Apr. 11th, 2016

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Well, not math, just the names for math.

In Welsh, anyway.

I don't mind the numbers, at least yet when we've mostly just done 1-10. I can't recall more than half of them -- un dau tri pedwar pump chwech saiyh wyth naw deg -- but I can recognize them. And the above-ten two-digit numbers seem to literally be, like, "three ten seven" for 37.

But today's lesson is the + ~ x % = words. Some of it is okay, by which I mean that I can remember that "math/sums" is symiau and "is equal to" is yn hafal i. And plus is okay, because that's adio. Tri adio un yn hafal i pedwar.

But I can. Not. Remember. The other three. It's not sticking from one sentence to the next, and I can't figure out any mnemonics or anything.

Subtract: Tynnu
Multiply: Lluosi
Divide: Rhannu

(I wrote it down here partly so I could get through the lesson but partly because writing makes things stick better, and I still ended up wanting to put lluosi for subtract. I *never* have this much trouble within a lesson. Remembering later, sure, but wtf brain.


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