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I am in need of a new mouse; current one (evoluent vertical) is dying and also ergonomically bad for me (yes it's an ergonomic mouse, but I'm a special snowflake).

What I need:
* because of mobility restrictions, I'm looking at things that don't move -- so trackballs or joysticks. Small touchpads might work, I don't know.
* because same, dual-hand or lefthanded
* scroll wheel preferred but not required (current mouse's scroll hasn't worked for two years
* PC running Windows 10.

Anyone have suggestions, recommendations, anti-recs, advices, etc?
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So I got my ears pierced some months back, and am slowly amassing an earring collection. But there is a slight ... dilemma.

For mobility reasons I can't put in or take them out. My roommate is decent, but my aides, not so much. Especially one aide in particular that manages to leave my ears sore and mangled without actually succeeding in getting stuff out. That's one problem.

Problem the second is that I can't leave earrings out of my ears at night, because I seem to close up fast (?!??).

So I end up wearing the same pair (the posts I got at piercing, generally) and my ears don't get a break and I don't wear the dangly ones as much as I want to because I can't wear them to bed, and in the morning I'm never awake enough to think of swapping to something else.

Is there any sort of placeholder I can use at nighttime that will keep the piercing open but not be pokey or anything, that doesn't involve a small backing piece that is impossible to take off so my aides can remove it easily, and that wouldn't cause problems for my ears?
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Help me DW/LJ, you're my only ... Well, one of my only hopes.

I am trying to find a good headset microphone to use with my computer (shit going on with hands means voice dictation, but that sort of software doesn't do as well with desktop mics). Necessary criteria:

* wireless (probably Bluetooth I'm guessing).

* good sound quality, because voice dictation.

* long-lasting. Ideal would be 12 hours between charges, but bare minimum is 4ish. I can't put on or take off headsets by myself, and there are gaps where I don't have anyone here to assist me.

* preferably comfortable to wear

Any suggestions? Do any of you use headset mics (wired or not) for voice dictation, and if so what do you use?
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I am trying to find good recordings of some of the Hannukah songs I remember from childhood -- in particular Ma’oz Tzur / Rock of Ages, S’vivon, and Mi Y’malel / Who Can Retell -- anyone have any suggestions? I found an album on iTunes that looks plausible but there is no preview feature to make sure it is tolerable, and a lot of what I'm finding on YouTube is very ... childish? ... which makes sense but is also frustrating, since my aesthetic tends more towards purer sounds (e.f. Kings College Cambridge for Xmas carols) than kazoos. Halp?

(I am building a playlist of my favorite winter/holiday songs -- some Christmas, some stuff from Kitka's Wintersongs album, some Hannukah, possibly some New Year -- and while I've tracked down a lot of what I didn't already have, some of the Hannukah stuff is throwing me for a loop.)
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So I tried playing Minecraft on my PC (knowing it's going to bother my arm, but I should be okay if I don't do too much at a time), and ... it's unbearably laggy. I mean, the first thing I tried was a multiplayer server, so I thought it was just that, but then I tried singleplayer and it's still unplayable.

Things I have done:

* Turned all video settings down to craptastic-but-fast
* Deleted Minecraft and did a clean reinstall
* Run without mods (since I hadn't gotten around to installing any)
* Made sure java was up to date
* Ran a virus scan
* Rebooted my computer

It still lags terribly, even looking around from the spawn point of a new Peaceful world.

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My mom's computer seems to have gotten nommed on by malware -- UpdateSoftNow, specifically. Among other things it is a browser hijacker, but it is generally unpleasant and also persistent.

All the removal instructions I can find are for Windows machines. She is on a Mac.

Anyone happen to know how to get rid of something like this, and/or have a phone # for appropriate Apple support that involves talking to a person?
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I am in the market for new wrist braces to wear at night -- the ones I currently use, Futuro something (probably the Energizing Wrist Support) have worn out the velcro, enough that the straps a) don't stay closed and b) subsequently catch on sheets and blanket -- and figured there are probably quite a few people here that use wrist brace type things and could provide recommendations either for or against particular products.

Some possibly-relevant info: I tend towards L/XL, "designed for women" stuff tends to be too small for me; fashion is not an issue, because I only wear them at night, but comfort definitely is; I need to retain full range of motion with the thumb, so anything that immobilizes the thumb is bad.
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So my knee is giving me major problems right now (the summary version is "intense pain, inability to hold weight, and clenching/spasming when I use it", which of course makes bathroom transfers quite fun. It seems like an FOP thing, which means it can't be treated directly, but I'm thinking it might be a good idea to wrap it (with an Ace bandage or suchlike) to give a bit more support and try to minimize secondary stresses (hurting the muscles/tendons because of adaptations to the current situation.

Only problem is, I know pretty much nothing about wrapping knees.

Any suggestions or advice?

(Note my knee is at a roughly 90-degree angle and this is not optional, so I can't e.g. wrap it straight or anything.)
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As a quick check of "does this happen to other people too or am I just a special snowflake"...

Sometimes after I sneeze (sometimes also after a cough when it's the sort of cough that I feel more in the lungs than the throat, but more often after a sneeze) I get this feeling of ... sort of burny warmth, but mostly I can only describe it as toxic ... spreading through my upper torso. Sort of feels like it's just under the deeper parts of the skin.

Does anyone else ever get this? Or have any idea what I'm feeling or why?
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So, er, it occurs to me that this might be another sort of "flist knows all yays" needs. So:

I have a smartphone (iPhone, I think it's either 2 or 3) and am looking for a case for it since my current case is sort of broken and the phone is being held in with hair ties lolz. Now, iPhone cases are everywhere, obviously, but:

For mobility and safety reasons I need to have my phone basically tethered to me. Which means the case needs to have some sort of clip or ring or something, not just a smooth surface.

My current (broken) case was the only one I could find with a belt clip, and I have a large metal ring in the belt clip and a lanyard + carabiner setup threaded through a loop on my belt and attached to said ring. When I am not using the phone, it dangles at my side. When I need to use it, I pull it up by the lanyard until it is where I can reach it.

But there were two problems. One, I was a little uncertain at first that the phone might decide to unclip itself from the metal ring while it was dangling. The case was designed to sit neatly on a belt, except that I wasn't using it on a belt. And two, the case was designed to have the phone facing inward and then removed for use. I never want to have the phone loose, so I had it facing outward, which means that the camera was unusable. (I could get around that by taking the phone out of the case, but then there was a risk of dropping it and also the thing I wanted to photograph was usually gone by that point.)

So generally it was not an ideal situation, but literally every case I can find is either a) is just a protective skin with no mechanism for attaching to anything, or b) is a clunky ugly belt holster of the face-inwards-and-take-out-for-use sort. All I want is, like, something with a solid loop attached to the top or back (or wherever) that I can clip a lanyard to.

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...I am in the market for a new mouse, seeing as my current one is getting a bit dodgy, and also my birthday is coming up so I have opportunities to wheedle awesome stuff.

My current mouse is an Evoluent vertical, with five buttons (left + middle + right, clickable scroll wheel, thumb button) even though I generally stick to left + middle + scroll.

I need something that is responsive (my current mouse, when it works, can go from the left side of the screen to the right side within about an inch of lateral physical movement) but also accurate. Ergonomic status is kind of a non-issue; ease of use is not. Multiple programmable buttons would be seriously awesome given the amount of gaming I tend to do. Wired is mildly preferable (wireless works but there are battery life issues associated) but not required.


Any suggestions, recommendations, anti-recs, etc?
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So I have dabbled around a bit in Audible and am 99% sure that I want to get a subscription; audiobooks are great for a) listening to while knitting, and b) something to do when I get headaches of the "lie in dark room with eyes closed" variety, or otherwise can't entertain myself with anything other than sound.

I have been collecting a wishlist, based on either stories I like (including the complete unabridged collection of sherlock holmes stories) or narrators that I like (*cough* benedict cumberbatch, among others), but I'm also looking for recommendations. Things that work well as audiobooks, or people who are good at reading.

Any suggestions? For those of you that use Audible, or listen to audiobooks on a (semi)regular basis, what sort of thing do you go for?
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So, okay.

The choir that I am in is performing a piece of music that is not only in public domain, but is available as a PDF file. The department provided us with nicely printed out copies using said PDF; there is enough music that even just as papers stapled together, it is rather unwieldy. (For me. Then again, any sort of book type thing is unwieldy for me.

But aha, I think, I have an iPad; iPads can display PDF files; I do not find the iPad unwieldy; PROBLEM SOLVED.

(you'd think)

There are two problems.

One: bits of the pdf show up as blank white on the iPad. Partial pages. It is complete on the printout version; it displays on my PC, except that there is half a second of lag before the offending bit displays; it does not display right on the iPad.

Two: There is significant lag when I 'turn' pages. When I have counted seconds, it has been anywhere up to ten. This is a problem when I need to see what my next note is.

I tried splitting the original pdf up into sections (each movement has a top-level bookmark) to see if the problem, at least the second one, was file size. It didn't help at all. I suspect now the problem is that it is highly image-based, or something, rather than text-based.

On advice from someone on rav I tried switching it to the original pdf engine, and also turning "higher quality images" off. Still problematic. I tried toggling the option to pre-cache adjacent pages. Still problematic.

...does anyone have ANY idea how I can get this to work? I will love you forever.
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So I have finally gotten fed up enough with mIRC's nagging that I am switching to Hydra to see if that works. (Tried Chatzilla, but my browser crashes too often for that.)

However I am finding myself a little confused about how to do some of the things I want.

1) Autoconnect on startup - I have my channels favorited; is it just a matter of selecting those?

2) Auto-ident. I have mIRC set up to automatically perform a nickserv ident when I join. Does Hydra have the same option?

3) Highlight terms. Where can I set them and how does Hydra deal with it?

4) What am I not thinking of?
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O internets of many thinkingnesses, what is your opinion on drinking alcohol while sick?

For purposes of the poll, "sick" means mildly so, lungs and throat only. Feeling like crap with mucus for fun. It does not include serious illness or stomach and intestinal bugs.

Also, "drinking alcohol" does not mean getting drunk. Usual common sense moderation applies.

Also also, this is preferably considered in context of someone (of legal age) who likes occasional wine or rum or whatever. So "No because I never drink" / "No because all alcohol is bad" is not one of the options...

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 34

Alcohol when sick?

View Answers

Not ever under any circumstances
0 (0.0%)

Yes, but very cautiously / only in small amounts / depending on circumstances
25 (75.8%)

Yes, of course, why not?
5 (15.2%)

3 (9.1%)



View Answers

7 (23.3%)

1 (3.3%)

...hey wait, that's not fair
22 (73.3%)

Okay, okay, fine: Ticky?

View Answers

obviously needs rum
17 (53.1%)

obviously needs less rum
2 (6.2%)

likes yarn
16 (50.0%)

likes tea
24 (75.0%)

is just clicking things for the hell of it
20 (62.5%)

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Hello, internets! *waves*

Does anyone have any idea what kind of squash this might be?


It is maaaaaybe a bit bigger than it should have been because I did not realize how big it was getting. So if it looks like a breed of squash that should be smaller, do not let the size rule anything out.

(This came from our back yard, but the plant isn't ours; the vine came through the fence and sprawled like a lazy cat in a beam of sunshine across about a quarter of the yard, and has been a source of much amusement. And also, apparently, a giant-ass squash. That is hopefully not a giant ass-squash.)

And also, any ideas on how to make it into yummy goodness? Or, especially given the size, is it better off as a Decorative Gourd?

Thank you for answers, magic internets!

Love and sparkles,

New toy!

Nov. 11th, 2010 02:09 pm
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...also, my brain is weird, but that is not at all new.


So I seem to have acquired an iPad. (Combined birthday plus early Christmas present from my dad and sister.) This is very much yay \o/ there was sonic dolphin squeaking noises going on when I got it.

However, since this was one of the "omg waaaaant but can't afford, gah" sorts of things, I haven't been paying attention to what all is available, especially in the way of apps.

So. Any suggestions? Especially for:

a) increasing the sorts of ebooks I can read (I currently have a stash of ebooks / downloaded fanfic / etc, in forms ranging from .pdf (which it seems okay with) and .epub (ditto) to .html and .rtf and .txt (which it doesn't, but I suppose I could "print" them to pdfs?)

b) writing (since it might make a nice portable ... thing what is for writing)

c) knitting-related whatevers



Also, er, remind me how to get info off of an iPod? I've been afraid to sync up my iPod because it has all the right musics and playlists and stuff, and while I have the music files more or less restored from backup data, the playlist info did not seem to come with, and I really do not want to have to do all that again.


nano wordcount for today: er. 138. I know the day isn't over, but sheesh. My daily wordcount is kind of plummeting (845 for day 8, 611 for day 9, 358 for day 10), and it's become less "novel" and more "random unconnected scenes" because I have NFI where I'm going... or rather, I have one idea left and I'm afraid to write that because then I won't have anything so I'm trying to delay getting there? I don't even know.

And I try bribing myself ("X words and you can do/have Y", where X ranges from 2k to 1k to 500 to 250 and even that last feels impossible, and Y ranges from WoW to ebz to playing with new toys to knitting to reading to having chocolate to whatever) and it NEVER WORKS. I don't know what's wrong with me, because it ought to work, it just ... doesn't.
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I have a Thing.

I do not know what it is, what it should be used for, what it can be used for, or what to call it, aside from "Bob". The people running the garage sale had no idea either. It wasn't even priced; they said they'd give it away to anyone who could tell them what it was.

I said, half jokingly, "a hand exerciser," and they laughed and accepted that and gave it to me, but, uh. Still don't know what it is.

Any ideas?

It looks like this:

more images behind cut )

So, er.

Anyone have any ideas whatsoever?

(Preferably non-smartass ones, but I know you guys *grin*)

ETA: Mystery solved! It is a flour duster. (See comments.) Woot \o/ I like the intarwebz. It knows things.
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There may be some transliteration issues/errors, and these are not complete lines. Any ideas?

This was in the white collar promo, a very brief shot of a board/window in the background, so there is a minor possibility of spoilers in comments, though I doubt anything useful. I'm just nosy..
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The Cough of Doom is still hanging around. Boo :( This makes, what, six weeks or something? Saw the doctor just to make sure it wasn't worrisome, and he basically said "allergies, take Zyrtec for a week." Grumble. I can't usually talk without coughing, and I can't really sing at all. D:

Knitting is coming along nicely. Although, in utterly shocking news, rows of 50+ stitches don't go as fast as rows of 10 stitches.

(Also, are these not awesome mitten patterns? Especially the cat, but also zebra, horse, knut, frog, lizard. Zomg.)


And, okay, I need help with something:

Video card-or-maybe-driver is bugging me. About 80% of the time it displays video -- from any source, online games like WoW or streaming video like Youtube or video files on my hard drive -- at about 2.5 frames per second. (Well, each lurch might have multiple frames all together, but it's supremely lurchy.) This is, at best, frustrating, and at worst, headache-inducing and unwatchable.

Does anyone have any ideas for what might be wrong and how I can fix it?


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