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So I'm rewatching all the Treks, at this point going back and forth pretty arbitrarily between Voyager and DS9

and I just got to the "Paris "evolves" into a lizard and drags Janeway off for "evolved" lizard sex" episode

I am not on enough drugs for this

Please pass the brain bleach?


Mar. 30th, 2014 12:14 pm
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So I apparently went through a phase in high school where I kept insisting I was half Vulcan. I don't remember to what extent I thought I was joking; my mom says I was adamant about it. It was more than just being obsessed with Spock (which also happened, because Spock is awesome), it was actually saying/pretending/believing/whatever that I was half Vulcan. (The sort that looked human, because no pointy ears here.)

Fast forward to today, when my TNG rewatch continues, and I get to the episode Hero Worship, wherein a human kid that survives a traumatic incident that kills everyone else on his spaceship basically imprints on Data and starts maintaining that he is an android, and talking/acting as though he is. The show is not really very subtle about the whole "androids can't experience emotions, he wants to escape his fear / terror / bad memories / trauma, being an android allows him to do that for a while" thing.

And something clicked in me. Because Vulcans are (at least in theory) good at *suppressing* emotion, and replacing with logic, and while they tend to be imperfect at it, there is the whole theme of struggling to overcome emotion. And I was at the time dealing with a whole bunch of shit -- high school is stressful, puberty and associated change is stressful (even though I didn't have any sexual complications going on), surgery and chemo and similar things are stressful, scary untreatable progressive medical conditions are stressful -- and ... yeah.

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Data: "I have studied a great deal of human literature on the subject of love and romantic liaisons. There are many role models for me to emulate."

My first reaction: DATA, NO, stay away from the glitter ;_;
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1) TNG rewatch. Am up to mid season 4, and I am seriously considering skipping the current episode. It's one that I vaguely recall being displeased with back when I was super obsessed with TNG, and I was ... totally clueless about some of the things involved. Now it's just EW DO NOT WANT.

explanation, with content warnings for skeevy gender-based interactions )

2) TNG rewatch, less specifically but in context of disability representation. TNG is pretty good, as far as things go, about gender balance and race balance -- not perfect by any means, but it is not entirely (straight) white males. There is, for example, a recurring black female transporter chief. With lines, even.

It won't win any awards for being the best at these things -- the command staff is still mostly white male humans -- but it's miles better than, say, Reboot.

But disabilitywise...

There is Geordie, yes. There are things that verge on non-visible disabilities, like Data's lack of emotion or like the time(s) Troi loses her empathic powers or like various forms of PTSD. There is a reference by Picard to an instructor he had at the Academy who used a wheelchair. And ...


nothing else, at least not that I've encountered. And I want more, dammit.

3) SW:TOR. I stopped playing for a while, and desubscribed, so I count as a FTP user. (Well, Preferred, but still.) And I've gone back, but as a free user there are so many *restrictions*. Some of it is fine, like having access to stuff at level 10 rather than level 1, or restricted access to PvP stuff I don't care about.


whine )

There is a part of me that wants to resubscribe to get the game the way I remember it being.

There is a part of me that resents being not-very-subtly maneuvered into it.

And of course I don't know if my interest will *last*.

4) My total lack of interest in GW2. I can't explain it. I should want to play. I just ... don't.

5) The fact that it is too hot. Seriously, 82? In March? The thought of summer scares me.

6) Being almost entirely out of girl scout cookies.
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Still rewatching Star Trek TNG. still, for the most part, only recognizing guest stars that I remember from their TNG roles, rather than ones that I recognize from elsewhere.


Start watching an ep, get to just after title sequence, and see a (this episode only) character for th first time. Go "hey he looks familiar".

...just as the screen pops up with Special Guest Star: Saul Rubinek.

(I may have gone adfgrsdff at the screen and had to come post about it immediately. Possibly.)


Feb. 24th, 2014 11:18 pm
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So my current show-to-watch is Star Trek TNG (which is why it wasn't on my poll earlier), and I get to the S3 ep "The Enemy", and one of the Romulans comes on screen, and I say to myself, huh, that looks an awful lot like G'Kar. The mouth, mainly, and chin.

And I say to myself, it sounds an awful lot like G'Kar too.

So I look it up after the ep is over, and -- yep.

(I love it when I can not only recognize actors like that but remember what I recognize them from.)

(...and dangit, I wish Netflix had B5 available *sadface*)
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...specific to ST:ID stuff

(which my brain insists on reading as STD, hah)

spoilerz and thinky thoughts )

... meh, had more to say but it's all gone splat
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saw it. not the cheerfulest distraction from kitty woes, but ehh.

spoilers, mostly squee )
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Watching the 2009 Star Trek movie (nominally because of 'preparing' for Into Darkness, but really just because I love it dearly) and, dude, ALL THE FEELS. I just have this sort of incoherent flappy-handed giddiness about it (and Kirk still needs a retractable leash for his phaser), and everything about it makes me squee and it kept reminding me of all the headcanon I had for it, like the Reboot Mirrorverse and the Kirk/Sulu stuff and the Spock/Uhura stuff and Spock Prime totally shipping Kirk/Spock, and and and--

Sigh. I miss that, dammit. Miss being fannishly excited -- because what I'm feeling now comes close but it's sort of a flat echo of what was, like I'm seeing it through smoky glass, and there isn't any sort of feeling of connection -- and miss the creative output.

I still have things I want to write; there's a Spock/Uhura thing that I don't think I published because I couldn't decide whether it was half done, or done with an unwritten sequel that's really a different story; and there's a k/sp pon farr fic, also half written; and there's seeds of other things still germinating, mirrorverse stuff and k/su stuff and space jump training stuff and whatnot.

I just ... it's like I've forgotten how to words, and forgotten how to be fannish, and the best fics are fannish-inspired words and you can get to good enough with having words and you can get to good enough with fannish energy but not having either? Kind of sucks.

And I really hope Into Darkness doesn't do anything mucky with my Reboot love.
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So, um.

spoilers for movie and Mirrorverse )

Sort of relatedly, I am kind of glad I dropped out of [livejournal.com profile] stargate_summer, because the fic I would have written? is embarrassingly close to Mirror, Mirror. I mean, not really, but it's got the same mechanism of transfer (except substituting stargate for transporter) and the same plot device and augh *wibbles*
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So [community profile] star_trek_flashfic has Mirrorverse as the current prompt, which means that rewatching Mirror, Mirror was only, you know, logical and all that.

Um. I am currently being devoured alive by plot bunnies. Send help?

spoilers for the TOS ep and for Reboot )


Jun. 9th, 2009 04:30 pm
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Went to see Star Trek.

(yes, again. shush.)

splrs )
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Fic babble, spoilers for rebootverse stuff and also for the K/S thing I'm maybe writing.

Read more... )
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...not that I've figured out which if any I'm using, but.

icons! )

...I may have gone a little overboard. <_<

Also, there aren't enough -- I didn't get good ones of Sulu, haven't decided if I want to make any of the Russian puppydog genius, and I want more Kirk+McCoy, and ... um. yeah. Also, I want the dvd nao dangit.
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...at least to the ficlet I'm writing. cough.

Does Stepdad have a name? (credits just list "stepdad", don't have the novelization to look at, don't know where to look)
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My brain, apparently, has decided that I am going to write (rebootverse) Kirk/McCoy academy-era fic about spacediving lessons.

Not that I have anything against that pairing, mind. my current pairings )


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