Mar. 14th, 2011

ysobel: (Default) stomach feels like it is trying to eat itself. wtf, body. also ow.

Anyway. If anyone's interested, I posted a master fic list (DW / LJ). In the process I discovered fics I'd forgotten I wrote. There are probably some that I've missed, scattered in flashfic or challenge comms, but otherwise the list is mostly complete.

Also also, I finally got around to setting up a not-my-real-name google account, for various purposes. ysobelflp (the flp stands for fruit loop ponie. if you don't know, you'll probably be better off not asking *g*).

Also also also, happy pi-day-the-first. ♥ π

Also (times four), my current knitting project is made of awesome. And wool. Squishy wool in nice colors.

...In unrelated news, Suri is still cute. Oh wait, that's not news. :D
ysobel: (Default)'s kind of fascinating how different Suri's eyes look in photographs. Especially the color, since when I look at her she has these gorgeous green eyes, but the camera always shows them as yellower. It's worse in pictures with flash, but even when it's daylight and flash is off and she isn't looking at the camera? Yellow.

(nevertheless, she is still my pretty girl and I tell her that all the time.)

There are new pics up over on Flickr, mostly involving a cat tree and the Rightful Owner Surveying Her Domain.



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