Jan. 8th, 2017

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I want to write up a series of recommendation / information posts about some of the mobile games I am currently playing. What I've thought of so far is something like this:

- premise: a sentence or two of what the game is about or what the purpose is
- mechanics: what you do and how you do it
- ads: do they exist, are they forced or optional, how annoying
- in-game purchases: what, how necessary
- accessibility: (see below)
- braining required: how much do you have to think
- speed or timed levels
- internet connectivity required?
- summary of why I like it

What else would be useful to know?

And in terms of accessibility -- I can't really judge visual accessibility, though I will do my best. I can do auditory accessibility (whether sound is required / useful). I can definitely do physical accessibility of my own needs (which include "if I am playing on the iPad, do I have to be able to reach the entire screen or just parts" and "horizontal, vertical, or both" (admittedly both is a rare thing), but what else is good? Precision required? Reaction time, maybe. What else?

The posts will be written with the intent of being shareable, so I want them to be as useful as possible without being cluttered.


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