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... I can stop anytime I want ... I just don't want to ...

Or, more merge dragons tips. These are as much for myself as other people, but totally for other people too.

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Like I said: totally not obsessed.
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Okay so a few months back, I was going to post about the games (mostly iOS) that I was obsessed with, only then I decided I had to do the Best And Most Thorough Recs Ever. Which sort of made it such a stupendously monumental task that I never did it.

I still may do a more in-depth thing later, but these are my current or recent iOS games. (Some may be available on other platforms, I don't know.)

The Game Formerly Known As Abyssrium

I'm sure they had good reasons for changing the name from Abyssrium (which evoked the premise of a deep-ocean virtual aquarium) to "Tap Tap Fish" (ugh) but the change very nearly kicked it off the list. But ... eh.

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Zen Koi

Here, fishy fishy fishy. Pretty fishy.

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Merge Dragons!

This game has taken over my life, I think. I even get the Tetris effect of closing my eyes and seeing MD stuff.

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I have more, but this is enough for one post /) I'm not sure whether the remainder will be one post or two.

Feel free to ask me any questions about any of these apps.
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I seem to have signed up for FR. (woo) Username = ysobel

I have *no* clue what I'm doing, lol.

(Things I have done: bred my initial pair of dragons; gathered items; poked around the trading post, mostly failed at trivia because I'm too lazy to actually research the questions, got my free item from Pinkerton; played games in the Fairgrounds. Things I grok: how to breed dragons; daily visits are necessary for incubating eggs (but omg I like this model so much more than Dragon Cave's); you can buy things from the marketplace (site) or auction house (other players). Things I do not grok: Uh, anything else.)

I know there are other Flight Rising peeps out there; anyone feel like giving suggestions?

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