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Jul. 4th, 2017 11:30 pm
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...the epitome of Independence Day, for me, is not so much official fireworks -- and definitely not about personal ones -- so much as lying in bed afterwards, eyes closed, listening to 1812 Overture on repeat, waving my hands during the fun bits like I'm conducting.



Nov. 22nd, 2016 06:28 pm
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My apartment may not have drop bears -- wrong country and all -- but it sure as fuck has drop kittens.

Loki (who, despite the eternal 'kitten' moniker, is over a year old and probably at least 11 lbs) launched himself *downward* from the top tier of the 7' cat tree, smacking my face (far side!) and upper chest as he bounced off me and onto the ground.

He didn't draw blood, but I had to check...

(Note to self: check cat tree occupancy status before approach)
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...or at least Ravelry famous.

So, okay: there has been this gigantic tempest in a teapot about sheep designs. Item A: a cute hat design with sheep, which became fairly popular. Item B: a different designer made a matching cowl, with an added alpaca but mostly very similar because matching, and released it as a pattern. Cue indignation because designer B didn't get designer A's permission and therefore stole her work. (It would have been apparently okay to have done it as a personal project but how dare she release the instructions!) Not helping was the fact that Designer A was working on her own cowl. Also not helping was the fact that designer B released the pattern and headed off to Rhinebeck, thus allowing for indignant "it's been a while DAY how have you not taken this down yet". As well as "I'm buying the cowl from the REAL designer" when Item C, designer A's matching cowl, got released. (It's worth pointing out that A started out free but changed to paid; item C is a paid pattern; item B was released for free.)

Relatedly, Designer A released a sheepy Christmas ornament pattern and, when someone pointed out a similar pre-existing pattern, designer A made a fuss about taking her pattern down to respect copyright.

Some of us watching this whole thing got kind of eye-rolly about how much fuss was being made. So I commented, in one of my forums, that I was tempted to do my own design with (sheep)(sheep)(tall alpaca)(sheep), in the approximate shape of a hand with the middle finger raised. A Paint-drawn mockup ensued.

Then someone pointed out that I should make the pair of sheep loop like boobs, and the alpaca like a penis, just because lol. So I did a Paint mockup of that. And then charted it out. And then wrote up a PDF. And then added it to rav. Explicitly under a Creative Commons Atteibution license allowing for unlimited use, distribution, modification, imitation, etc.

Now: Ravelry has a "hot right now" ranking of patterns that are being looked at right now. I was curious to see if I could get my design in the top 20 list.

So I watched as it climbed... third page of hot-right-now sorting ... second page ... first page ... top 20 ... past the Item A hat ... past the Item C cowl ... into the top 5 ...

Right now, it is the top fucking pattern in the HRN list.


(Link for posterity, image NSFW: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/menagerie-2 )
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Emphasis mine:

"The symptoms of bunions include irritated skin around the bunion, foot falling off, pain when walking, webbed toes, joint redness and pain, and possible shift of the big toe toward the other toes."

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Browsing Audible, and came across this:

Game of thrones (asoiaf 1) runs 33 hrs and 50 mins.
Book 2 runs 37 hrs and 18 mins
Book 3? 47 hrs and 37 mins

For comparison, HP book 1 is 8 hrs and 33 mins. The longest book, OOtP, is 27 hrs and 2 mins. LotR is 19 hrs and 11 mins (FotR) + 16 hrs and 40 mins (TTT) + 18 hrs and 18 mins (RotK) for a total of 54h9m.


Sadly, one cannot search Audible's catalogue by length...
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Dude, I just had a revelation

You know how sometimes cats freak out at nothing?

*They're totally seeing Pokemon*


Jul. 14th, 2016 09:29 pm
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Apparently I blew my mom's mind with the concept of aphantasia.

I mentioned it offhand as part of telling her about a thing yesterday that involved a guided meditation -- which has never worked for me, but now I at least know why -- and I could practically hear her thoughts screech to a halt, and she spent twenty minutes asking me about various things and going "huh".

The best metaphor I was able to come up with was -- the number 1 has a visual representation but there also is the concept of one, and I can hold in my mind the concept of one-ness but don't get a numeral or a word or a representational dot. So I can have the concept of a tree or beach or sunset in my mind, but there's no image.

(I do have the aural equivalent of visualization, though most often it manifests as uncontrolled earworms, not deliberately generated sense memory. I also do dream in images, which isn't true for all aphantasics but isn't uncommon either, since again it's a conscious vs unconscious divide.)

My mom was just ... floored by the whole thing. I guess if my revelation/discovery about people actually being able to see things is like someone who's colorblind being told red and green are actually different for other people, she's allowed to be surprised at colorblindness existing.
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When am I going to ever need to say "I want 91 apples"????

I mean, really.

(Dw I eisiau nau deg un afal)
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I have no idea why welsh is so much fun for me; it has no practical use. (Spanish is useful in California; Russian is useful with a Russian aide; German is useful for reading the books I own in German; welsh is completely and utterly random.)

But anyway. One thing that amuses me is that at least so far, if I blank on the Welsh word for something, more often than not "phonetic with some w'a and y's thrown in" works. I was given the audio for the welsh word for burger, which sounded like berger, but then I went "...not welsh enough" and changed it to byrger. Which was correct.

I do realize that a lot of that is that I am still in the early stages and Duo is giving me easier words. (For example, the translation given for "hello" is helo, and the translation for "sorry" is sori, and I'm sure there are welshier equivalents; and the vocab is skewed towards Lots Of Things What Are Similar -- bacwn and reis and jins and trowsus and sgert and pasta and lemon and pitsa and tost and coffi -- it's not entirely that, but I suspect there's a higher proportion of loanwords/cognates than in overall welsh.

On the non-loanword side, I find it easy to remember the word for cheese. (Caws, pronounced like English cows.) And it somehow amuses me that dress is ffrog.
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...the sort of profound that comes at midnight-thirty when one was out way past ones bedtime and is therefore still too wound up to sleep.

Okay, so. I was singing "On Top of Spaghetti" in my head for no particular reason (earlier I was out-loud singing "thwre was an old lady who swallowed a fly" but I couldn't remember what came after the dog, though I have since looked that up), and there is the more commonly known short version, and then there is the version that I learned with an additional verse.

lyrics, full version )

The bracketed section is not always included. Now, without that verse, the moral makes sense: meatballs are yummy (assuming one is not vegetarian), dirty mushy meatball remains much less so. But *with* the additional verse -- dude, if sacrificing one meatball gave me a magic meatball tree the next year? Hell yeah that's worth it!

(Of course, around here it would be "...and onto the floor, then Yahtzee was helpful, my meatball's no more", so it wouldn't get as far as the magic meatball tree stage. But still.)
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Elsesite, someone mentioned having free Kindle erotica, then said "Let me clarify that: erotica from the Kindle store, not erotica focused on Kindles."

So, naturally, I had to do this:

"I stroked one finger in circles around the little nub, teasing, not putting pressure where she wanted me to ... my other hand caressed her spine, making her shiver under my touch ... at length I gave in to her longings and pressed down on the power button, and her screen lit up with ecstasy ..."
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*sung-mumbled to an unnamed (and probably of problematic origin) perky children's song that's in my head but can't place*

Ohhhhhh... I feel like crap and wanna cry,
Or poke somebody in the eye,
Or eat a whole darn apple pie...
Gosh, I love my prednisone!

...and song number two...

Oh prednisone, oh prednisone,
How fucked-up are your side-effects!
You make my mood go here and there
And make me sweat, like, everywhere
Oh prednisone, oh prednisone,
How fucked-up are your side-effects!

Oh prednisone, oh prednisone,
I really dislike taking you
The anti-inflammation's great
But all the rest is cause for hate
Oh prednisone, oh prednisone,
I really dislike taking you

Oh prednisone, oh prednisone,
I can't wait til I'm done with this
You taste like shit, and what's more wrong
You made me filk this stupid song
Oh prednisone, oh prednisone,
I can't wait til I'm done with this
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There is a Federation vessel named Valdemar.

I. I just. What. *giggle*

...Yes, all right, Valdemar is actually a valid RL name, and brief googling suggests http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valdemar_Poulsen as a probable naming candidate, but still. SPARKLY TELEPATHIC HORSES IN STARFLEET wheeeee
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1) One of the UCD chorus songs this quarter is in Finnish (woo!) and I have practice singing Finnish so I'm mostly okay with the pronunciation except for one word: rajoilla.

Now, Finnish pronunciation dictates that j is a 'y' sound, and doubled consonants are longer, so this ought to be rah - yoy - lllllah (very crude approximation).

But I keep parsing it as Spanish, and doing rah - hoy - ya.


2) Another piece is in Russian (also woo), and there is one word that I don't sing but would consistently want to parse wrong if I did.

In Cyrillic, which I can read, it's непщевати -- and I'd be fine reading it from the Cyrillic. It's the transliteration that gets me. Transliterated, it's nepshchevati. Syllabified in the music as nep - shche - va - ti.

I look at "nep" (latin alphabet) in a Russian mindset and see it as "пер" (cyrillic alphabet), which transliterates to "per".

Which is why I'm glad it's not a word I sing, because nepshchevati and pershchevati are not close.
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Data: "I have studied a great deal of human literature on the subject of love and romantic liaisons. There are many role models for me to emulate."

My first reaction: DATA, NO, stay away from the glitter ;_;
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My mom: "Do you ever go to ... [thinks, fails to recall] ... that place dot com?"

I sort of snarfed coffee.



Happy Christmas and/or Yuletide and/or Wednesday. ♥
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Mom asks about my current crochet project. I cheerfully show her the third-of-a-sphere I have, made from green yarn. She asks what it will be.

Under the assumption that pictures are best, I show her this picture. (Pattern is here.)

Mom: ... ... ...is that an octopus?
Me: Nope! Issa cute'n cuddly little Elder God!
Mom: ...
Me: Well, he usually is depicted like this [google image search for cthulhu], so less cute and cuddly, but...
Mom: ... Elder god?
Me: Cthulhu?
Mom: ...
Me: From the works of H.P. Lovecraft?
Mom: ...

Yep. That went well.
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So I went to see Elysium last night, and the three non-spoilery things I took away:

1) I really wish OSC weren't such a homophobic [insert eloquent, appropriate, non-problematic but suitably insulting phrase], because I want to see Ender's Game.

2) Thor 2 comes out the weekend after my birthday. I should totally do a rewatch of Thor/Avengers and then go to the movie.

3) There were conversations in Spanish, and while I still needed the subtitles to know what was being said, I actually understood a fair amount of it holy crap it's almost like learning stuff is USEFUL!
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[15:26] <isabeau> sentence of the day, for today: we don't touch the chicken
[15:27] <Rainne_> ....
[15:27] <isabeau> Nosotros no tocamos el pollo!
[15:28] <Rainne_> looooooooooooooooooooool
[15:34] * Woggy toco el pollo
[15:35] <isabeau> no toco!
[15:35] <Woggy> ...yes, i know that's not technically right.
[15:36] * exor674 touches isabeau's chicken!
[15:36] <Rainne_> exor674 not without permission, I hope.
[15:39] <isabeau> yo no tengo un pollo
[15:40] <exor674> aw :)
[15:40] <isabeau> ...thereforos tu no puedes tener mi pollo

(ed. note: I haven't learned the translation of therefore, hence the spanglish butchering; and while I have learned poder, can/may, I haven't officially learned the construction for any sentences beyond "$SUBJECT can/can't", so was guessing that it took the infinitive. also I grabbed the wrong verb there)

[15:40] <exor674> I should go get a chicken for dinner
[15:41] <isabeau> (okay so I don't know therefore, and while I know "can" I don't know what verb form to use, but)
[15:41] <exor674> yeah, gtranslate doesn't know "thereforos"
[15:41] <Rainne_> speaking of chicken, that's what i made for dinner, and I need to go put some rice on.
[15:41] <Rainne_> bbs
[15:41] <exor674> but that comes out mostly intelegible barring autotranslate
[15:41] <exor674> "I have a chicken I thereforos you can not have my chicken"
[15:42] <isabeau> por la tanto!
[15:42] <exor674> er hrm, no, if I add a *comma* or something somewhere it's useful
[15:42] <exor674> "I have not a chicken, thereforos you can not have my chicken"
[15:42] <exor674> which I think is what you meant?
[15:42] <isabeau> yup.
[15:43] <isabeau> though I should have said por tanto tu no puedes tocar mi pollo (tocar, not tener, because I wanted touch and not have)

(ed. note: also tu should be tú throughout, but I was lazy)

[15:44] <isabeau> and why in frith's name is google translate defaulting to "translate into malay" >.<
[15:46] <exor674> because malay is fun?
[15:46] <exor674> ( also, touching chicken puts me dangerously close to being able to abscond with the chicken
[15:46] <exor674> so being unable to have it is also valid? :P
[15:47] <isabeau> tu no ... abscondes mit meine pollo *mixes languages with abandon*
[15:47] * Woggy giggles
[15:48] <Woggy> beware of poultry thief!
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So my mom and sister and I go out to eat, at a restaurant that plays oldies -- 60s pop and similar. I hear a familiar opening intro thing, and tune in long enough to hear:

You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel
But I got wise...

Now, I know this is an Elvis song, but my main association for it is Lilo & Stitch.

Which is bad enough until they also end up playing Burning Love, which is the end credits music for L&S...


So now I need to rewatch a certain Disney movie...


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