May. 30th, 2016

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This week is sort of going to be sheer hell.

Tuesday I just have choir 4-6 and 7-9:30, because concert week means extra rehearsals.
Wednesday I get to meet with wheelchair people about the new chair not working for me (it functions, but I can't sit in it for more than two or three hours before my tailbone starts hurting. Need more tilt range and/or way better cushion)
Thursday I have a doctor consult (possible new gp, because the thyroid stuff was sort of a last straw and also he's within a few years of retiring), a book group discussion, and the same choir schedule as Tuesday.
Friday I have hand pt in the morning, then choir 4-6 and the concert at 7.

...I have trouble getting through Rehearsal Hell Week when it's the only thing on my plate. I'd have trouble with the w/th/f non-choir stuff (dealing with the wheelchair people and trying to convey my needs is stressful, meeting with new people is stressful, and I have to get up slightly earlier than normal for the hand pt). With the two combined, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to survive without imploding.

Add to that the fatigue issues I've been having, and the fact that this weekend was enjoyable but high-energy (sister and niecelet in town for the weekend, niecelet is still absolutely the cutest, but she's a handful, and dealing with my mom is stressful, especially when she's being passive aggressive (did I tell y'all about the lunch fiasco?) or trying to help or criticizing my sister's parenting choices (my mom insists my sister lets niecelet get everything she wants; I think that my sister is treating niecelet like a person with her own desires, and is respecting her choices when she can and either deflecting niecelet's attention or explaining why something's not happening, and my mom just doesn't process that sort of thing right), and so even though I got a fair amount of sleep I'm going into the week tired), and ... I don't even know.


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