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... wow

I was talking elsesite about Duolingo, and lingots. And how I have too many. (I'm 88 short of 4k. That's a lot of lingots.)

In the process, I was calculating how long I've been doing Duo, as a way of explaining why I had so many. And um.

My streak is currently at 166 days; I had a 625 day streak that ended in Sept 2016 (not my fault, the app didn't send info to the main servers) and a 455 day streak before that (forgot two days in a row); and I started in August 2013. Now, streak freeze has saved my bacwn a number of times, but still. It's been 1268 days since I started. I've done 1246 days of duo.

That's a fucking 98% success rate. For a daily task over three and s half years.

I'm kinda boggling.

(And no I have no idea how. I don't stick with things that well. Hell, I don't brush my teeth with that level of consistency...

In other news, it's good to know Duo is trans-friendly ;)

Duo fun

(Bearded guy, with a male voice as the audio, saying what translates to "I am your granddaughter")
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[personal profile] tielan 2017-02-14 10:18 am (UTC)(link)
I don't stick with things that well.

Given your 98% success rate with Duolingo, I'd say that this is an incorrect statement.
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Also \o/ on 3yrs of Duo!
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I am TOTALLY impressed with that consistency!! I've been hanging out for Duolingo to bring out their Hindi language stuff so I can play too :)