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The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is caring for a rescued Loggerhead Sea Turtle, during its first year of life, in a new “Sea Turtle Nursery” exhibit. The Aquarium is providing care for the baby in preparation for it being released into the Atlantic Ocean next fall.

The guest Sea Turtle will be living at The Maritime Aquarium as part of a loan program of the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, whose staff and volunteers inspect turtle nests on beaches to look for “stragglers” (newly hatched turtles) that, for various reasons, didn’t make it out of nests.

2_Aquar.baby sea turtle

3_Aquar.baby sea turtle.swim

4_Aquar.baby loggerheadPhoto Credits: The Maritime Aquarium

According to staff, these young turtles are rescued and raised for a year at loan institutions, such as The Maritime Aquarium, before being returned to North Carolina the following fall for release into the Gulf Stream.

Tom Frankie, director of Exhibits for The Maritime Aquarium, said, “Aquarium staff repeat the process each October: travel to North Carolina to release a year-old Loggerhead and then bring a new hatchling back to Norwalk.”

The newest hatchling is about five weeks old and only 3.5 inches long. The little Loggerhead will live in a new habitat near the Aquarium’s exhibit that features two large Green Sea Turtles.

Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) were named for their relatively large heads, which support powerful jaws that allow them to feed on hard-shelled prey, such as whelks and conch. They generally grow to weigh about 300 pounds and are found around the globe in nine “distinct population segments”: five of the populations are considered to be “Endangered,” and the other four, including the Loggerheads off the U.S. Atlantic Coast, are considered “Threatened.” Their biggest threats are from coastal development that destroys nesting habitats and from accidental capture in fishing gear.

“We are very excited to welcome this Loggerhead hatchling to the Aquarium,” Frankie said. “Besides the unique opportunity to give the turtle a safe environment for its first year, the exhibit also provides an important chance to talk about Sea Turtle conservation and to inspire our guests to support conservation efforts.”

The “Sea Turtle Nursery” exhibit opened October 21 and is free with admission to The Maritime Aquarium.

For those unable to visit the Connecticut facility, staff will provide updates on the hatchling’s development and progress via The Maritime Aquarium’s website www.maritimeaquarium.org and Facebook page.

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Holy Holiday Cheer! The Hallmark Keepsake Batcopter ornament, from the 1966 Adam West Batman movie, features bat wings, a rotor that spins, and Batman & Robin. Perfect for anyone who enjoys pulling your leg. (Exploding shark not included.) $29.99

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When your rad count's getting higher, hurry, don't delay! The latest in portable radiation detection technology, brought to you by ThinkGeek! Use this little wrist gadget to keep track of your time out in the wasteland, while it helpfully glows in the dark to light your way. $39.99

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Anglers of repose. Pull up a couch with this Anglerfish Light-Up Plush. She'll light up at the thought of snacks, literally. An LED lights her esca, the ball on the end of her illicium, the fishing rod thingy. You can choose a blue or pink member of suborder Ceratioidei. $29.99

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They meet again at last - on your Christmas tree. The Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars Scene Ornament-A Duel to the Death includes the classic figures of the Darth Vader and Obi-Wan, with screen-accurate dialogue and lightsaber sound effects. $29.99

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Take a turn for the worse. Have the Wither entirely under your control with this Minecraft Wither Spinner. With a flick of your finger, you can make the side heads spin around the main head. Small enough to stick in your pocket. Heavy enough to give you maximum spin when bored. $14.99

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You'll have to provide the floating candles. This set of 4 place settings - dinner plates + salad plates + bowls + cups - includes one place setting for each house - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. And you know what that means? Everybody gets to dinner on time. $99.99

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Super effective at keeping your toes warm. At the end of a long day of training and battles, Pokémon Trainers deserve to put their feet up and relax. And who better to do it with than Pikachu? These Pikachu slippers will cradle your tired feet, and his rosy cheeks light up when you take a ste $29.99

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Do you deserve it? Carry your things like Captain America does - behind his shield! This replica shield is actually a backpack, capable of holding all sorts of gear - including a padded laptop/tablet pocket. $59.99

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Reading is magical. This Black Magic Spellbook Messenger Bag is perfect for toting actual reading materials, be they digital or paper-based. And with those arcane symbols on the outside, people are going be a bit hesitant to ask where you got it. Which is as it should be. $49.99

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It's a pika-bank! Just place a coin on the yellow space on the top of the box, press down, and Pikachu will reach out to grab your coin, talking and laughing all the while. Pikachu says up to 200 different phrases and sounds. $29.99

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Make your 2018 marvelous with this Marvel Spiral Wall Calendar. Balancing saving the world and doctor's visits just got easier with the Marvel Spiral Wall Calendar. $14.99

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This is the Skywalker you're looking for. Searching the galaxy, trying to track down the perfect ornament to trim your tree? No need to travel to Ahch-To or get trampled by Black Friday mall shoppers. Instead, this hermit Jedi can be delivered right to your door to trim your tree this holiday. $17.99

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DELETE THE SHELLS The classic nutcracker design just got a cyber-conversion, and the result is this 10 1/4" tall addition to your holiday decorations. It's festive... in an "intergalactically menacing" kinda way. Put the Cyberman's ferocity to use and crack some shells! $49.99

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Key into 2018 with the Kingdom Hearts Wall Calendar! Set dates for your travels across the 100 Acre Wood, Halloween Town, Neverland and more with this 2018 wall calendar! $14.99

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Bring home the magic of the holidays. Trim the tree with a bit of wizarding magic this year! This three-story institution of Diagon Alley has the escaped dragon perched on top, and connects to your string lights so that the windows of Gringotts can light up and give off a warm glow. $24.99

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Training to be Sorcerer Supreme? Here's a handy place to keep your spells. Whether your goal is to become Sorcerer Supreme or simply make it through your finals at Hogwarts, you need a handy place to keep your spells. The Book of Spells Journal has lined pages and a special wand-shaped pen. $9.99

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Bleep bloop rug. R2-D2 always has a place in our home. It's in the living room, in between the couch and television. Oh don't worry, Artoo is pretty flat so he doesn't block the view. $59.99

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Put the Twig on your tree. The Hallmark Keepsake Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Groot Ornament plays "Flash Light" by Parliament when you push the button. But Baby Groot won't move a muscle. Drax is watching. Somewhere.... $17.99


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