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So I didn't do yuletide this year...

... except I did after all, because I actually snagged a ph, and then I got stories omg! Not one but twooooo and they are both made of awesome ♥

the end is the beginning is the end (1397 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Arrival (2016)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Louise Banks/Ian Donnelly
Characters: Louise Banks, Ian Donnelly
Additional Tags: Non-Linear Narrative, Vignette, Movie Spoilers, Developing Relationship, Canon Compliant, Yuletide, Yuletide 2016, Yuletide Treat

She’s growing used to falling asleep to the comforting sound of his pen rapping against the notepad as he works through a problem; she’s growing used to seeing him when she wakes.

Flashing Forward (1070 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Arrival (2016)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Louise Banks, Hannah (Arrival)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Post-Canon, Timey-Wimey, Fix-It

Just because Louise has lived the future doesn't mean the future can't be changed.

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1) had shower tonight. They are a pain in the ass but feel so good omg.

2) am all cozy in bed now, yay

3) have set up a tentative system for letting me access water while in bed (it's a setup similar to camelbak, meant for hiking but seems to work for my situation; I will post more about the setup once I've given it a few days to work out the kinks)

4) a hat I bought -- basically this rainbow ombré beanie but with the colors reversed so the purple is at the brim, because purple -- arrived today and it is awesome and makes me ridiculously happy

(the fact that both my mom and one of my aides had a general reaction of "wtf why did you buy something you could make yourself" -- which is kind of a hilarious inversion of the "why knit socks when you can buy them for a dollar at Walmart", but never mind that -- makes me a wee bit cranky. Yes, I could have made it; once I saw the picture I knew pretty much exactly how it was made. But I would have had to buy yarn because I don't have all the necessary colors, plus my rate of finishing stuff is beyond abysmal, and I wanted happy rainbow hat now dangit.)

5) I have cute pets and a cute niecelet who has figured out how to smile and she is the adorablest baby ever, or at least my adorablest niecelet

6) I do not at the moment hurt as much as I sometimes do

Today has ended up being a pretty good day.
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I made my approximately-weekly trip there to get bread (I like their bread and it's not a bad price), and decided I wanted to post about why it is awesome. So, in no particular order...

1. Free coffee samples. It's not unique to them, but I pretty much always like the coffee they have available, and a couple of mouthfuls of hot caffeinated goodness always perks me up

2. Peppermint brownies. I hadn't seen them before, but sort of had to get some >_>

3. Cranberry pistachio biscotti. omnom.

4. Brandy beans. Kidney-bean-shaped hollow chocolate with a brandy filling.

5. Dark chocolate coconut caramel bars.

6. Peanut butter filled pretzels, which I did not actually acquire this time but they kind of tempt me because yum.

7. Mac and cheese -- frozen dinner thing, but it actually is made with Real Cheese and tastes pretty damn awesome.

8. Parmesan asiago rosemary rolls, which I have not tasted yet but look awesome

9. Confetti rice with baby corn and lemongrass and ginger

10. Surprise free chocolate.

...k, that last one takes a bit of explanation. So I go to check out, and they card for the brandy beans (which I knew but forgot to get my ID out for), so I have my aide get my ID for me out of the thing it's in. She puts it back, and then goes to close it, and I have her get out the credit card, and the following exchange occurs.

Her: Oh yeah, that'd help.
Me: Yeah, they generally like me to pay for stuff.
Her: (joking) Maybe they won't need it this time.
Me: (joking) Yeah, all I have to do is tell them it's my birthday month, right, and I get everything for free, isn't that how it works?
Her: (snickering) For the entire month. Yeah.
Cashier: Actually, I can't do that but I *can* give you one of these chocolates (gesturing to the small display set up at checkout). Just pick one out and it's on the house.
Me: (lots of blinking) You sure?
Cashier: Absolutely.
My aide: Hee, you're so spoiled.

So I ended up getting a Rittersport (dark chocolate and hazelnuts, omnom) \o.O/
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So Amazon is having a sale on some DVDs, and I was all resisty until it included Crusade -- and then because it was only $16 I "had to" add more to my cart to get the free shipping, so a book of Tunisian lace stitches sort of fell into my shopping cart. Purely by accident.

And then, well, I was going to my foot doctor whose office is right near the Trader Joe's here, and so afterwards I went to TJ's, and accidentally got some rum as well as some pretty salads.

And on the way to TJ's, I popped into Cost Plus World Market, and I was totally not intending to buy anything -- I was just killing time waiting for my PA to meet me -- but they had a Wall Of Ginger, so I had to get some ginger chews. And some squishy honey lemon ginger chews. And some ginger marmalade. IT'S NOT MY FAULT, the ginger made me do it, really. (I have no excuse for the bag of snack mix that's chocolate covered caramel popcorn and macadamia nuts.)

...so I had a good day, yay \o/

(I also got a package in the mail of locking/crochet stitch markers that I'd ordered off etsy in a moment of ooh-shiny earlier, which is also happy.)
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I have one fingerless glove done, albeit unblocked and unfinished (ends are not woven in), and tonight finally started the second.

My brain is trying to insist that what I have of said second glove is so glaringly sloppy that I really need to start over, if I'm going to insist on doing something silly like this, wouldn't a nice smashfest in Diablo 3 normal mode be so much better.

...what I have is two rounds of crochet, a bit more than an inch in diameter, done in a dark fingering-weight yarn. By someone that has been crocheting for five months.

And my PBrain is basically trying to insist that because it is not millimetrically identical to the first one, it's crap.


It's nice to be in a mental place where I can not only recognize the PBrain for what it is (as opposed to Objective Truth Zomg) but can actually tell it to fuck off.

(It doesn't, of course. Fuck off, I mean. It's still there, nattering away about uneven loops and about circles that aren't lying flat. But, whatever. I have tea; your argument is invalid.)
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Had a good day today:

* got a haircut; not super short (it's still shoulder length) but a good four or five inches shorter than it was. I kinda want to start wearing headbands, too, and leaving my hair down.

* wandered around downtown for a bit, found a tea shop I hadn't known about, went to the bead store and got a couple of pendants (a purple iridescent dolphin, and a sprawling silver octopus) along with silver cording for them to go on. will get pictures later, because they are Awesome

* generally enjoyed the weather (74 [F, or about 23 C] and sunny and utterly freaking gorgeous, with trees starting to blossom) and being outside

* came back and spent a bit of time tilted back with suri on my chest/stomach, and managed to have a mindset of "enjoying the present" rather than "doing nothing like a pathetic lazy slacker"

* have also found a rather enjoyable book -- on [personal profile] rb's recommendation, "How To Be Sick" by Toni Bernhard, subtitled "a Buddhist-inspired guide for the chronically ill and their caregivers" -- which has suggestions for dealing with life with chronic illness, including such chapters as "What To Do When (It Seems) You Can’t Do Anything?"

* also discovered that a favorite author has some books available in ebook format that hadn't been ebookable last I checked, which makes me very happy. there is a tiny part of me that grumbles about paying for an ebook when I own the hardcopy books (and just want a more managable format) but as there is no convenient book-to-ebook exchange mechanism, buying another copy it is!

* restarted the tunisian crochet with the proper hook, and magically it is a manageable size, go figure; also have gorgeous tweedy yarn (a plum purple with flecks of yellow and green and red) to make wristwarmers with once I'm done with the dishcloth practice

(yarn is such a happy thing)

since I seem to have a goodly amount of contentedness and love right now, let me share it. I would radiate it if I could, but in lieu of that: you are awesome. Yes, you. /many many hugs and, as desired, kitty- and puppy-snuggles/
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So you know that thing where you're sick, and you can't do anything because you feel like crap, and then you get better, and you go YAY I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS, and then you collapse because you are not as better as you thought you were?


(More spoons than actual physical issues, for me, but I am just kind of drop-dead exhausted and want to cry for no particular reason.)


Yuletide! The Yulegoat has come and left PRESENTS! \o/

I have FOUR fics written for me omg!

In the order they appear on my ao3 gift page:

The Mountain and the Wind, Mulan, 1k, slashy gen. Awesomely plausible and heartbreaking.

To Fool the Wheel of Time, Tangled, 4k, gen. Mother Gothel and what drives her.

Precedent, Tangled/Valdemar, 1k, gen. Companion!Max DO I NEED TO SAY MORE I THINK NOT and it works amazingly with both canon sources.

What Dark Time Has Come, Vagrant Story, 1300 words, slashy. Gorgeous post-canon Sydney/Ashley that is so totally perfect.

Seriously, I could not be happier AT ALL. *twirls stories happily*


I think I am going to go fall over now kthxbye.

(p.s. so I may have gotten SW:TOR for xmas :D :D any of y'all play? if so, what realm(s)?)
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I think it is safe to say that not only is XMFC my current fannish love, it has also rekindled my writing brain like whoa.

...seriously, if I try to do anything else -- even, like, /go to the bathroom/ or /sleep/ (much less things like playing bejeweled) -- my muse is all YOU ARE NOT WRITING. WHY ARE YOU NOT WRITING, and dumps images and/or dialogue and/or scenes and/or fic ideas at me.

This is what I've missed about writing. I didn't know how to get it back, and I don't know how to apply it to other projects (but at the moment I am just kind of riding the tide with utter glee and not caring that 150% of my writing is xmfc-related), but I knew it was missing, and now I have it back, and I NEVER WANT IT TO GO AWAY AGAIN.

Even if that means writing xmfc for the rest of my life. *laugh* (Which is not likely, mind you, but. omg.)
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I so totally wish I could take what I am feeling and bottle it up and save it for a rainy day because, omg, you guys, I want to feel like this foreverrrrr. Well maybe not, because it might get boring after a bit, but it is just serious amounts of awesome.

* Went down to Farmer's Market and got some sun and some iced coffee and some fruits and it was just perfect weather and okay maybe stopping in at the rummage sale was a bad idea but I got a set of stacking organizational solid-wire bin-type thingies and they were a literal pain to carry home but I don't care because they are AWESOME

* and I am ridiculously squeeful about the Valdemar fusion, you guys have NO IDEA, and it totally helps that I am not alone in my squee, but I am having so much fun with it, and my inner editor is kind of ignoring the whole thing (which is doubly awesome because that's usually the voice of maybe-you-shouldn't and omg-this-sucks and this-is-way-too-sappy-and-unrealistic), and I am just UTTERLY GIDDY

* and apparently the porn I committed doesn't suck half as much as I expected, so I have posted it to AO3 here (warning - skip it is flagged for rape/noncon because it can be triggery in that respect, but it is consent play with already established boundaries) and I will be using it for a kink_bingo fill as soon as I can figure out what to classify it as. And write the other four stories.

* and I had this feeling, on the way back from running errands, of *wanting* to come home and write, which I have MISSED SO MUCH OMG /twirls/. (For so long it's been more "I should go back and write, meh", and I still get flickers of that, but right now my brain is all HI HERE HAVE WORDS SHINY SHINY WORDS and I'm not about to say no to that!)

* YOU GUYS YOU GUYS I AM HAPPY. ACTUALLY HAPPY. I'd totally forgotten what that felt like!

* (actually at this point I may be verging on manic. *snicker* but it's PRODUCTIVE and it feels AWESOME and I never want it to end)

* ♥ ♥ ♥


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