Feb. 2nd, 2016


Feb. 2nd, 2016 03:25 pm
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* nausea fucking sucks. I think cymbalta withdrawal nausea is amplifying cipro nausea. two more days; I can do this

* am cranky at doctor's office. I'd called the off-hours advice line on *Saturday* going "cipro nausea is bad what can I do". Their answer was literally "nothing". fuckers. (someone today suggested otc emetrol so am trying that)

* am also cranky at morning aide b/c Yahtzee threw up and she didn't clean it up. I know it's gross but ffs don't just leave it there grr.

* am not at all satisfied with the poem I posted to [community profile] fan_flashworks but am ridiculously pleased that I hit exactly 100 words

* and now I'm getting random fucking panic/crying attack whee

* and by whee I mean fuck
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Omg you guyyyys

I have my real chair back

And it tilts

because they are fucking dumbasses and didn’t notice a fucking loose screw

(Well, until my dad went to go get it and it wouldn’t go full speed and he wtfed at them and told them to at least get rid of the ducking “safety feature” and so they took it back and 15 minutes later found the fucking loose screw that was making things not connect right)

but I’m actually fucking comfortable again

(Also sobbing like a crazy person, because, well, I’m fucking crazy right now (two more doses I can get through this) but whatever)


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