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GW stuffs )

(I keep trying to dodge while casting. Am in GW2 withdrawal.)
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ObDisclaimer: I hadn't really been following GW2 news or whatever, so some of this may be "well, *duh*" to those who have, but.

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Complaints aside ... the more I play, the more I love this game. *cuddles it*
ysobel: A face shot of my oldest character from Guild Wars (Guild Wars)
or at least of delving back into GW after, er, probably a few years at this point:

* why the hell are more than half my characters at the great temple of balth?
* why is a factions-created character not past nahpui?
* why do I suddenly care about elite armor and weapons?

-- oh right, HoM rewards. Never mind that last.

HoM babble )

* why do other games not have the same pathfinding omg /clings to it/
* wtf why is my necro's skillbar all rit skills
* how do I plaaaaay I've totally forgotten ;_;
ysobel: A face shot of my oldest character from Guild Wars (Guild Wars)
...so there is some possibility I maybe preordered GW2.

There is also a possibility I am dithering about which orig-GW account to link; I have two, and kind of want "access" to both (I know that you don't play the same characters, but argh).

...uh. yeah. hi. :D

(bpa folk? do you still hang out on gw? are you planning group funtiemz for the beta weekend? where is my majik haat?)
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The whole keyboard/mouse issue (aka Two Things Cannot Occupy The Same Physical Space Even If It Would Be Useful) has gotten me looking more into non-mouse mouse control. Even if I find a mouse that works better, it's easier to just keep my hands on the keyboard.

I am discovering that a) browser navigation can be a pita without a mouse (especially on forms that don't have good tab ordering), and b) neither WoW nor GW can be played mouseless.

Both games have arrow key (and, at least by default, awsd) navigation. Both games have ways to invoke skills by number. There are also certain things (such as opening your inventory or displaying the character pane) that can be done by keypress.

I've been playing more GW than WoW the last couple of days, mainly because WoW has a bunch more shit that needs setting up. (I was able to copy over the addons I use, but some of the settings didn't stick, so I need to reconfigure where things are displayed.) And, well. You can define keystrokes for some actions -- like targeting nearest / next / previous foe, nearest / next / previous item (loot), etc -- but not for others -- in particular, there is no set for targeting nearest / next / previous NPC. There's a keystroke for interacting (attack if hostile, talk to if npc, pick up if item, buy/sell if merchant, etc.) but no way to do anything with said interaction (accepting quests or quest rewards must be done by mouse, buying and selling stuff must be done by mouse, identing and salvaging must be done by mouse, transferring stuff to and from storage, or other bags, must be done by mouse, etc.)

Also, it treats left control/alt as separate from right control/alt (and in fact doesn't let you assign right control/alt to anything as far as I can tell), and -- probably because [control] and [alt] are commands by themselves, it doesn't allow keystroke combinations [and on an unrelated subject, wtf, firefox: 'combination' is acceptable, but 'combinations' gets a red highlight? as does uncapitalized firefox? and, for that matter, uncapitalized?] so you can't set different actions for K and shift-K and ctrl-K and alt-K.

...you can in WoW. Which is very nice. But you can't use keystrokes to loot -- it has to be done by, guess what, mouse. I can't think at all right now, so I can't recall all of what you can and can't do -- I can't, f'rex, remember if there's a way to target nearest/next NPCs; I do remember there's (now) a way to interact with them, except that it has to be a different keystroke than "attack". Selling stuff and inventory management is, again, entirely mouse-based.

And I know that something as complex as those games, it would be hard to make /everything/ possible by keystroke. But then I think about something like Vagrant Story (which I classify in my head as the same sort of game, even though it is not multi-player or online or even a recently-made game), which has ... how many controls are there on a playstation? Ten buttons (X O triangle square, L1 L2 R1 R2, start, and whateverthehell the other one is) and two joysticky things that could be considered the equivalent of arrow keys. And it handles inventory management, transfer in and out of storage, looting stuff, fighting, etc, just with those things. Granted, sometimes it's really freaking tedious (especially juggling things in/out of storage in order to combine them), and it's really not time-sensitive (why sure, you can take five minutes in the middle of heated battle to change armor and weapons and stuff; your enemies won't mind [search for "fire elemental" for the specific riff]), but it's /possible/. So why isn't it possible with the other games?

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or, why I am not spending any of my money on Guild Wars ever again.

It's not about the money, really. It's about me being bitter.

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note to self: upload GW icon to DW. Or get a new one, or something.

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Apparently I haven't posted in a while.

(Yes, "a while" is a few days, which is a rather narrow definition of whileness, but it feels like lots longer.)

GW stuffs: am slowly getting back into things. It isn't as bad a transition from WoW as I thought it would be; my fingers still remember the GWy patterns, although I /did/ change the toggle-inventory key from I to B since I never use observe anyway and I am not used to pressing I to see my bags. Anyway. Main playable chars are now clothed, albeit with just basic stuff -- the HoMs (HsoM?) make me sad because they show the awesome armors I used to have -- and I am working my nec through EotN content for what seems to be the first time. (Also I have a baby dervish. Spinny!

WoW stuffs: am kind of meh. It's cyclical. I will get back on the yay train eventually. Still doing weekly raidstuffs, but not much else; I don't even feel motivated to do randoms for the badges :/ (Or to work on the char on my sister's realm, who ... probably will never catch up to be co-playable. Their guild has killed the lich king. My char is only 70, and my highest-geared character (the 80 I've been playing for a while) doesn't have the right stuff for completing ICC.)

Knitting stuffs: So it turns out that needle knitting is not entirely a lost cause. I have been able to work on a shawl, albeit with super bulky yarn and 13 straights. The catch seems to be that I can only do it holding by the base of the left needle (rather than the usual hold closer to the tip), which means that for one thing thinner needles don't work, circular needles /really/ don't work because there isn't enough rigid length (minds out of gutter plz) to hold, and I have to let go of the right needle in order to do the loopy part of the stitch. (Technically, letting go of the needle with my right hand has been standard for me, but it wasn't a problem when I could use one or two fingers of my left hand to hold the right needle in place. Which I can't do any more. It works if there's enough grab between yarn and needle that the stitches hold it secure, but slipperier yarns or needles would be a disaster, and beginnings of rows are kind of awkward even with a good yarn/needle combo.)

Spoons: Have nowhere near enough.

Health: mild tmi ) Also have been running more headaches than usual, some of them migrainey. Bother, etc.

Writing: Haven't been doing any. Ought to. Want to. Well, sort of; there's the abstract "want to" of wanting to have written, and the more specific "want to" of having things in my head to write, and I've lost the latter, which makes the former kind of harder. (I also still owe [personal profile] blueraccoon WC fic.)

TV: Have somehow lost enthusiasm for all my current shows -- I'm several episodes behind on Mentalist, SPN, White Collar, Chuck, can't even think of what else. And I kind of don't care. The only show I'm watching is Bones (reruns but new to me); I have in fact watched Bones /instead of/ a new Chuck.

Yeah, I don't get it either.
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armorz! )

(and no, I am not abandoning WoW. We are just ... having relationship issues. Plus, getting back into GW gives me something to due on Tuesday mornings...)
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blah )

And because all the fansites I normally use are down I like being annoying, here, have some dragons:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

GW stuff

Mar. 30th, 2010 06:12 pm
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After an /extremely/ entertaining exchange with GW support, approximated by the following:

Me: "Er. I seem to have forgotten login info for my accounts. halp?"

Them: "Sure, but you need to verify ownership. Please provide name, email address, residential address, date of birth, retail access keys for all campaigns on all accounts, the last four digits of the credit card used to make any online store purchases, your social security number, and your firstborn child." (Okay, I exaggerate: they did not ask for the last two.)

Me: "... ... ... um. Here's the information that will probably be useful and that I feel safe giving you. As to the retail access keys, hahahahahahahaum oh wait you were serious."

Them: "Right-o. I have reset your NCSoft master account password. An automatically generated email has been sent to your [email address that is nothing close to anything I have ever had] email address. Here's the login info for your NCSoft master account and for your game accounts."

[pause while I log into the site, change master account password, try to log into the client, get a "lolno", change passwords on both my accounts, try again to log in using the correct emails and (new) passwords and character names, and got a code 045 error (account may have been accessed by an unauthorized individual, further access to the account has been blocked until this matter can be resolved, etc.) Erp.]

Me: "Okay, first, thanks. Second, [email address]? wtf? that is not mine. Third: [describes situation] Help plz."

Them: "Thanks. Your Guild Wars accounts have been unblocked. You may log in to your Aion game account at this time."

...I am vastly, desperately hoping that the email address thing is just a copy/paste error in their response to me, although having changed the password I think I may be okay even if an email did get sent out. But, c'mon, I don't even /have/ an Aion account.


... anyway. After that loltastic adventure, I finally got access to my accounts. And am doing a character inventory thing.

So far, that involves waiting for the files to download. lol? )

Okay. That was seriously not what I remembered. Either I gave kama-or-someone-bpaish access to both accounts so they could do as they wanted with the contents -- which I don't remember doing, but if I did, please tell me so I can stop spazzing -- or my account was hacked at some point.

Either way, the characters I'd be most likely to return to are missing armor and weapons and who knows what else.

Which ... is not helping with the whole "get back into GW yey" plan.


Mar. 26th, 2010 01:15 pm
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... I'm just a bit frustrated with WoW right now. I can sometimes log into characters if I disable addons, as long as they aren't in a city, and most of my characters are in a city. Plus, I heart my addons and don't want to play without them. It's like playing blindfolded with half your keyboard missing (and the rest in dvorak layout but qwerty labeling).

*thwacks it over the head*

There is a part of me that misses Guild Wars. Not all of it (WoW does a much better job with hunters, who don't have to waste valuable skill slots in order to have their pet out, and rogues, and there's also the jumping thing), but I miss my characters and I miss preeeetty armor and I miss henches/heroes (even if they are dumb as turnips) and I miss the bpa and ... *flail* I don't know.

Except. I don't have the program installed any more, and even if I did I don't have my account information. And I really don't have the money to buy another account, even just one expansion (let alone three), which anyway defeats the "missing my existing characters" part.


Also, I am totally not a mmorpg player. I mean, I play them, obviously, but I strongly prefer playing alone, or, if I have to group up, with friends rather than complete and utter strangers who tend to be idiots and/or annoying and/or elitist.

Which makes it kind of dorky that this post is all about mmorpgs. >_>


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