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Apr. 3rd, 2016 07:56 pm
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So I have some very important news: I HAVE A NEW CHAIR OMG.

It's not perfect yet; there are all sorts of minor tweaks and changes that have to be made. (And because I am so physically inflexible, the wheelchair controls need to be positioned very precisely, and there are all sorts of awkward things like deflating the seat cushion a bit to make it more comfortable means the armrests are too high, etc.)

But. But! It is shiny and new, and *fast* (6mph top speed), and the suspension is amazing, and it has all the features I need including the lateral tilt, and the display has a clock, a speedometer, an odometer, a resettable trip odometer -- no streaming video though, lol.

I'm still switching back and forth between the chairs until the things that need resolving get resolved, but soon the most important question will be how to bling it up to suit my personality :D

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Omg you guyyyys

I have my real chair back

And it tilts

because they are fucking dumbasses and didn’t notice a fucking loose screw

(Well, until my dad went to go get it and it wouldn’t go full speed and he wtfed at them and told them to at least get rid of the ducking “safety feature” and so they took it back and 15 minutes later found the fucking loose screw that was making things not connect right)

but I’m actually fucking comfortable again

(Also sobbing like a crazy person, because, well, I’m fucking crazy right now (two more doses I can get through this) but whatever)
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I'm not sure how much I've talked about this here. But in the interests of having it all in one place:

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Needless to say, this all is ... frustrating is an understatement. And sort of interferes with doing anything at all.
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My main chair -- which, as you may recall, broke on the 7th -- was theoretically supposed to be fixed today, so that I could pick it up tomorrow.

Apparently the circuit board they ordered (which I swear they shipped by a narcoleptic sloth or something, based on how long it took to get here) didn't work. So they have to get a new one. Which will probably take at least another week.

*says a lot of bad words*

Meanwhile I am stuck at home, in a chair that is only barely functional and seriously uncomfortable, that makes my back and legs hurt and my butt go numb and puts me at higher risk for UTIs (I am on my second in the last three weeks) and pressure sores, that I'm afraid to go outside in. *And* I can't use the mouse with my right hand, and the left arm is starting to get a pinched nerve in the shoulder that using the mouse doesn't help with, and I can't play my games, and I am just REALLY FUCKING FRUSTRATED ARGH *footstomp*
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Wheelchair update: Main circuit board is fried, so they have to order a new one from the manufacturer. So probably at least a week.

Meanwhile I can't tilt back without help (can't reach the switch) so I'm afraid to go outside because long legs + fixed ankle/knee/hip + tilted all the way down = foot go smashy on uneven pavement. And I can't really use the van, partly because of the tilt thing and partly because I can't get seated all the way back in the chair so my knees will go smash against the glove compartment. So while I am not bedbound and can get around my apartment okay, I am essentially housebound. And can't even take Yahtzee for walks D:

Plus my wrist is not happy still and using the mouse hurts, so I'm trying to limit full use of computer. I can browse stuff okay using either a) left hand on mouse plus on-screen keyboard for typing, or b) voice control if I'm alone in the apartment, but neither strategy works for gaming, so no SWTOR escapism. Sadface. At least I am getting a decent amount of crochet time?

(And at least I was able to get my dad to fix the left armrest, which was way too high for how I sit now and so was not only uncomfortable but was turning my hand numb um no thanks. Now it's just poking into my hip, which is way more tolerable.)
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My chair is not working.

Problems started last night, roughly 8:45, where it stopped working -- the joystick unit would turn off and on but none of the functions worked, the mode toggle button didn't cycle into tilt mode, the sideways tilt didn't do anything, and cycling off and on didn't help. I called roommate in to do a visual check, but at that point it started working okay.

Repeated five minutes later, again started working after a few minutes.

Repeated about five minutes later and DIDN'T start working. None of the functions work (if I e.g. press the lights button, the little blue indicator light on the joystick saying it's on will light up, but the lights don't come on). The panel of buttons in the back that I never use (that give non-joystick control over tilt functions) don't work. The sideways tilt doesn't work. And it doesn't sound like anything even tries to engage, there's just no response.

None of the times was there any particular trigger.

Luckily the third time I was mostly in position to go to bed, so transfering out was not a problem. I pulled the backup chair out of the closet, it does work (yay for remembering to keep it charged), but AUGH. It isn’t really set up for my current physical situation (it’s about ten years old now, and when I got it I could still move enough to go to the bathroom by myself most of the time and dress by myself and stuff, so a lot of the switches and buttons and whatever are neatly out of the way where I can no longer reach them), and it's way less comfortable.

...I was half tempted to just say fuck-it and stay in bed all day anyway.

(Except for the bit where I can’t really drink anything in bed, and dehydration on top of caffeine headache may not be the best idea ever.)

And the situation is not likely to resolve quickly -- between the whole insurance stupidity of requiring preauthorization for wheelchair repairs, and then once they get that and diagnose the issues they’ll probably have to order parts. So the next few days are going to suck rather a lot.

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Just what I needed: my wheelchair decided to utterly freak out and stop working.

...with me tilted all the way back and at a bit of an angle so I can't even get out.


(at least I'm inside)
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this is the text of an email I just sent to my dad.

so in addition to everything ELSE that's going wrong with the chair?

half the freaking seatbelt just fell off.

(not entirely sure what the problem is. from what [my PA] was saying it sounds like there is a screw that screws through the base of the seatbelt anchor and locks into a thingie in the chair, and the thingie in the chair has vanished mysteriously, so it has nothing to screw to so it doesn't stay attached.) some respects this is more of an inconvenience (and a "where the hell am I going to anchor my phome" issue) than a safety thing because of the NOT GOING ANYWERE thing, which I am VASTLY sick of; but it is something that should be fixed and I don't know how to fix it and I am kind of flaily and it doesn't help that I didn't get to sleep until somewhere around 5 last night and did I mention there's a minor FOP flareup going on in my right thigh/butt?

...and did I mention that I sort of managed to make a hole (well, dent) in the bathroom wall with my knee?

(...and did I mention I am running out of ways to cope arghflail)


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