Mar. 14th, 2017

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Happy pi day! (US version, anyway. And non-military-time.)

Lots of updates! Because I suck at posting here. Ahem.

I forgot to post here when Loki came back (my last post was him being missing) but he was only gone a week. Very long week, and I have no idea where he was, but he seems unscathed by his adventures.

My new chair, *finally* (after only a year and a half of trying), is usable. They managed to get it to tilt back more than the manufacturer's specs indicated, but I needed the extra tilt for repositioning and for pressure relief. It's still not as comfortable as the old chair but at least it doesn't randomly crap out.

My niecelet is still the cutest. Went down to visit her weekend before last (and gave her a hat which she *loved*), andthen my sister had a work-team trip to Tahoe last week so I got to have dinner with them when they came back through. I need to do a picspam one of these days, because cuuuute. Also she is a total chatterbox, and loves to sing, especially the alphabet song.

This last week was Rehearsal Hell Week -- five hours of rehearsal Tuesday, five Thursday, five Saturday, two Sunday, and then performing Sunday night. I actually skipped the Saturday morning rehearsal so I wouldn't be too fatigued for the concert -- there was no way I could get up in time for a 9:30 start, rehearse until 4 (with a lunch break), and still be able to think straight by Sunday night. I felt a bit guilty, but RHW always wiped me out even when I didn't have underlying fatigue issues.

Speaking of which, I ... er ... still have fatigue issues. I'm starting to suspect/worry it's the new normal; it's quite possible that the fact that I can't move means I'm just physically not generating energy. I've been trying to find alternative explanations, thyroid or vitamin or whatever, but all that is testing more or less normal. Though I'm not convinced my D is high enough; my doctor isn't concerned, but eh what does she know ;)

Crafting stuff: I made a hat for my niecelet, and currently have three active projects: a crochet shawl made with a rainbow gradient (it's so fun watching the color change as I go!), a knitted lace shawl, and a hat I'm using to re-figure out knitting in the round and also to teach myself Portuguese knitting. (PK involves having the yarn tensioned in front, rather than from behind; purling is ridiculously easy, and knitting is a bit more awkward but doable, and for the most part it's mechanically easier given my physical limitations. My tension is shit, but I'm not stressing about that too much.). Did I mention I like playing with yarn? Cause I do. Yay yarn!

Okay that's enough updates for now. If you read all this, have a cookie 🍪


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