moz, you're gonna be okay, all right? Help's coming." Neal's voice, like his face, refuses to stay in focus. Stupid thing.

"...not...fair..." Moz manages to say.

"Don't try to talk," and hey, his hallucinations even include the Suit, who looks all concerned. How's that for irony. Or something.


Okay, ow, no talking, the hallucinations win there. But it's *not* fair: he wanted to finish his tea, dammit.

And it was good tea.

Date: 2010-09-09 02:23 am (UTC)
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oh wow.

Nicely done, even if me and the Neal-in-my-head are still hoping that Mozzie was faking it.


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