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So apparently remix authorship has been revealed, which means yay I get to babble about my writing process!

Well, actually, first I would like to thank [archiveofourown.org profile] paranoidangel and [archiveofourown.org profile] caitn for their remixings of my work (Feels Like Home (The Green Planet Remix) and Bring the Hammer Down (the Valhalla Epilogue), respectively; the first is SGA and the second is SPN and they are both very much awesome.)

...as for the fics I wrote, if you don't care about the babble and just want to read the stories, it's the top eight listed on my list of works (or, if you're reading this after I've posted more stuff to AO3, it's the ones posted end of April and beginning of May). Star Trek Reboot, Lion King, Narnia, SPN, and White Collar.

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So there you have it. Eight fics, 7k words, all written within the space of ... er, however long it was. A month, maybe? And given that the eight fics before that were a) two drabbles, b) yuletide fics, b) two not-quite-drabbles, and c) getting into fic written in *August* for kink_bingo... given that in the year before remix I wrote 14 fics, less than twice what I wrote for remix... yeah. I'm pretty damn pleased with myself :D
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New WC fic! for lo, I am evil.

Replacement (190 words) by faviconisabeau
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey

Peter loses something; Neal replaces it. Sort of. Minor spoilers for 2x10 "Burke's Seven"

also available here on [livejournal.com profile] whitecollar100
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So [livejournal.com profile] melissima asked for Anti-Valentine fic.

Somehow, my brain translated this to deathfic.

Don't ask.

three drabbles, all with death warnings I AM TOTALLY NOT JOKING AT ALL wtf brain )


...yeah. I tried for porn, really I did...! *sigh* Dangit. I think I need ice cream now.


Dec. 31st, 2010 09:59 pm
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aka a) Yuletide reveal went live, and b) I went on a drabble spree (for definitions of 'spree' that include two). So!

First, the Yuletide fics!

My assignment fic was The Naming of Cats (Echo Bazaar). I am not as happy as I wanted to be because there is less of a narrative and more of a stringing-bits-together, but hey, with Jack as my protagonist I was lucky to get not killed ;)

My pinch hit fic was Honor and Glory (Oglaf). If you are not familiar with Oglaf, it is a very NSFW comic of awesomeness. The only things you need to make sense of this fic are the following three strips: http://www.oglaf.com/honor/ and http://www.oglaf.com/son-of-kronar/ / http://www.oglaf.com/son-of-kronar/2/

And then the random treat was Oart Of Your World (Little Mermaid), aka I seem to like twisting Disney movies into Not Happy Endings. (I am kind of amused that the person I wrote this for wrote one of the awesome dark!Valdemar fics.)


...and then I did drabbles for [livejournal.com profile] whitecollar100 and [livejournal.com profile] numb3rs100 because drabbles are awesome \o/
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I. (spn)

Dean doesn't like Halloween much. Of course, none of them do, and he doesn't *hate* it the way Dad does and Sam sorta does, but he doesn't like it. More to the point, he doesn't understand it.

An excuse to gorge on candy? Sure. But that's what Easter's for.

Dressing up as monsters, though... What the hell's the point? For one thing, there's enough scary stuff out there that's *really* scary, not just a fake rubber mask and fake plastic fangs and fake scary that wouldn't scare anyone.

For another, people tend to be scary enough just on their own.

II. (white collar)

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me," Peter groans, when Neal walks in to the office in full Dracula getup, cape and all.

Neal bares too-pointy teeth and fucking *stalks* forward, cape flaring behind him. It's black with red lining, of course, and doesn't look like some cheap dollar store thing. "I vant to suck your blud," he says with a dramatically overdone accent.

Peter does not let himself smile, even a little bit. No sense encouraging the madness. "Suck on this." He holds up a cup of coffee as bribe and barrier.

Neal doesn't blink. "I never drink... coffee."

III. (blood ties)

"Come on," Coreen pleaded. "Party! It'll be fun! You do remember what fun is, don't you?"

Vicki didn't pause. "No costume," she pointed out, gesturing at herself, "and no time."

"Not my thing," Henry said impassively.

Later, Vicki looked curiously him. "Halloween's not your thing? Even with the--" She snapped her teeth together a couple of times. "--thing?"

"While the celebration of Halloween has been a fascinating social phenomenon to observe over the years," he said, sharply, "being a vampire does not make Halloween easier, nor vice versa."

"What does? --never mind, none of my business."

You, Henry didn't say.

IV. (numb3rs)

The one CalSci Halloween party that Charlie went to was, generally speaking, a place for the partygoers to out-geek each other. Obscure physics and math jokes abounded. As, apparently, did wordplay: one grad student came in a bright yellow lemon costume with "-N" written on it. (After all, spoken aloud, "lemon" without the final n did sound rather like "lemma"...)

His first year, Charlie managed to win the (prizeless but much coveted) best costume title. Pine branches and tinsel adorned his limbs, and a string of lights wound around him. On his nametag, he had written only this: "31 Oct = 25 Dec".
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This is kind of [personal profile] jmtorres' fault.

It, er. Is in the same universe as the last one, set before the last one actually, and, er, yeah.

ficcage, 300 wds )
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This is part of something that wants to be longer and plottier and full of sex and deception and wacky hijinx, but I can't for the life of me write any of it, so you get this instead. :) I was too lazy to trim it down to 100 words exactly, so it's more of a flashfic thing or fic snippet or whatever.

pre-series )
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My brain has apparently decided this is WC drabble night. Who knew? *points at icon and shrugs* Spoilers, this time, only for Company Man.

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Apparently, my brain wants to do WC drabbles. About yesterday's ep. Which I didn't even like much, overall.

This is massively spoileriffic for the finale.

apparently I have a Moz in my head? )


Aug. 31st, 2010 04:05 pm
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I actually got a bingo in! before the deadline! I am awesome.

I find it highly amusing that I wasn't able to write White Collar fic until after I'd written a fucking *sestina*. But hey, whatever works.

I'm also amused at hit numbers on the AO3 page. I didn't link the fics anywhere, but I'd gotten a bunch of hits (30-odd, I think) even before obliquely mentioning their existance. Current stats is 0/5/61/67/11; I suspect they will spike now that kink_bingo people have access to them, never mind that there is a flood of posts right now.

Anyway, for those that are interested:

Butterflies (Inception (2010), Ariadne with shades of Ariadne/Eames, sleepy/unconscious)
Summary: Playing around with sex in dreams leads to interesting results. Sort of Eames/Ariadne, mostly not.
Content notes: none

Gestures of Love (White Collar, Peter/Neal, sensory deprivation)
Summary: Peter. Neal. Sex. In sestina form. Yes, I am a dork.
Content notes: none

Home (White Collar, Peter/Neal/El, penance/punishment)
Summary: Peter's work interferes (again!) with a promise to El; and broken promises deserve punishment.
Content notes: none

Captain's Orders (Star Trek (2009), Pike/Kirk, oral fixation)
Summary: In the Mirror Universe, Captains can own whomever they wish -- and do anything they want with them. Pike's got a boy that likes to use his mouth.
Content notes: (skip) Dubious consent situation; both parties are willing but the dynamics of the relationship don't allow true consent.

Expectations (Star Trek (2009), Spock/Uhura, whipping/flogging)
Summary: Uhura has disobeyed Spock's orders, and needs to be punished. Spock is a little baffled by this. (Please read notes for context.)
Content notes: (skip) Dubious or lack-of- consent situation. Spock is not particularly willing, and Uhura doesn't have the option of consenting.

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