Jun. 4th, 2016

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* I survived the last week (obviously), but am completely and utterly drained. Not miserable, just empty.

* plans for this weekend have involved Jurassic Park marathon, crochet, tea, and sleep. Best weekend ever IMO. (Am skipping church because I just am running on empty.)

* blood tests got ordered and done, including all of the thyroid stuff and multiple vitamin checks. I am a little paranoid that they will all come out normal (which will give my lovely Inner Critic a chance to say that obviously I was making a big deal over nothing), but it's weird to hope there's something wrong, so idk.

* hand pt continues. am still hopelessly amused that several of my finger problems are definitely hypermobility.

* haven't finished POC Destrpy SF yet, not anywhere close, but it continues to be awesomeness.

* I have managed to maintain my duo streak! still doing welsh for the moment. Dw i'n hoffi dysgu Cymraeg.

* have not written much (ell, anything) lately, but the Secret Garden plotbunny continues to gnaw at my ankles. I am slipping it carrots when no one is looking.


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