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I have finished a Hat! Even sewed the button on myself mwahaha.

(The yarn is sparkly, which doesn't show up well in the photo. It's also a pita to work with and I'm not planning on ever buying it again, despite the pretty,)

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Whee yarn

Oct. 9th, 2016 11:21 pm
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So I have, over the course of the year, set myself various crafting goals. I have no hope of getting them all done, but. For the sake of having them all in one place, here they are.

(DT) finish wips. Definitely niecelet sweater, possibly zombie dragon tail and/or June mitts. Possibly also mini Cthulhu if it counts as enough left. Deadline Dec 21.

(RR) kal, sort of, lol. Vague deadline end of year.

(EFQ) hat cal. Set up due end of October, item due end of November. Note: satisfies 5/9/16 of SKC.

(CP) October goals:

Go to Lambtown - DONE
Add Lambtown purchases to stash and link to queued items
Finish the body of niecelet’s sweater. For realsies this month
If #3 gets done: Do the trim on niecelet’s sweater
Work on rainbow shawl EDIT: or zombie dragon, if unable to find rainbow
Practice brioche (an actual swatch, le gasp)
Cast on something new (if Wings, incomplete cast-on allowed)
Look sternly at mitts currently in timeout and ask if they’re ready to behave yet
Actually color something (okay that’s not really crafty but close enough)

(SKC)16 in 2016:

1. Finish baby sweater
2. Organize queue Done 6/23
3. Organize files on my computer hahaha
4. Start something brioche
5. Start something crocheted (not Tunisian or slst) **Done** 2/10
6. Start something Tunisian
7. Start a shawl for myself **Done** (rainbow)
14. Start something slipstitch crochet **Done** (orangenhaut)
8. Finish one of the above five items
9. Make a hat
10. Make a pair of fingerless gloves
11. Make a cowl
12. Finish up my mini cthulhu (needs wings and sewing)
13. Design something that's actually mine **Done** 6/18
15. Make a BB-8
16. Do a MK/CAL **Done** (orangenhaut)

I am allowing myself overlap, i.e. making a completed brioche hat satisfies 4/8/9. Except for item 5, as noted.

(Note to self: skc and rr items need tagging)


Mar. 19th, 2016 09:08 pm
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* Because I am a big dork, I decided to start learning Welsh on Duolingo. I am very amused that one of the sentences in the second lesson grouping is "I am a dragon" (draig dw i). I also got a Les Mis earworm with "pwy dw i" (who am I), which even scans. A welsh version of Les Mis would be awesome.

* my Inner Critic had a moment of "wtf why are you learning Welsh" -- the other languages I've done have made sense, because Spanish is useful in California, German and Russian are both languages I've learned previously (albeit to vastly different fluency levels), Russian has the additional benefit of being the native language of one of my aides, but Welsh??? -- but I was able to stifle that quickly. Can I use Welsh in my life? No, not really. But I like learning things, not just to be useful but purely for the sake of learning.

* I realized recently that a Mystery Knitting Object I've had for fifteen-odd years, which I got as part of an eBay purchase of yarn and knitting tools and so I thought was some weird large U-shaped stitch holder, is actually a look for hairpin crochet. Which I am utterly captivated by. (Summary version: the loom has parallel inflexible sides, and you hold the yarn behind and to one side. Flipping the loom over loops the yarn around one side; you crochet in the middle to stabilize it; flip the same direction to loop around the other side; crochet in the middle to stabilize; and you end up with a strip of crochet up the middle with loops on either side kind of like fringe.) I have, however, come to the conclusion that it requires three hands (one for yarn, one for hook, one for loom).

* Speaking of crochet, I made a video showing how I crochet (and babbling rather a lot). I will embed it here once I look up how to do that (I'm on my iPad, and I can't find embed code on the YouTube app) but for now here's a link: http://youtu.be/v4P2pK0joHk It's 16 minutes long, and fully captioned. I hope to make more videos showing other things. It's pretty basic and amateur-looking, but eh.

* Also speaking of crochet, I (re)discovered tonight that switching immediately from a project using thicker yarn and a 5.5mm hook to one with thinner yarn and a 4mm hook? Really throws off muscle memory for a bit.

* random icon ftw \o/


Nov. 21st, 2014 01:06 pm
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I have not made progress on any sort of yarncraft in November. This is mostly understandable: the puzzle ball is stalled in What If I Get It Wrong mode, the baby sweater hasn't been started, and NaNoWriMo means I am spending most of my "free" time writing, not yarning. Plus, there is a sort of inertia issue where setting up the crafting stuff takes a lot of effort, so for one thing I tend to be disinclined to do crocheting when I have a short amount of time so would spend 75% of the time setting up and 20% putting away and only 5% actually crocheting, and for another thing I am lazy and it is easier to refresh ravelry than get out crocheting supplies.

But even though my body is all inertia-y and lazy, my brain is in MAKE ALL THE THINGS mode.

list o stuffs, all rav links )

I think that some of the make-all-the-things impulse is, like, the same thing that is me wanting to do cross-stitch. It's unreleased creativity that my body can't really do any more (or at least do easily) that I want to be able to do in the way that I did before. I want to do cross-stitch; I want to knit normally, using whatever size yarn and whatever size needles; I don't care about crocheting normally because I never did that and my current method works, but I want to be able to crochet objects larger than a dishcloth without having the fabric get in my way or having problems flipping at the ends of rows; I want to be able to use a yarn needle again, for weaving in ends and for sewing things.

I want to, and I can't, and my brain hasn't willingly caught up to my body's limitations.

Showing off

Mar. 8th, 2014 06:34 pm
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My chorus has a concert tomorrow night, which means a TON of rehearsals this week -- including 9:30-4:30 (with lunch break) today -- but we’re not active 100% of the time, because sometimes they’re working on soloist movements, or on a men-only bit, or we have a ten minute break, or something. So I usually bring some sort of crafting thing to work on, something that doesn’t need a pattern and doesn’t take a lot of room and I can just quietly work at when I don’t have to be “on” but is easy to put away as soon as I need to be singing.

This time I brought a practice thing that may or may not eventually become a wristwarmer but that I was using to practice the cabling technique used in Comet and Rotweinknoten and similar. And it’s not done yet -- needs at least half again as many rows -- but I wanted to show it off, just because.

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Mar. 5th, 2014 09:26 pm
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Decided I was going to get some crocheting done today. Have yarn; have hook; have bowl for the yarn to live in so it doesn't flop onto the floor and act as a hair magnet. Even managed to start. Sort of.

Initial start to the pattern: chain 51, work 16 rows blo slip stitch, then do complicated pattern stuffs.

Guess how much I got around to doing?

...a whole fourteen chains of the starting chain.

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So I have specific Things I want to do craftingwise ... and I never get them done, because Reasons.

One of the more frequent Reasons is something I've had as an issue since I was a kid. I don't know how much of this is innate to my personality, how much was intentionally taught by my parents (especially my mom) and how much was unintentionally taught by my parents, but it is basically this: You can practice as much as you need to but it is super important to never mess up with the real thing.

When I was a kid, my mom would photocopy coloring books/pages so that I could color the copies instead of the original. From a grownup standpoint, this makes sense: coloring a decent copy is the same as coloring the original, but you can do it over and over again without having to buy a gajillion books. From a kid perspective, this told me that coloring books, aka real things, were precious and should not be used unless you were absolutely sure you could Do It Right, but copies, aka practice, could be done indefinitely. I don't think this is the message she meant for me to learn, but brains are weird.

Same thing with, say, writing a letter or an essay or something: write out in pencil what you are going to say, and then when you're satisfied, ink it on the final product.

So this applies to crafting: I can not mess up on the finished product, or with the expensive yarn, or whatever, so if there's a new technique, practice it with mediocre yarn first. (The concept of "try it before you commit" even has a name, because swatching is as much for practicing techniques as it is for checking gauge.)

Which might be okay -- there's plenty of cheap but decent yarn in light solid colors that is good for practice -- except that it directly collides with another issue I have: Make Everything Count. Practice, sayeth this part of my brain, is not necessary if you're just Good Enough (and then perfectionism butts in to say that if you're not Good Enough why do it at all). Who cares if a technique is new, just jump in to the project without swatching or practicing! And be Perfect! That way you get more done with the time/spoons spent!

...so half my brain is saying that I should practice before doing anything for real, and half is saying that practice is stupid and wasteful especially since I have limited spoons to craft with, and then I wonder why I never get stuff done.


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* I am craving lots of water today. Given that I am not normally a water person (I tend to prefer teas), I suspect this says something about my dehydration levels

* According to my Christmas presents this year, people seem to think I like things which are a) fuzzy, b) penguiny, c) yarn-related, or d) purple. This ... is not wrong :D

* Crochet gingerbread houses: still the best. ...and I don't think I posted the post-decoration pictures here, so let me fix that by adding some pictures behind the cut )

* plan for next year's crafty Christmas project: reindeer hat. Just because.
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Mom asks about my current crochet project. I cheerfully show her the third-of-a-sphere I have, made from green yarn. She asks what it will be.

Under the assumption that pictures are best, I show her this picture. (Pattern is here.)

Mom: ... ... ...is that an octopus?
Me: Nope! Issa cute'n cuddly little Elder God!
Mom: ...
Me: Well, he usually is depicted like this [google image search for cthulhu], so less cute and cuddly, but...
Mom: ... Elder god?
Me: Cthulhu?
Mom: ...
Me: From the works of H.P. Lovecraft?
Mom: ...

Yep. That went well.
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The disadvantage to having my only crochet project be a gorram *laceweight* shawl?

...when I am tired enough to get even the slightest bit blurry-eyed, I can't work on it.


(In other news, I need to find some minion-colored yellow yarn. and overall-blue. for, er, no particular reason lalala)

(also I totally want to make this)
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Finishing things can sometimes feel /great/.

(in this case, shawl for my mom; I missed the soft first deadline of her actual birthday, but only by a few days, and tomorrow is when we are doing a birthday dinner for her, so it still counts.)


Will post pictures when I have some.
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The good: Made progress on the grey shawl (the one for my mom). Granted, it took several hours of "I really should work on this... but ooh, I could refresh rav / dw / tumblr / facebook / paint-drying-gif" procrastination, but still. Made it partway through row 15!

The bad: I did row 13 where I should have done row 14, which was an easy mistake to make *and not notice* because 12 and 13 and 14 were all "* shell in shell, ch6, (sc in next loop, ch6) $manylots times to next shell, repeat" but with varying numbers of $manylots -- apparently I have problems counting over three, or something -- but that meant I did 14 where I should have done 15, and 15 is different enough that I could neither a) do row 15 as written on the following row, nor b) fudge things.

So, I said many bad words, ripped back -- it's only a row, but still -- and did row 15 in the proper place.

Between the two, I am starting to suspect there is a part of my brain that maybe doesn't want to make this shawl. *wry grin*

(also, her birthday, which made a nice soft deadline, is in a few days, and there are 22 rows and then two rounds of edging, so I suspect it is not going to be done quite in time.)


Jul. 10th, 2013 07:47 pm
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The shawl I’m working on right now?

I can. Not. Get. It. Right.

I am on row 13. In the last four rows, I have had to frog back seven times because of finding an error in the previous row (and since it’s crochet, I can’t just drop a stitch and work back up, as one can in knitting). And I am a slow worker, so it will probably take at least two hours to fix the latest error and get back to where I am now.

I am extremely frustrated and feeling extremely incompetent at all things yarny.

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I accomplished a Thing today!

...said Thing is volunteering to host a crochet-a-long for one of my groups on ravelry. It is slightly ... er, over-ambitious? ... to do so since I am a slow crocheter and also since I have two in-progress shawls, one for me and one for a gift, and am doing a mystery crochet-a-long in August, but I couldn't resist the chance to make a pretty.

This group does monthly CALs -- three each month, actually, one free and one paid and one determined by popular vote (the other two are first come first served) -- and the way things worked out I am doing November. Which means that I get to host a CAL for my birthday yay!

(it also means that I don't have to flog myself silly over NaNo, also a yay)
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This is Lenny:

[Pictured: a ball of yarn in shades of blue and green; for them as know yarns, it is Crazy Zauberball color #2136]

I acquired Lenny at Stitches West, along with hir sibling Charisma (who is a deep pink, marled with black). I didn't have a project in mind for either of them, but I knew they had to come home with me.

(This is normal... honest...)

So a few days ago, I was browsing Ravelry, as one does (at least when one is me), and a group that I lurk in -- "Crochet Shoulder Wrappers", not that I eeeever make crocheted shawls or have any interest in them -- has several monthly crochet-a-longs, always at least one free pattern and at least one paid pattern. I'm not a very fast crocheter so I tend not to do CALs, but I like looking at the patterns to see if I want to acquire the pattern(s).

And one of the May patterns, Blue Lagoon, was one I had been eyeing anyway.

And Lenny promptly declared in no uncertain terms that a) this was what xie was going to be, dammit, and b) for the May CAL.

Well, then.

(If you've never had yarn dictate anything to you, know that it is not unlike a Gibbs-esque slap upside the head, and is the sort of thing that you only say no to at your own peril.)

...we are currently in the process of negotiating beads...
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but I'm not quite sure. so here, have some updates.

beading with respect to crochet: works a lot better with a) appropriately sized beads, and b) dental floss. (seriously. Oral B has a "superfloss" thing that is basically pieces of floss with a stiff segment at the tip, which is theoretically designed for braces but works quite well for getting beads onto yarn.) finished the fingerless gloves (rav link) and am in limbo about what to tackle next.

computer argh: iTunes is being stupid and insisting that I only have fifteen tracks (all stuff purchased through itunes), zero playlists, four movies, one app (none of the paid ones though), etc. Am running a recovery thing to get the stuff off my iPad; at the moment the playlists that have transfered over are oddly stunted and out of order, no clue if they will stay that way.

body stuff: pain sucks. so do digestive issues (tmi )) and lack-of-spoon issues and depression issues and woe etc.

new obsession: puzzles & dragons (iOS/android game). bejeweled + pokemon, basically. I still haven't totally figured out how the power-ups and evolves work, and a lot of the info out there is in Japanese, and stuff, but it is addicting. and free (though you can of course buy gems for stuff) but not in the obnoxious way that facebook/g+ games tend to be (spam all your friends! you cannot progress unless you do!)

writing: zilch. my muse seems to be on extended holiday or something. :(

religiosity: easter is a-coming, which is giving me thinky thoughts, but I don't know if I can really articulate them (and don't know if anyone would care even if I did, or if it would be just "lol let me shove the dominant religion in your face")

to sum up: hhhngggg. /clings to flist/


Mar. 13th, 2013 10:28 pm
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Tried to add beads to my current crochet project (fingerless gloves, beaded close to the top edge). Discovered:

- yarn is floppier than the beading wire I am used to using with beads
- worsted weight yarn is thicker than said wire, or than thread
- cheapo sewing needle threaders (plastic tab handle with flexible wire eye) are not built for wrangling yarn and beads
- bead related stuff was so much easier when I could a) bring my hands together, b) hold stuff close to my face so tiny stuff looked bigger, and c) see non-blurrily.
- and, in fact, bead related stuff is pretty damn impossible with my hands stuck a foot apart at waist height and with my vision getting crappy even for stuff that is easy to see

I kind of have a sad.

(also a lot of beading stuff that I should rehome)
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+ Finally finished the Shawl of Doom (it only took me a bit over seven months). Pictures forthcoming but I am rather happy with it.

+/- I have to actually tell people I made it; it's not the sort of thing that they automatically I assume I made it myself. Which is awesome, but also kind of awkward because going LOOK I AM AWESOME is a tad, er, awkward for me.

+ Decided somewhat arbitrarily that I was going to crochet myself a christmas stocking to have ready for next year. It is about 60% done -- have two more rows and then the toe, and then seaming because it was made flat, and embellishments including the cuff -- and is ridiculously happymaking

+ also ridiculously happymaking is the crocheted gingerbread house (ravelry link) that I am planning on making. Had fun yesterday getting the necessary supplies -- yarn in an appropriate shade of brown, and a glue gun (I have enough white and red and green to be okay on that front), and then I decided to make changes to it for sanity-saving purposes, so some of the "candies" are not going to be crocheted; the big ones still are, but the "gumdrops" are going to be colored mini pompoms, and the red dots on the roof are glass beads, and I got some red and green and white pipe cleaner things to use for the candy cane twists.

+/- ...and ended up "tripping" and having a crochet book fall into my basket oops. (rav link.) ridiculously cute crocheted animals, including a kitten and a puppy and a baby panda and a dolphin and an octopus and a turtle and a snail and a penguin and and and um.

- noncraftingly, health stuff )

+ writingly, ideas are actually stirring for trope_bingo stuff yay \o/

+ also k_b is doing a mini challenge thing, which I think I can manage, double yay \o/


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