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a) been kinda off-grid lately -- mostly health stuff (migraines, random heart palpitations that have no apparent cause at least yet but yes I do have a doctor appointment because this is a new thing, and stuff like pain keeping me awake last night until after 6am so I only got three hours sleep and the next day or two are going to suck) -- if I've missed anything important in your lives please link / summarize / tell me where to look?

2) I had a dream the other night where I got to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda. He was very tolerant of me glomp-hugging him. idek.

iii) I "lost" all of Wednesday to writing up my newest knitting pattern, Freedom of Hattitude -- knitting drama seems to inspire me.

backstory )

D) I also made a hat for a friend. Loom knit, a smidge too small because I couldn't find the right loom, so worked in twisted rib (e-wrap+purl) for stretch.

V) ...and once my brain recovers from last night's painsomnia, I want to play with brioche loom knitting. Fear me. Or don't; whatever
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I get absurdly mopey and self-disliking and altogether generally crappy-feeling on days when I don't have any creative output.

I can't produce creative stuff (yes that's the technical term) when I am feeling mopey and crappy.

...p q is not the same as p q.

(yes, I am enough of a geek to use logic symbology. even though it's more effort. hopefully I've done the html right so that screen readers don't choke on it; if not, a) let me know, and b) the first is 'therefore' and the second is 'because').

Or, using more different logic symbology, p q is not the same as q p and neither one by itself is the same as p q.

Or, using actual english wordy things, I don't know whether the problem is "crappy mood stifles creative output" or "lack of output creates crappy mood" or "the mood and the lack of output coexist".

This may seem like pointless dithering, and/or an excuse to use logic symbology in an entry, except that ... well. The difference between p q and p q is primarily theoretical if you don't have any control over either p or q, but it becomes practically vital, if you can control one factor, to know which side of the causality that factor is on.

If it's the first (or to some extent the third), since I can't exactly will myself into a good mood, the best thing to do is to not frustrate myself trying to do creative stuff, because it either won't happen or will come out tainted and unusable. If it's the second, forcing myself to ignore the mood and create stuff will make me feel better.

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(person in chat shares fresh cchip cookies)

[19:22] <@isabeau> ooo cookies
[19:22] * @isabeau has no actual room due to eating waaaay too much at lunch, but virtual cookies are always of the god
[19:22] <@isabeau> *good
[19:22] <@isabeau> though I'm sure there is a god of chocolate chip cookies
[19:23] <@isabeau> kind of like the flying spaghetti monster
[19:23] <@isabeau> except sugarier

Y/Y? :D
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My insecurities are going to be the death of this "gift free baby booties to random baby-wielding passers-by" plan. Individual known babies I could maybe fake by getting access to said baby and seeing the size of their feet (and then allowing a certain amount for growth and wiggle room), but ... man. I don't /know/ babies. I don't know what size I should be knitting to. And random people probably don't want some random idiot shoving baby booties at them that are the wrong size and the wrong color and arghflail. Plus I am a slow knitter so can't just churn out a pretty range of colors and sizes.


(And yes, I do know people with babies, but I'm scared to give them to people I know in case said people don't like them but feel socially obligated to pretend they do.)

((in one case I am thinking of sending an email saying "This is going to sound weird, but what is $baby's foot length and ankle circumference and general color scheme? Oh, and same info for $oldersib" (because hey, I can do youngchild socks to avoid the favoritism inherent in not having done booties for said sib), but. Scared.))

my day

Jun. 17th, 2010 08:09 pm
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What I intended to do today:

* do the powerpoint for this week's church service
* work on my story for [livejournal.com profile] ficfinishing
* possibly work on a [community profile] kink_bingo fic
* get a bit more done on the orange wedge bag

What I actually did do today:

* checked my email
* faffed about on ravelry forums
* signed up to test-knit the lace shawl that was tempting me
* lost a bit of time (again) to TVTropes
* signed up for [livejournal.com profile] shmoop_bingo

Not only did I not be productive on the things I intended to, including things with deadlines, but I added to the list of things to be productive on.



May. 22nd, 2010 09:27 pm
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I think I may have had too much coffee.

Also, my brain is still obsessed with the serialkiller!Winchesters thing. (The latest installment is cut for those not interested ) These are not behaving themselves by becoming stories.)

(...I did get my brigits flame entry in, but it sucks horribly, and also contains no sff elements, which is completely weird for me because everything I write has some sort of sffian aspect, even if it's only in the backstory/worldbuilding that stays in my head. I even planned to do a magic-based story, and came out with ... um ... obsessive knitting? *baffled shrug*)

Did I mention that I am /vibrating/? Like, literally? As in, I am sitting here alternately bouncing up and down and wiggling back and forth?

Also, I have a headache, though that probably has less to do with coffee and more to do with not having actually eaten anything but a bowl of popcorn since breakfast. Oops? (Though the fact that I /have enough energy to be vibrating/ when I /haven't had enough food/ is kind of ... backwards. Also counterproductive. Also why do I not have this sort of physical energy when I actually /want/ it?)

Also also, I can't concentrate.



ETA: Amusingly, moving my chair back and forth somewhat rapidly achieves /exactly the same effect/ as fidgeting, even though it isn't physically generated movement..


May. 9th, 2010 06:22 pm
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I can has new computer.

I can has /keyboard I can put both hands on at the same time omg/. Touch typing ftw! I don't have to poke with sticks!!!

...there's still a lot of setting up that has to be done. Also I have to figure out how to juggle the keyboard and the mouse. (I think it will be okay for gaming, since I can shift the keyboard over to my left hand and use the mouse on the right side or something; but for active use, it's kind of hard to have the right half of the keyboard occupy the same space as the mouse.)

omg omg omg omg omg *dies of squee*

ETA: Did my 750words thing and, okay, it was mostly new-computer squee babble ('omg' was the most used word, according to the word cloud), which tends to come out faster than when I don't have squee spilling out of me, but you guys, you guysssss, my word speed DOUBLED. It took me 11 minutes to get to 750, when my average so far has been 20. And I had ~70wpm instead of the usual 30-40. Being able to touch type again is AMAZING omg you guys have noooo idea.

(Well, unless you do. But still. Typing with both hands, instead of one hand and a stick? WAY BETTER.)

(omg omg omg.)

(*dolphin squeaky noises*)
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Random revelation of the day: the whole "the story in my head is not as good as what comes out on paper" is /totally/ a Schroedinger's Cat situation. What is in my head consists of several simultaneous possibilities, that once observed (written) collapse into a single ... well, story ... that is inferior to the coexisting simultaneous possibilities, because there's no way it can be the same.

(Okay, doesn't break the writer's block, but it's fun to explain. Well, sorta.)

In a complete change of subject, here, have some dragons:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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