Jan. 3rd, 2016

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So I got my ears pierced some months back, and am slowly amassing an earring collection. But there is a slight ... dilemma.

For mobility reasons I can't put in or take them out. My roommate is decent, but my aides, not so much. Especially one aide in particular that manages to leave my ears sore and mangled without actually succeeding in getting stuff out. That's one problem.

Problem the second is that I can't leave earrings out of my ears at night, because I seem to close up fast (?!??).

So I end up wearing the same pair (the posts I got at piercing, generally) and my ears don't get a break and I don't wear the dangly ones as much as I want to because I can't wear them to bed, and in the morning I'm never awake enough to think of swapping to something else.

Is there any sort of placeholder I can use at nighttime that will keep the piercing open but not be pokey or anything, that doesn't involve a small backing piece that is impossible to take off so my aides can remove it easily, and that wouldn't cause problems for my ears?


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