Nov. 5th, 2016

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So today was sort of my real birthday celebration -- small party at my sister's house, pizza and cake and ice cream and presents (mostly for niecelet really).

My niece is still the cutest, lol.

I finished the sweater I was making for her; it's somewhat oddly proportioned, being super wide for its height, but eh that just gives her room to grow into it, right?

She has the cutest pajamas ever, btw. Today's were stripey with BB-8 on them. I approve.

There were also several rounds of "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" sung for her, much to her delight.

While she was napping -- oh, it's super cute, she gets a few books read to her before nap, but the last one is always Goodnight oMoon, and she got abruptly yawny and eye-rubby as it was read -- the adults there, me and my mom and my sister and my sister's friend plus friend's boyfriend and friend's mom (the last of whom also had a birthday yesterday), played a fun game that was new to me called Codenames. There is a Wikipedia article that explains gameplay in more detail, but the basic idea is a grid of randomly chosen words, of which some belong to the red team, some to the blue team, some are neutral, and one is instadeath. One person on each team knows which words are which, and gives one-word clues to get their teammates to pick their team's cards. Whichever team gets all words selected *regatdless of which team selected it* wins, unless someone picks the death card.

So for example if you are the clue giver and your words include disease and spider and night, you might say "black", but if your team has buffalo and turkey but the other team has cricket and penguin, you can't effectively use "animal" as a clue. And if you have "maple" but the death card is nut, you don't want to say tree.

It's harder to describe than it is to play, and it helped that 2/3rds of the players were familiar, so for the first round each team had an experienced clue giver and an experienced guesser and a noob guesser.

Anyway. Fun times! And I came home to a mailed birthday present of yarn and a project bag -- but present and card pics will come in another post.

For now: sweater and niecelet, albeit not together.

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