Apr. 5th, 2016

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I had a dream last night where I was reading -- or watching, it's hard to tell with dreams -- a cozy-style mystery that had largely to do with some legal loophole about how, if you kill someone a) by implausible "accident" b) on the way back from paying the fine for a different crime, it's not actually murder. (The book-movie-whatever ... The narrative didn't make it clear whether it would count as manslaughter; the main character thought she'd get off scot-free.)

So she deliberately got caught speeding on the highway, and paid the fine, and was driving her cop friend (whom she wanted to kill) back via some alternate route that took them through a small town where she had plotted some sort of Improbable Accident to occur. After lunch, of course, and the narrative made it clear that the cop had a large appetite that her friend generally disapproved of but, since she was going to kill her, she actually encouraged eating a lot, like finishing off the main character's pasta dish once she was finished. And there was blueberry pie.

But then there was a Humorously Inconvenient Twist in the part of three burly local men showing up for lunch at the cafe, at which point we switched to their POV, in which we discovered the three of them were all werewolves, and they had this problem of fursploding into werewolf form whenever someone mentioned vampires, which made it hard to maintain plausible deniability about the existence of werewolves.

At which point I got awoken by my morning aide, so don't know what happened next. *fistshake*
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Oh, also, apparently I am a better verbal storyteller than I think.

Someone asked me yesterday during the group I go to on Mondays (it's not really a support group, more of a meaning group, but I just call it Group) to tell the story of -- well, first she asked for the story of Job, but starting before the whale, to which I asked if she meant Jonah, and it turned out that yes, yes she did.

my version )
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I have no idea why welsh is so much fun for me; it has no practical use. (Spanish is useful in California; Russian is useful with a Russian aide; German is useful for reading the books I own in German; welsh is completely and utterly random.)

But anyway. One thing that amuses me is that at least so far, if I blank on the Welsh word for something, more often than not "phonetic with some w'a and y's thrown in" works. I was given the audio for the welsh word for burger, which sounded like berger, but then I went "...not welsh enough" and changed it to byrger. Which was correct.

I do realize that a lot of that is that I am still in the early stages and Duo is giving me easier words. (For example, the translation given for "hello" is helo, and the translation for "sorry" is sori, and I'm sure there are welshier equivalents; and the vocab is skewed towards Lots Of Things What Are Similar -- bacwn and reis and jins and trowsus and sgert and pasta and lemon and pitsa and tost and coffi -- it's not entirely that, but I suspect there's a higher proportion of loanwords/cognates than in overall welsh.

On the non-loanword side, I find it easy to remember the word for cheese. (Caws, pronounced like English cows.) And it somehow amuses me that dress is ffrog.


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