Date: 2017-03-21 03:27 am (UTC)
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Luckily no rental nonsense. There was about six months of insurance fun (especially because I have three levels of insurance -- my dad's is primary but I also have Medicare and MediCal, and for things as expensive as wheelchairs the primary insurance pays 80% and the remainder is sent to Medicare, who pays some fraction and the rest goes to MediCal, and then that remainder is what I have to pay in the end; but they all have different approval processes and paperwork and whatnot) and then the rest of the time was, like. I needed the joystick etc adjusted to be where I could reach it. Then the cushion was uncomfortable so we changed to a different cushion ... which put me an inch higher, so then everything had to be readjusted. And the footplate was too high even at its lowest setting. And the armrests were too long. And the chair didn't allow me to lateral-tilt and elevate at the same time, which meant I couldn't get into my apartment alone, so they had to figure a way around that. And so on.

The tech I'm working with is decently competent but none of them are great at thinking outside the box -- and my needs tend to be super precise and way outside the box -- and I suspect he's overworked, or else they're just bad at promptness, but each change would take a month or two before if got done. (This is why I call them UnMotion instead of NuMotion.)

And I need to get back in touch with him because it's 85% what I need but there are still fixes. The back is totally flat, with no lumbar curve or anything, and I've been having more back pain in the last few weeks and it may be related. Also I'm finally able to tilt back enough to relieve butt pressure but I'm having to do said tilting more often, and I don't know if there's a better seating system out there. And the programming needs tweaking, especially with how long it takes to decelerate -- I don't want an immediate jolt, but I glide for several seconds after releasing the joystick, which can be problematic.


Maaaaybe I'll be able to get 95% of my needs met by the time it's time to start getting a new chair again... lol?
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