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So that beauty and the beast thing I'm not writing?

Has a working title: walls of broken stone.

I'm trying to figure out which elements of the base story are essential and which can be changed or discarded.

...I don't even know what I'm going to do with this if/when I write it. Probably just post to AO3 or something rather than selling it. It's not like BatB rewrites are that New And Differeht any more, plus I don't think I have the courage to try publishing -- or the energy for all the negotiating stuff and promotion that being a Real Writrr involves. But I think some of that is my brainweasels trying to trip me up in advance, so I am not going to even think about it until I actually have something to do something sigh.

Note: above post written on my iPad (which likes to not word correctly) without my glasses and it's almost 1aj so my vision is blurry. Any mistakes or typos or odd phrasings will be fixed on the morning.


Aug. 9th, 2017 02:10 pm
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I don't get story ideas much any more because I don't write. (Partly I don't write because the mechanics are hard and awkward, and writing a paragraph feels like a marathon. But partly there is a self-reinforcing cycle where I don't write because the ideas don't come (or they come as a vague concept with no idea for execution, or they come and then immediately die in the throes of logistics) which means I don't write which means the ideas don't come which means...)

But lately I've been wanting to do a retelling of Beauty and the Beast where "Beauty" is an ironic nickname: she is disabled, deformed, probably has vitiligo, whatever. And so they call her Beauty to mock her. Maybe even she's visually impaired so they're doing it to mock her intelligence/perception as well (ha ha she doesn't even know we're making fun of her, how pathetic is that)

And then today I realized: the Beast, often, is cursed such that they look like they act. I don't know quite how disabled!Beauty meets her Beast, but I have this image of her hearing the curse story and going "what no that's *bullshit* i mean do i look this way because I'm a horrible person? Does (Gastón analogue) look like he acts? Pretty sure not. Fuck this."

...and then I'm like well what if part of the purpose of the curse is that the pre-Beast had an attitude of "disabled people are inferior" and so got made disabled as a very ineffective morality lesson

...and then I spent about half an hour flailing about because AUGH NO, red alert red alert, you are going to fuck this up in completely ableist ways, flaiiiiiil.

Because my brain is logical like that...
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Reading http://reasoningwithvampires.tumblr.com/ is making me want to do a horror rewrite of Twilight for my next nano novel.
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i go through phases of obsessively listening to the same musical for days/weeks at a stretch. Current obsession is Secret Garden. Which holds a weird place in my heart, because I love it, but I hate Magic Cure narratives, but a large part of the problem with Colin was not actual disability so much as fear thereof -- everyone so afraid of him being ill that they didn't let him be healthy.

But there is still a part of me that wants to rewrite it without a Magic Cure. Where, yes, getting outside is good for him, and play is good for him, and companions are good for him, but he's still disabled, still limited. Where he's not running around by the end of it, where the garden is a refuge where his disability doesn't matter rather than where it doesn't exist. Where healing comes not from "getting well" but from becoming himself.
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... I am thinking of setting the fic after wipe but before the major battle, for ultimate fun.

Read more... )
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So the whole MCU/XMFC Charles-and-Erik-help-Steve-save-Bucky soulbonding fic is still gnawing at my ankles, though it's taken me this long to rewatch CA:TFA and CA:TWS.

Problem is, I can't figure out where exactly to set it.

Do I still need to warn for spoilers? Eh. MCU through CA:TWS with speculation beyond. )
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So I posted a random thing to my tumblr about how I had a ridiculous urge to write Charles and Erik teaming up to take the Winter Soldier down. I mean, I know that the MCU and XMen will never cross in canon because reasons, and the film versions of both are what I'm familiar with, but if made a pretty image -- Erik against the metal arm and weapons (except that TWS is pretty fucking lethal even with those taken out of the picture, except for an absurd image of Erik doing a “stop hitting yourself” routine using his arm against him), Charles against his brain (digging under the layers of brainwashing like so much white paint (or, no, blood-red paint) to find the true colors of the man underneath, to bring up Bucky instead of Hydra’s programming) — and both of them surprised to discover that he’s not actually a mutant.

And then it sort of ... Grew. Like one of those vines that digs its roots into sheer rock and is impossible to eradicate.

I now have the sketch outline of the first couple scenes (starting with the CA:TWS bit where Steve totally bluescreens on realizing that Bucky is the Winter Soldier and gets rescued by Sam and Natasha while his brain is rebooting, segueing into Natasha figuring out that Bucky has been brainwashed to hell and back and so she calls in Charles, whom she knows somehow, and Charles gets Erik involved because metal arm, and Steve is all "wait, you're Magneto, you're not one of the good guys," and Erik gives this cynical toothy smile and asks rhetorically "who is, these days")

and of course it's present day so it's older Charles and Erik, not McFassy versions

and then I started sketch-outlining the next scene, where Erik and Charles are alone and Erik asks him why he's doing this when none of them are their people -- no one involved is a mutant, after all

and my brain went ~ZOMG SOULBONDS~ in like 72-pt sparklefont


Save me?

or encourage me, one or the other
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I've been sort of ... un-fannish lately. Haven't written fic in forever -- last thing posted to AO3 was April, there are only two fics for all of 2012 (compared with 34 for 2011, of which only three were december postings) -- haven't had plotbunnies in ages. Didn't do anything for kink_bingo (while I theoretically have 3/5ths of a bingo, it's yarncraft stuff that only is loosely kink-related). Didn't sign up for *yuletide* (first time since 2004). Heck, I'm even behind on currently-airing shows that I like.

I found my fannish muse stirring today, for the first time in a while.

Because this is me we're talking about, it's for something that doesn't exist.

I got caught up on Castle finally, watching a couple of eps each day for a few days, and, uh.

My brain? Wants me to be super fannish about Nebula 9.

Can't do picspams for fairly obvious reasons, but fic, all the fic, and maybe some fanart, and then fic to explain plot holes that I made up, and...

... yeah, I'm not sure whether to encourage my brain in this, or just facepalm a lot.
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Despite the fact that my headcanon has XMFC as a reboot of, not prequel to, the earlier X-Men movies, I still kind of want to write a fic where this happens, and I probably don't need to spoiler cut but eh )


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