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masquerading as a man with a reason ([personal profile] ysobel) wrote2017-01-08 03:17 pm

weekly to-do/ta-da

To do:
GYWO spreadsheet*
Knit/crochet wip list*
Prep for choir
Go to choir
Email re book group*
Email re chair*
Email re water card*
write K email
send K email
Thank you B C* D
Reply to Facebook message*
Game posts: Abyssrium Neko Koi xword ???
Start pussyhat
DT hat list
clean up inbox
get replacement microwave

(* carried over from last week)

Daily Om - ff
Rainbow shawl or hat - stwtf
Duo - smtwtfs
Update td list - smtwtfs

Word count: to be calculated; 446 + DO

(to be edited as needed)