May. 26th, 2016

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Had a dream last night where I was at this ... combination gift-giving and murder mystery dinner (though the mystery was who was going to get "killed" and how; it ended up being one guy pulling a gun, and fumbling it, and a second guy pulling out a knife to go after the target, and the first guy using that distraction to "shoot" the target in the head.)

But while I was there, my mom called to see if I was ready to go to a thing with her that I hadn't remembered her telling my about in the first place. And I said no, I was having fun here (at the dinner) and so was staying. And she came in to get me, and I said that I wanted to stay, and we ended up in a sobbing screaming match. Well, I was sobbing; she was just ... being all calm and stuff in the specific way that people do to make you look like the irrational one.

It got to the point where I went to find the murder mystery coordinator to go HALP, and my mom followed while arguing her case, and the coordinator told my mom that she should go away, and I cried a lot in frustration and then went back just in time for the "murder".

I don't think I need much of a dream interpreter for this.

(The "getting into fights with a parent (usually my mom but sometimes my dad) where they are calmly treating me like a child and I am emotionally flailing and raging" thing is a common dream motif for me.)


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