Sep. 13th, 2016

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I'm off to see the wizard get my nose shaved woo. (Mohs surgery to make sure there are no remaining basal cells.)

Theoretically it's not a huge deal (and its surface stuff so shouldn't trigger any fop reaction) but right now I am more nervous than I expected.

(I have crochet to work on during the waiting periods. Yay crochet. Yay rainbow shawls in an easily memorizable pattern.)

ETA @10:45:

Am back -- they only needed to do one layer, woo. I have a ridiculous bandage on my nose that means I can't wear my glasses and probably won't be able to use the cpap; that stays on a few days and then I can "graduate" to bandaids.

Having trouble staying awake right now so I'm gonna go crash-nap.


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