May. 18th, 2016

Woo splint

May. 18th, 2016 08:03 pm
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Look what I has now!

Astonishing note: the doctor (hand-specialist orthopedic surgeon) not only *read* my chart but *understood* it (and the implications of FOP for trigger finger treatment). I was pleasantly surprised. I have also been referred to pt for more splinting (one for night that covers the knuckle joint, as well as a better pinky splint that I might actually wear omg), and possibly for topical steroid treatment (which isn't the primary treatment for trigger finger but the only one that won't trigger, pun intended, any FOP reaction).

oval splint )
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i go through phases of obsessively listening to the same musical for days/weeks at a stretch. Current obsession is Secret Garden. Which holds a weird place in my heart, because I love it, but I hate Magic Cure narratives, but a large part of the problem with Colin was not actual disability so much as fear thereof -- everyone so afraid of him being ill that they didn't let him be healthy.

But there is still a part of me that wants to rewrite it without a Magic Cure. Where, yes, getting outside is good for him, and play is good for him, and companions are good for him, but he's still disabled, still limited. Where he's not running around by the end of it, where the garden is a refuge where his disability doesn't matter rather than where it doesn't exist. Where healing comes not from "getting well" but from becoming himself.


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