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a) been kinda off-grid lately -- mostly health stuff (migraines, random heart palpitations that have no apparent cause at least yet but yes I do have a doctor appointment because this is a new thing, and stuff like pain keeping me awake last night until after 6am so I only got three hours sleep and the next day or two are going to suck) -- if I've missed anything important in your lives please link / summarize / tell me where to look?

2) I had a dream the other night where I got to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda. He was very tolerant of me glomp-hugging him. idek.

iii) I "lost" all of Wednesday to writing up my newest knitting pattern, Freedom of Hattitude -- knitting drama seems to inspire me.

Basically, a designer released a hat pattern that was similar in construction to pussyhats, albeit in blue and with a minor textural difference (seed stitch instead of stockinette). A couple people asked if it was a pussyhat; I'm wondering whether the designer heard "you stole the pattern" (not true since the shape/technique existed way before the PP) instead of "is this related to the pussyhat project / can I use this for the march", because by the time I saw it there was a huffy disclaimer "THIS IS NOT A PUSSYCAT DESIGN. IT IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HAT."

Cue some amount of mostly-good-natured mockery, since it is not completely different. Also cue the designer getting huffier ("All people who know me can manifest that I was making these type of hats long before “the pussycat project” was on. So, stop all negative comments and give me some respect.") and other commenters flinging insults ("This whole demonstration of wearing pink crybaby hats reminds me of hysterical women in the past running around twisting a hanky in their hands crying “what about the children????!!!”")

Knitting drama is fun.

So I, in my usual smartassery, decided to write a hat pattern. But while I was at it, I took a jab at another recent trend: messy bun hats. Someone made a messy bun hat (basically a hat with a hole in the top for a hair bun) and it went viral on Facebook back in December, and within a few weeks there were 500 new messy bun hat patterns. Which is a bit silly because they’re all sort of the same idea, so I was poking fun at that too.

Hence, FoH: a pussyhat but need room for a ponytail, or a onytail / messy bun hat but withbthe ears of a kitty hat; tomayto tomahto. Can be worked with any yarn! (Shocking, I know.) And as I say on the pattern page, if you hate the current obsession with pussyhats, or the proliferation of messy bun hats, never fear! This is clearly not a pussyhat, since there’s a hole at the top; it is clearly not a messy bun hat, since it is done with kitty ears. (Yes, this is Vizzini logic.)

Pattern is free with a code, but people can choose to pay if they wish.

iii-b) ...which some have, and I love my brain. "flail, some people are actually choosing to pay for it" (yes, that’s why you put it for sale) "but but but coupon code!" (that’s why it’s their choice, no one’s forcing them) "but but but..."


It's amazing how guilty I feel about getting paid for something I did for fun. Even though it took all day and is a choice.

D) I also made a hat for a friend. Loom knit, a smidge too small because I couldn't find the right loom, so worked in twisted rib (e-wrap+purl) for stretch.

V) ...and once my brain recovers from last night's painsomnia, I want to play with brioche loom knitting. Fear me. Or don't; whatever

Date: 2017-02-06 01:54 am (UTC)
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Mildly profitable productive trolling for the win!


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