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I'm too lazy (and tired) to write up an explanation; previous entries with this tag have more backstory.

This year's word: now.

Partly it's about being in the moment. Partly it's about not procrastinating so much -- on hard things *or* fun things. It's about "i have five minutes to do some crocheting, lemme crochet" instead of "my aide wiki be here in five minutes, I'd better not start something" (especially because I never get things done that way). It's about not obsessing about used-to-be, and just appreciating the now.

And because I am a sucker and can't not make a resolutions type list, a few things for this year:

* I am taking part in a year-long online decluttering course (DailyOm's A Year To Clear), along with a group of friends that will serve as a social/support group for each other. I don't know how well it will work, but they had the option of only paying $10, which isn't bad, and if it works out well I can go back and donate more.

* I am still doing GYWO. This is my third year and I haven't come close, but I want to get back to writing. The journaling that I do for the decluttering course will count.

* Craft wise I am planning on cold-sheeping (that is, not buying new yarn no matter how tempting ... and it is often very very tempting!). But that's not really a bad thing, because I have plenty of yummy things in my stash. I have several wips that need finishing up, and several definite projects to make.

* I want to get better about communicating and about responding to emails/comments/etc. this one is hard because I tend to obsess about saying the Perfect Thing, and then I obsess about how best to explain and apologize for being late, and there's this vicious cycle where it's late so I have to explain so I put it off so it's later and argh. This goes back to the "now" word: don't wait, send now.

...so, uh, yeah. Fuck you, 2016; may 2017 be way better.
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I don't -- can't -- do New Year's resolutions in the standard sense, because my brainweasels mean I can't really set goals. If I fail to meet them, I just get vicious against myself -- partly for just not meeting the goal, partly for either having set a goal too high or for the added patheticness of failing an easy goal.

But for the last several years, at the beginning of the year I try to set a ... I don't know how to describe it. Focus word and/or phrase, maybe? This last year it was "trust"; before that, love. I've used "be a cat", i.e. Do what I want when I want and be queen of my life, and "be a dog", i.e. Focus in the moment rather than past or future, love wholly whatever I am doing and love unconditionally. It's not really a resolution in the standard sense of doing, it's just something to re-center myself on.

This year's word is Lego.

It surprised me, and it is kind of different, but it feels right, and, well, it clicked. Like legos. Heh.

On one level, it represents creativity, and making things. Which I want to do, yarning and writing and coloring.

On another level, you can only build brick by brick, and the individual changes are small, but it adds up. So if I do one row of crochet it's not a big difference, but if I do one row a day for a month that's 30-ish rows. If I spend fifteen minutes a day writing, it eventually gives me a story. Etc.
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Last year, and several previous years, I posted that I wasn't going to make any New Year's Resolutions, at least not of the "do" variety; I was instead going to make an Intention, a change to the way I "be". Basically, a word of the year to use as a compass.

I have used "love" as my woty for a few of those years; I am not this year, because reasons. Not that love isn't relevant, nor is it something I've mastered -- especially self-love, which is the hardest aspect of love for me -- but I want something different.

I have narrowed it down to four possibilities:


Tomorrow will be for pondering and deciding.

ETA at two hours to the new year: 2015's word will be trust.

Trust in myself, if I can (which will be super hard; it's been a long time). Trust in other people. Trust in the universe. Trust that things will work out, if not for the best, then at least okay. Trust that the upcoming tooth procedure (scheduled for mid-January) will go well and not trigger any jaw fusing. Trust in the creative process to get me back into writing without having to force it. Trust that the world will not end if I make a mistake, particularly when it comes to crafting. Trust in my own instincts and boundaries. Just ... Trust.

Trust, also, that 2015 will suck less than the last few years have.

WotY - Love

Jan. 9th, 2011 02:28 pm
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So I posted about what I was considering for the word-of-the-year concept, but I never got around to saying what I decided on.

This is relevant because I am already having doubts.

babble. short version, the word is love )
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I am not making New Year's resolutions this year. I am, instead, doing a Word for the year.

I haven't figured out quite what word to use yet, but I'm getting there.

meanderings )

note to self for when I decide I am useless: http://christinekane.com/blog/letting-go-of-all-or-nothing-thinking/ and http://christinekane.com/blog/how-to-get-anything-done/

I am also thinking about doing a vision board, except I don't have any magazines handy to use, and also dealing with physical stuff is an exercise in frustration. Maybe a digital one...


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