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... I can stop anytime I want ... I just don't want to ...

Or, more merge dragons tips. These are as much for myself as other people, but totally for other people too.

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Like I said: totally not obsessed.
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Okay so a few months back, I was going to post about the games (mostly iOS) that I was obsessed with, only then I decided I had to do the Best And Most Thorough Recs Ever. Which sort of made it such a stupendously monumental task that I never did it.

I still may do a more in-depth thing later, but these are my current or recent iOS games. (Some may be available on other platforms, I don't know.)

The Game Formerly Known As Abyssrium

I'm sure they had good reasons for changing the name from Abyssrium (which evoked the premise of a deep-ocean virtual aquarium) to "Tap Tap Fish" (ugh) but the change very nearly kicked it off the list. But ... eh.

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Zen Koi

Here, fishy fishy fishy. Pretty fishy.

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Merge Dragons!

This game has taken over my life, I think. I even get the Tetris effect of closing my eyes and seeing MD stuff.

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I have more, but this is enough for one post /) I'm not sure whether the remainder will be one post or two.

Feel free to ask me any questions about any of these apps.
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I seem to have signed up for FR. (woo) Username = ysobel

I have *no* clue what I'm doing, lol.

(Things I have done: bred my initial pair of dragons; gathered items; poked around the trading post, mostly failed at trivia because I'm too lazy to actually research the questions, got my free item from Pinkerton; played games in the Fairgrounds. Things I grok: how to breed dragons; daily visits are necessary for incubating eggs (but omg I like this model so much more than Dragon Cave's); you can buy things from the marketplace (site) or auction house (other players). Things I do not grok: Uh, anything else.)

I know there are other Flight Rising peeps out there; anyone feel like giving suggestions?

ETA I splurged. Because pretty. Read more... )
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Last dragon post for a while, promise. (It's kind of ridiculous that I get guilty over the thought of letting pixels 'die', but there you go.)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


in other news: meh. that is all.


in other other news: there is a part of my brain that thinks it would be an Excellent Idea to sign up for the Clarion Write-a-Thon. please shoot that part of my brain...
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Suri update: She would like me to inform y'all that she is UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY neglected and does not get ANY attention. Or laps. Or skin to lick. Or laser pointer dots to chase. Mrow mrow MROW mrow. Mrrp.

Writing update: Apparently I can come up with a sestina a lot faster and easier than a fic. *baffled look* idek. On the bright side: two things done for k/b. On the less bright side: that is not enough for a bingo. On the more bright side: I got to upload a fic to AO3 as the first fic in that fandom \o/ (well, on AO3. I doubt it's the first fic ever. *googles* Nope. almost 100 fic on ff.net

Body update: Hip hurts. Shoulder hurts. Caved and took half a vicodin last night (and yes, logically I know that taking painkillers when you are in pain is not a sign of weakness, and I can fall over myself trying to reassure other people on that point, but when it comes down to me? feels like being weak. Double standards ahoy.) Elbow hurts if I do too much with the mouse. (Amusingly, it's an ergonomic mouse. I guess it isn't isa!ergonomics.)

Brain update: Still there. More or less. Have been having a weird vague sense of omgdoom with no actual cause behind it, which I kind of hate. It's like the "hey a tiger is about to eat you" alert system is on overdrive. When there are no tigers around. Except knowing there are no tigers doesn't actually help because what if there's one I haven't seen omg. (This is just a metaphor, so I doubt it's my brain interpreting Suri!stares as tiger!stares.)

Random dragon update: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Had a dream last night that somehow involved me pretending to be more out-of-it than I actually was. The bit I remember was walking up to a bed and just kind of timberrrring down, crosswise, without undressing or taking anything off the bed or whatever, and lying there face-down without reacting, like I was zoned out or ... idk I can't really describe it.

I seem to have a lot of dreams lately that involve me pretending to be either a) asleep, when I'm not, or b) seriously brain-fried [I think the latest one of those involved a sort of magic spell that could plausibly have short-circuited bits of my brain] or otherwise mentally mostly-nonfunctional. It's not just being incapable; it's deliberately acting incapable when I know full well that I'm not.

I can't decide whether they're symbolic of my life, or a weird backwards application of imposter syndrome.


I am feeling very out of sorts right now. Last night I hit a brick wall in terms of spoons / cope level, to the point that I was pretty much yelling at my PA, who was just as tired as I was and who tries my patience even on the best of days (she wants to be helpful, she just needs so much micromanaging and her personality has annoying parts and I am not good at managing people), and it was all bad, and then I couldn't sleep, and then I couldn't wake up very easily, and I haven't done anything all day and I feel exhausted.

(† - I don't really yell per se all that much, but it was frustrated-stressed-out-voice, impatient voice, crankypants voice. which I try not to let out very often but sometimes I just don't have enough spoons to keep it reined in.)


Also, the inevitable happened yesterday, in that while backing out of the bathroom (which is the easiest way to get out) I sort of ran into Suri (who tends not to want to move when she's comfortable). I'm fairly sure it was into and not over, because she yowled and ran away but didn't, and still doesn't, seem injured, but it was still a bit traumatic for both of us.

(Yes, she has forgiven me, I think, especially when I'm safely immobile in bed, but she is now super-skittish about being near me when I'm in the chair, which makes me sadface. I mean, a bit of caution is a good thing, and she was being way too unaware of the possible dangers, but rabbiting away when I'm still like three or four feet off is a bit depressing. I didn't want her to make a wheelchairs=scarybad association.)


Moods like this are ones where I tend to give in to listening to the drastic pessimistic voice in my head. blah blah blah warning: triggery )


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Boneheaded minecraftian things I have done in the past few days:

* accidentally discarded my diamond pickaxe into lava ... with no other pickaxe in inventory, and iron ore but no coal to smelt with

(but I did have enough wooden sticks, barely, to use as fuel, and a crafting table plus enough cobblestone to make a furnace)

* gone down to set up a nether portal ... with no flint-and-steel to activate the portal, and while I had flint and iron ore, I still did not have coal, nor did I have a crafting table to make a furnace

* gotten lost in caves... despite using a map. (Round and round in circles we go where the hell is the exit anyway)

* dug a staircase up ... into the middle of the ocean

(yes I did go back down and collect the wiped-out torches)

* went all the way down inside a cave to build a nether portal ... that was close enough to the one near my base that I ended up way high up anyway.

On the bright side, I now have tons of netherrack? and mushrooms.

And, unrelated to that but the usual sources I use for views are kind of disappointing:

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Jul. 14th, 2010 12:08 pm
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+ Am signed up for ficfinishing again. Hopefully it will not end up making me hate the story like last month did >_>

- Fell off 750words ... which was kind of inevitable, given that the last few weeks was mostly teeth-pulling-ly painful slogging through word count, whining about how I didn't have anything to say, and in a few cases just going "blah blah blah" over and over again. Am taking a bit of a break to refresh, will probably start again in August at the latest.

+ Got enough sleep last night that I actually didn't feel half-dead when I got up this morning. \o/ (It's not that I've been staying up too late; it's that I've been going to bed and then taking 2-5 hours to fall asleep.) Still feel like I have a sleep deficit, but that's hardly new.

+ New White Collar last night eeeeyay. *sparkly hearts*

- I am having buy-new-yarn twitches. It's not like I *need* new yarn -- I have plenty (although one project I want to do calls for feltable worsted weight yarn with long variegations in color, and most of my ww yarn is not feltable and also most of it is solid color) -- it's just, I don't know. Buying yarn makes me happy. It's a temporary happy, but. Yeah.

+ the awesome lace scarf of awesomeness is progressing nicely. It'll be interesting to see how blocking changes it, but I'm not going to worry about that until it's done

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misc stuffs

Jul. 8th, 2010 11:14 am
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It has come to my attention that I haven't posted here for, like, a week.

I am still alive, more or less. I just haven't really had anything to say.


I kind of want to curl up in a hole and hide, but that's neither here nor there.


Physical stuff: my right arm is kind of having Issues, of the sort that means I suspect the elbow will fully lock up at some point. (Or rather, the forearm. The problem spot is very close to the elbow, but the affected range of motion is in twisting my hand; the elbow itself has been locked for a while now.) As it is, twisting -- which already is limited to a pretty much 90-degree arc, palm down twisting to thumb up and back but no farther -- makes a fun clicking grinding noise, bone against bone, and if I do one thing for too long, typing or knitting or whatever, it gets cranky when I try to move or relax or anything. And, possibly related to all the elbow stuff, the wrist on that side is hurting also, and generally my right arm does not like being used at all.

Also, I've been having headaches rather too often lately, and also having weird problems sleeping. (Like, not getting to sleep until 4am and then having issues staying asleep.) Which makes my life fun and exciting.

Mental stuff: brain still broken. Flail etcetera. Nothing new, just a lot of Not Coping[tm].

Writing stuff: No progresses. Well, okay, I did a rough draft of the djinn fic for [livejournal.com profile] ficfinishing, at the cost of utterly hating the fic now. And I have kept up my 750words streak (70 days and counting!) but not by writing fiction; most of what gets dumped there is "I have no idea what to write lalala my brain is not working oh hey I hit a hundred words only six hundred fifty more to go um what can I talk about" type stuff. Or, I probably should not admit this, "blah blah blah blah blah" over and over again, which is vaguely cheating but I am worried about breaking the streak and falling off. But neither of those really count.

Knitting stuff: Am woefully behind on what I want to do. The stuff with my elbow and wrist means that progress is slow even for me. I apparently should not offer to test knit, since a project that is labeled 15 hours to complete will take me three weeks to get about a tenth of the way done. *facepalm* (I suck.)

Weather stuff: Can it stop being summer plz? I like the long days, I do /not/ like the heat. Or the air conditioning, which is a probable trigger for the headaches I've been having. (I mean, I like being cooler than I would be without a/c, but ... yeah.)

Dragon stuff: I kind of fell off of doing dragcave when my computer went all splodey. Have a few eggs again, but am not as addicted to them as I used to be. Throwing them here for views; you can click if you want, but don't feel obligated. Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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blah )

And because all the fansites I normally use are down I like being annoying, here, have some dragons:

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Random revelation of the day: the whole "the story in my head is not as good as what comes out on paper" is /totally/ a Schroedinger's Cat situation. What is in my head consists of several simultaneous possibilities, that once observed (written) collapse into a single ... well, story ... that is inferior to the coexisting simultaneous possibilities, because there's no way it can be the same.

(Okay, doesn't break the writer's block, but it's fun to explain. Well, sorta.)

In a complete change of subject, here, have some dragons:

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It feels weird not to be doing NaNo; weird not to be flailing about how far behind I am in the wordcount (yes, even on the first day); weird not to be trying.

I can't tell whether it's a good decision -- with everything else that's going on, I don't need "failed at NaNo again" on my list -- or a bad one, me being a coward and not even trying.


Dragcave babble: caught a paper egg. \o/


I have to figure out what I want to do for my birthday, and that's kind of hard right now.

(I want a service dog.)

(I want my life to not be as messed up as it is.)

(I want a body that works right.)

ElJay has informed me that my birthday is coming up. In case, you know, I forgot, or something.


Kitty of Cuteness has figured out that my laptop is a nice source of heat. Or, in her words, "````````````````````````````` zEFFFFa2qftrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr22" It's very adorable but makes it hard for me to, er, do anything at all, really.

She sulks when she's forcibly removed, of course.

(I'm totally going to miss her.)


Oct. 31st, 2009 04:41 pm
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... Happy Halloween, y'all ^_^

dragcave babble behind cut )

And yes, it is kind of pathetic that I've spent a lot of the day refreshing a web page in order to get pixels... *grin*

(Speaking of pixels, thank you to [livejournal.com profile] dawna and [livejournal.com profile] it0376 for the vgifts <333)

In other news, I did not get the SPN story done that I wanted done, but I did write other stuff, so that's a yay. (Although I'm not quite sure how to respond to story feedback, when the intended, and apparently effective, reaction is "ouch". *snicker*)

Aaaaand um. I have nothing else to say, so have a picture of me with a spider on my head. (It isn't a real spider, which is the only reason I can tolerate it; I am strongly live-spider-phobic.) Also same spider, same me, different pose.
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I had sort of half known about DC before I joined, vaguely, and I have no idea what it is that got me to join. Most virtual pet sites, particularly click-to-grow ones, I don't end up with the patience for. But anyway, I ended up getting kind of somewhat addicted. Obviously.

And for a while it was all just about the ooh-shiny. About finding cool eggs, and discovering what they hatched into, and being all a-squee over them regardless of anything else. (Well. I still take exception to the balloon dragon [which was one of my first four], but that's just me.)

But then things changed. I looked for, and found, egg guides, that showed pictures of egg/hatchling/adult stages, which was a mixed blessing, because it meant that I could aim for the ones I wanted, but also took some of the mystery out of it.

And then I got more into it, and ... okay, you know how you pick up something (like, say, knitting) as a hobby, and you're fine with craft-store-quality needles and cheap acrylic yarn, and then you start learning more and obsessing more and all of a sudden you're buying the expensive but Proper[tm] yarn and a full set of hand-carved bamboo needles and a swift and ball-winder; and you've promised socks to a bunch of people and you have to finish up the baby blanket before the baby graduates college, so you can't just work on whatever you feel like; and it starts getting more restrictive than fun?

That kind of happened here too.

Cut for those who don't care or those who don't want to risk disillusionment )

...I kind of wish I could go back to when it was just OMGPRETTY.

...have some dragons to look at anyway )
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Random pirate-day-appropriate IRC snippet, from DC chat:

sort of; it was pirates vs ninjas )

... and unrelatedly, my eggs right now consist of a silver and two dorkfaces (and a random whiptail). *pets them happily*


Sep. 14th, 2009 12:34 pm
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Down side of living with a roommate who gets hot flashes: she keeps turning the thermostat down. Way down. I don't know how much of it is not being able to read the temperature setting (digital, small print, not very well lit / backlit) and how much is just being super hot. But because I'm so used to living alone, with a thermostat that I only change when it flips from needing a/c to needing heat, I end up going "man, I'm COLD" for a while before thinking to check the thermostat.

(at least it was only down to 71 this time. last time this happened she had it at like 65.)

Chair update: After bizarrely failing to work last night, it is working again. My dad (who is better at that sort of call than I am) called the wheelchair repair place and was like "um get someone out *now*." So they did. And, predictably, when she showed up it was working fine. *headdesk*

Adorable Cat is, equally predictably, still adorable. Since I had stolen her preferred curling-up place (my backup chair), she stole my bed. I have Incriminating Photos (sadly only cameraphone quality; my real camera is never accessible when I need it).


*entry pauses for requisite kitty-scritching* (I have been well trained to recognize the "I need scritching" stare of doom.)

... in dragcave news, my summer hatchling gendered male. Of course. Le sigh. On the bright side, I managed to trade a male skywing for a gold. *pets the shiny* (For people who have a kazillion metallics, I guess another gold isn't that big of a deal; but this is my first metallic. Squee.)


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