Jun. 11th, 2016

Welsh wtf

Jun. 11th, 2016 09:48 pm
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No no no no I was just getting used to *beginning* consonants changing, now you're dropping final consonants too? In spelling, not just pronunciation? Wahhhh.

(Five is pump, pronounced pimp. Except when it's bump. Except when it's bum. Mae hi'n bum munud wedi pedwar: it is five minutes past four. Mae hi'n bum munud i bump: it is five minutes to five.)

(Argh and it's not just "mp becomes m before m". Six is chwech, but six minutes is chwe munud. I guess munud is a hungry word?)

Also why is it "bum munud ar hugain) (five minutes on twenty) and not hugain bum munud silly language.

Otoh I have a decent streak going:

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I have a neck pillow that is shaped like a penguin. Well, a very oddly shaped penguin. It has a penguin head at one end, anyway. I use it sometimes in place of a pillow under my head. Today I had a French braid in for a wedding I was attending (I even wore a dress zomg), and I didn't want to take it out, but lying on my back means it would be all lumpy and ridgey against a pillow, and I am very sensitive in that regard -- can't even wear the cpap mask harness "properly" because that would put a buckle under my head. So, tonight is a neck pillow night.

My aide (the awesome one) asked if I'd read Golden Compass, and when I said yes, she said that the pillow looked like my daemon.

I was vastly amused, and quite okay with the thought of a penguin daemon :D


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