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a) been kinda off-grid lately -- mostly health stuff (migraines, random heart palpitations that have no apparent cause at least yet but yes I do have a doctor appointment because this is a new thing, and stuff like pain keeping me awake last night until after 6am so I only got three hours sleep and the next day or two are going to suck) -- if I've missed anything important in your lives please link / summarize / tell me where to look?

2) I had a dream the other night where I got to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda. He was very tolerant of me glomp-hugging him. idek.

iii) I "lost" all of Wednesday to writing up my newest knitting pattern, Freedom of Hattitude -- knitting drama seems to inspire me.

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D) I also made a hat for a friend. Loom knit, a smidge too small because I couldn't find the right loom, so worked in twisted rib (e-wrap+purl) for stretch.

V) ...and once my brain recovers from last night's painsomnia, I want to play with brioche loom knitting. Fear me. Or don't; whatever
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So I'm listening to Galileo, and I wish I could vid

because I want to make a Captain America vid out of it

purely for the line about "some other fool across the ocean years ago must have crashed his little airplane"



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and I just figured out why I have a problem with the Spanish word for 9.

See, okay, one of the things that trips me up is the set of words for this/that/those. One aspect is just remembering which is this and which is that (current convoluted mnemonic is the inverse t factor: "that" ends in t, "eso" doesn't have a t; "this" doesn't end in t, "esto" has one). And then there's the third one (that-over-there), which is aquel but I had to look it up because I couldn't remember. I wanted to say allĂ­ but that is a different word.

But the other aspect is gender. Most of Spanish has two grammatical genders, but demonstratives have three: eso/ese/esa and esto/este/esta. Neuter, masculine, feminine. The masculine and feminine forms are used when there is a (gendered) noun associated with it: "this book is mine". Neuter is used (according to the site I just looked up again) for abstract ideas and unknown objects.

Which is fine escept for which is which. Masculine adjectives in Spanish end in -o for the most part, but eso/esto are the *neuter* forms, and ese/este are the masculine ones.

Which is where nine comes in.

The Spanish word for nine is nueve.

The Spanish word for new is nuevo.

I found tonight, not for the first time, that I keep wanting to read nueve as new. So, like, "otros nueve goles" -- another nine goals, a phrase I got in today's Duo lesson -- had me staring at it going "......uhhh, other new goals? What?". But I only just figured out *why*: overgeneralization of the esto/este thing.

Or something.

A poll

Jul. 7th, 2013 09:32 pm
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Given that I should not really be acquiring more yarn because I have plenty already etc, but that some of [personal profile] wyomingnot's for-sale yarn is calling to me, and it's technically something I could afford...

Poll #13848 yaaaaarn
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 15

Should I get this yarn?

View Answers

Yes, definitely
5 (33.3%)

Yes, but put it somewhere safe and then give it to yourself as a reward for Doing Awesome Things later in the summer
7 (46.7%)

Yes, but through a proxy who can hold on to it for you and then send it when you have Done said Awesome Things
3 (20.0%)

No, there will be other yarns you can reward yourself with
0 (0.0%)

Absolutely not!
0 (0.0%)

If some flavor of yes, which yarn?

View Answers

cascade 220 superwash paint in shades of red
3 (27.3%)

crystal palace 5 print in shades of blue
4 (36.4%)

mountain colors twizzle, black with red and blue and silver
0 (0.0%)

alpaca blend, red (well, boysenberry)
2 (18.2%)

alpaca blend, blue-grey-ish
2 (18.2%)


View Answers

9 (60.0%)

Sorry, what?
6 (40.0%)

I got distracted by the yarn
12 (80.0%)

Mmm, yarn...
7 (46.7%)


Apr. 15th, 2010 01:19 pm
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If I had infinite money, I would so get one a couple of these.

(Not that I need it, but, y'know. I am a six year old sometimes. *pony glee*)


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