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We have a radio-through-tv thing going right now, classical music, and it's a decent selection of stuff - I recognize about half of what's come through.

I am, however, profoundly mocking the on-screen information. Because, really, how helpful is this:

[music icon] Vivace
[person/artist icon] Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
[cd icon] Some Vague CD Of Classical "Hits" With No Useful Information In It
Up Next: Various Artists

Except for the cd listing, which is paraphrased, that was taken verbatim from one of the screens we got.

No composer. No name of the piece it comes from. Nothing like that. Nothing helpful.

(Vivace was, by the way, the first movement of the Bach Double, aka Bach concerto for two violins in D blah blah blahcakes, which is a piece I love dearly, but, dude, vivace is a tempo marking. Yes, it's also the "name" of the movement, but still.)

There are also such informative not-titles as "Scene (No. 10) (as used in Anna Karenina)", which proved to be That Really Famous Bit from Swan Lake.

I am torn between giggling and headdesking. Or maybe headdesking while giggling.

ETA: Unrelated, but AUGH WTF WHAT THE FLYING MONKEY BUTT IS THIS: http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-sock-monkey-knit-hat?p=1 I AM SCARED NOW.

ETA2: Back to the radio thing, they are now playing the fourth movement of Dvorak's New World Symphony, aka the one that starts out like Jaws. :D I luuuurve the NWS. (though as per usual it has the helpful title of "Allegro con fuoco". STILL A TIME SIGNATURE.)

ETA3: HOW. HOW. I AM INCOHERENT AND CAPSLOCKING AND WHATTHEHELL. CD: "The most popular classical tv themes in the universe". Title: "Conclusion (as used in the Quaker Oats commercial)". Turned out to be the end of the freaking 1812 Overture DUDE IT IS MORE RECOGNIZABLE AS FIREWORKS MUSIC THAN QUAKER OATS WTFFFFFFF


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