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Dear person on Ravelry:

I respect that your husband, as a police officer, has a difficult job, and I believe you that it has gotten more scary and dangerous in the past few years.

I do, however, wish to reframe your argument that it has gotten worse because of BLM protesters and the BLM movement. I submit that the fault lies with the police officers who commit atrocities and illegal, irresponsible acts against people and the system that lets them get away with murder.

I also wish to point out that your fear for your husband's safety is something that black people have to live with 24/7, but your husband can take off his uniform. Imagine living with that fear magnified by the fact that there is no time off, no way to go off duty, and the knowledge that the justice system is heavily weighted against you.

It is 100% possible to support the Black Lives Matter movement -- which at its roots is mainly "stop killing us" -- and support good police officers. BLM is not anti-police. It's anti-"react disproportionately to a situation because of skin color, treat a section of the population as subhuman, kill people out of unnecessary fear, and face very little if any repercussion for any of that".

I wish I could send this to you, but I don't think you'd actually listen.



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