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...my stomach feels like it is trying to eat itself. wtf, body. also ow.

Anyway. If anyone's interested, I posted a master fic list (DW / LJ). In the process I discovered fics I'd forgotten I wrote. There are probably some that I've missed, scattered in flashfic or challenge comms, but otherwise the list is mostly complete.

Also also, I finally got around to setting up a not-my-real-name google account, for various purposes. ysobelflp (the flp stands for fruit loop ponie. if you don't know, you'll probably be better off not asking *g*).

Also also also, happy pi-day-the-first. ♥ π

Also (times four), my current knitting project is made of awesome. And wool. Squishy wool in nice colors.

...In unrelated news, Suri is still cute. Oh wait, that's not news. :D

Date: 2011-03-15 08:44 pm (UTC)
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*Dumps several boxes of Fruit Loops in front of you, seeing as you're the FLP. :D



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