Oct. 11th, 2017 06:19 pm
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Beauty and the Beast (animated) is one of my favorite Disney movies, and one of my comfort rewatches. So I have been ... skeptical ... about the live action version. Sma potential for awesome, huge potential for messing shit up.

It's on Netflix. So I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and watch.

I got as far as the first song before I switched to something else.

time watched: 11 min )

I am going to watch more of this, but there is only so much I can take at a time.

Meanwhile I will go back to thinking about my not-pretty Beauty and her possibly-autistic Beast...
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I have for whatever reason been on a horror movie kick lately. Because sometimes it's fun watching people be horribly surprised when a ghost summoning in a haunted mansion goes horribly wrong or whatever. Especially when they do stupid stuff along the way.

One movie had a somewhat satisfying ending (bad guy gets trapped in a room rull of angry ghosts of people that were killed as a result of his douchenaggery!) in a way that was completely antithetical to the setup (spooky ghosts that were scaring the protagonist and family, are ... suddenly friendly to her wtf).

But the one I just finished watching makes me want to *kick things*. And I don't know what's worse, the fact that it was written this way or the fact that I saw it coming.

CW: anti-autism wtfery. Also spoilers for unnamed movie.

Read more... )

That beauty and the beast project I'm playing with? I keep being tempted to make the Beast autistic, and the enchantress or fairy or whoever cursed him into beast form just totally misread him (or he said something true but impolite and pissed her off) and is an asshole for what she did, or something.

I worry about doing it wrong, because -- as much as I suspect I have some aspergers-y traits, I am totally not autistic, and risk falling into cliches -- but at least I wouldn't be *points upward* THAT fucking wrong
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Ugh why are people so ... peopley

and why does prednisone make me rage over something that's nbd

(Okay because prednisone yeah)

and why am I so fucking hot and so very not asleep

(hint it probably rhymes more or less with dread-piss-moan)


I do not even have stomps boots to stomp around in. Or a dinosaur onesie to wear while going rawr.

well fuck

Dec. 23rd, 2016 05:07 pm
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sunday overnight - bed (alternating air mattress) goes off for 10 minutes for no apparent reason

monday - neck is cranky, possibly wrenched muscle

monday night - pain spikes to 8. take painkillers and go to bed early with heat pack (microwaved not electric)

tuesday - pain only 6, ditch church meeting to repeat prev night's actions

wednesday, thursday - neck achy. while using dressing stick to put pressure on right side of neck, discover a sore spot, slightly behind ear, that hurts when pressed but in a way that feels good; probably site of muscle attachment and pressing stretches it slightly

today - dressing stick on sore spot finds a lump I'm pretty sure wasn't there before


the initial pain didn't feel like FOP, but FOP reacts to muscular trauma, even just injections, and this, whatever I wrenched, may qualify as trauma. the good news is it's a small lump with no visible swelling or redness or heat. the bad news is it's really fucking close to my jaw. (there is a minor possibility the lump is inflamed lymph node rather than fop, but fop flare-ups have to be treated immediately, and I'm not taking any chances.)

so! I get a fun xmas/hannukah present of prednisone! yay! and also antibiotics for probable uti! yay!
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I am also fucking pissed off at my cpap right now. Not the cpap itself, but the harness that holds it in place. Because -- okay, context of my sleep setup. I have a sling set up underneath me in bed that can be strapped to the lift so I can shift position some during the night. Bottom of the sling is at the crease of my knees; top of the sling comes to the top of my head. This is the ideal positioning. If I hook up just the bottom half, I can raise up to take pressure off my butt and feet and knees. If I hook up the top half as well, I raise up into more of a vertical angle, and it also does some nice curving thing to my spine so that when I lower back down my spine crackles and feels better.

But the cpap has headgear that's a series of straps to hold the nose piece actually in my nose. And the straps get pressed into my scalp by the sling. And sometimes, I swear to bob, the strap is made of a jagged lump of rock, because that's what it felt like tonight.

I think the sling is actually a smidge higher than usual -- it isn't always a problem, at least not this bad of one. And the sling is up at the top of my head, rather than in the middle of my head. I think most of the time we manage to get the sling positioned so that it's not low enough to hurt (with the edge cutting into the back of my neck) and not high enough to hurt (interfering with the cpap strap). But not tonight, of ducking course not tonight.

Solution one, repositioning the sling, would basically require getting me out of bed and then back in. Way too much fuss.

Solution two, unhooking the top straps, would normally be an option, but tonight I'm paranoid about nausea. (I sleep on my back. I literally cannot roll over or turn my head. Vomiting is bad. I have done it once successfully but there is high risk of aspiration. Calling my roommate in to get me up takes time that I might not have. With the top half of the sling hooked up. I can get myself to a 45 ish angle, which is so much better than flat on my back.) Probably nothing will happen -- I don't have a viral thing, and I think the problem earlier today was that my stomach was just too empty. But paranoid. So no go.

Solution three, moving the cpap strap a bit, might work. But it might not. And if it didn't, I'd end up in agony at 2am but not wanting to wake up my roommate because I'm weird.

Solution four is sleeping without the cpap.

I went with that for tonight but I just want to start bawling (again). It feels somehow like giving up, and I sleep way better with the cpap, and crappy sleep is not something I need right now. But it's what I get.
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excuse me while I capslock for a moment:



I am *so goddamn fucking sick* of my aide M who seems to always be in personal crisis. I keep her employed because she's desperate enough and available/willing enough to fill cracks when no one else is, but a good 50% of the time I want to STAB HER IN THE FACE WITH A RUSTY SPORK


...okay so. M's phone is off right now, because nonpayment, which is quite a frequent occurrence, but I can communicate through her roommate's phone. So I ping to have her come over.

A fucking hour later, I send a followup text asking if she'd left yet. To which I get a text saying that K (other aide) will cover, but she needs 30 min.

Now, there was a previous incident where M said K would cover and it turned out K had no idea and so my roommate had to cover. Turned out that M had accidentally texted K's *husband* instead of K, and he thought she was asking about something else, so he said yes and then probably wondered why she never got back to him, and K didn't realize, and it was a whole big clusterfuck.

So I text K to see if she's aware of covering, so that if not I could just have my roommate cover and yell at M later. After which I find out two things.

One, that M was supposed to have let K know *this morning* if she needed her to cover, and that hadn't happened, so K had other commitments, though she could come in 45 minutes.

Two, that my roommate was dead-to-the-world asleep. Which is fair given that she worked for almost 12 hours today starting at 4am, but it means she can't cover.

If I don't wuss out of it (I am very confrontation-averse) I am going to give M a lecture sometime -- probably saturday, her next scheduled shift -- on how she needs to STOP HAVING FUCKING LAST-MINUTE CRISES FOR FUCK'S SAKE. I mean, I know the nature of last-minute crises is that they're last minute, but it's not fucking fair, either to me or to my other aides, for her to keep pulling "ack I am having Emergency I can't make it" at the literal last fucking second.

I am FURIOUS and I have no one (except myself) to take it out on (and I am impressed that it hasn't turned inward yet) because the aide that's coming is doing both me and M a favor and it's not K's fault I will have been waiting TWO FUCKING HOURS OR MORE TO PEE AND GO TO BED


(actually I think I'm only able to maintain the rage because the alternative is sobbing despair)
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*throws self onto virtual couch in a fit of melodramatic sobbing*

Okay, so. Roommate is out of town tonight and tomorrow night because of a friends bachelor party. My mom is sleeping over so I have someone here in case of emergency, but that’s always awkward at best, even if necessary. Meanwhile of my evening-able aides A has been out of town, scheduled to come back late tonight, and so M is my only option.

Fail the first was dinner. Roommate had left a veggie casserole -- vegetables of various sorts, pasta, cheese, idk what else -- for us to have, with instructions to pop it in the oven for 30-40 minutes (covered with aluminum foil for the first 20-25 and then opened). We check it at 25 minutes and it’s cold -- oven had been left on preheat, not switched to bake. Put it in for another 20, covered, and then another 10, open. Cheese is only half melted but it’s steaming and whatever, we’re hungry. Except we managed to both undercook and overcook -- vegetables were still crispy but so was the pasta on top.

Fail the second: I message M that I’m ready for her to come over. (It is 8:30, an hour after I usually start the whole process these days because of how long the bedding process takes and how long after that it takes my body to unwind enough to sleep.) She responds ok but then two minutes later is “pooping her guts out” and can’t leave the toilet and is there anyone that can cover. Now, A is my usual backup, but out of town. Roommate is secondary backup, but out of town. My stepmom is third backup, but superbad idea with my mom here. So I ask my mom if she can do it, and she says it’s better than catching whatever M has. (She also makes comments about the drugs she is convinced M is taking, and asks whether m has ever overdosed.)

Fail the third: my mom getting me ready for bed is a clusterfuck. First she insists that I need a washcloth bath (which I usually just do in the morning), and not just face and armpits but everywhere upper body, and while I put up with this there is a part of me inside that is screaming about bodily autonomy. Second she isn’t strong enough to get my shirt off without hurting my wrist a bit, though I don’t tell her. Third, the commode chair takes strength she doesn’t have, and she hurt herself several times using it -- once pinching a finger on the wheel lock lever, once wrenching her back trying to get it upright (I need it tilted back so I can get in, and then tilted back up for the peeing), once banging her hip trying to stop the chair from rolling. Fourth, she is tired and unpracticed and I am tired and explaining badly as to what goes where and it takes us until 10:20 to get me in bed.

(The only positive about all that is that the next time I’m asking my dad/stepmom for help getting to bed and they ask if she can do it instead, I have reasons to say no.)

Fail the fourth: A had said, before his trip, that he was coming back tonight but didn’t know whether he would be able to work tomorrow but would let me know. I text him tonight asking about tomorrow (before I knew M was sick, but she’s been doing every day for over a week and needs a break) and he finally replies saying that he’s actually driving back tomorrow instead sorry for the late notice. Which means M is my only option for tomorrow. I hope like hell she’s better.

I just kind of want to cry. A lot.

augh what

Feb. 13th, 2015 03:12 pm
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So I had a Dilemma: Do I rewatch CA:TWS so I can get started on the ~soulbonding~ crossover fic (since it starts in the middle of TWS and takes off from there), or do I rewatch CA:TFA first for the Steve/Bucky background and also for Peggy being awesome?

#yuletide, of whom I asked this very important question, pointed out that watching them chronologically is good (and also TFA has some yummy shirtlessness). So I went to Netflix, which has TFA, and --

--and it's not there.


Amazon has it available to rent for $3 (but their renting system is horrid; you have to watch it within 24h, and currently my movie watching strategy tends to be about half an hour at a time and then I get distracted and then I come back to it later or the next day or whatever and watch a bit more until I get distracted again) or $15 to buy (except that's SD and buying HD is the same fucking price as buying the DVD, which doesn't depend on amazon being willing to stream it for me), and augh.

(and my dad wonders why I have so many "home videos" on my computer)
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So okay, our church got to meet our new pastor today, and ... no, let me back up.

The church I go to has for a long time (well, as long as I've been there) had a female head pastor, first as a co-pastor and then as the only pastor (but head of staff still) and then as head pastor over an associate pastor, always as the highest "rank" even though her leadership style was more inclusive. Call her M. You are welcome to imagine Judi Dench in this role if you like.

The associate pastor B (who has been around for something like ten years now, and there was actually a second associate pastor that then we didn't have enough money for three pastors and there were lots of hurt feelings) is a younger white male. I should add that our congregation is overwhelmingly white; there are a handful of people of various sorts of Asian descent, a couple of Indian (Asian subcontinent type) people, some of Afro-Caribbean descent, but we are 5/6ths white, out of proportion to the racial distribution of our community.

Anyway. A couple years ago, M retired. We are a Presbyterian church, and so there are Rules about this sort of transition process, lots of stuff involving committees and voting and whatnot. B couldn't just "move up" to head pastor even if he wanted to, which he didn't, so we got an interim pastor for a while, while a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) did the process of finding and interviewing candidates and suchlike. Our interim pastor was a white male, which bugged me a bit, but it was temporary, and he turned out to be awesome.

The PNC looked in depth at about 125 candidates, narrowed that down to 8 that did (several hour long) Skype interviews, narrowed that down to 2 that got in person interviews, narrowed that down to 1 that they presented to the congregation. Over the last few weeks we have been getting some information about what sort of pastor the candidate was, without any identifying information including gender. Today, we got to meet said candidate, who aso preached, and then after church there was the official congregational meeting voting etc blah.

The candidate, C, is a white male.

Which, ok, is not unexpected. It's also not a deal-breaker in the same way that, say, attitude towards LGBT equality/leadership would be for me. But it's a little crankymaking, because it makes both pastors white males.

During the part of the congregational meeting where the PNC spokespeople were talking about the selection process and had opened the floor to questions, someone (a male PoC) pointed out the white-male-ness and asked how much consideration the PNC had given to gender or racial diversity.

The answer made me wish for a bingo card.

It was basically "The candidates were just pieces of paper at first; we were looking mainly at qualifications and theological fit". Which is a strategy that only works with a level playing field. It's like the "Oh the casting was colorblind, we were looking for the best person for the role" argument for why white people get cast (especially in whitewashing situations). The majority of candidates are going to be white males. That means you can't rely on equality within the playing field to get equality within the selections. You have to actively seek out the underrepresented to give them anything close to a fair chance. And there was no acknowledgment of that.

If I thought it would do any good, I would submit a (probably anonymous because I'm a coward) complaint to the PNC. But the candidate is now our pastor elect (and he seems awesome and seems like a good match; I am not as cranky at his selection as at the process they used), and the PNC will be dissolved after he is officially our new pastor (the presbytery still has to vote, but that's sort of a formality more than anything) and the people in the PNC most likely won't ever be on a PNC again.

So all I can do is grumble here.


Jan. 31st, 2014 09:41 am
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Aaand I apparently crashed my Duolinguo streak.


(didn't quite make it to half a year, either, which would have been cool)

It's hardly surprising, because reasons, but seeing the "streak: 1 day" this morning made me sad

(and because my brain is my brain, it's more focused on "hi you fucked up this impressive thing you had going" than on "162 or whatever is a fucking impressive thing you accomplished, yay you")


ETA: *squints squintishly* So although the iPad app claimed it was Day 1 of New Streak, the website says I am still streaking. So... huh.

(Oh! Looks like I missed yesterday, but the website has a Streak Freeze option that covers a day of inactivity that you can "buy" with Duo currency in their store, which I'd gotten, but the app doesn't list that, so ... yeah. Technically I broke the streak, but whatever. I can live with the mismatch. And I blame Duo entirely for yesterday, because a) they didn't send me the "hey don't forget to do your stuff" reminder email that they are supposed to send daily if I haven't done a thing yet, and b) it is much more pleasant to blame a website than my own brain.)
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Headache of doom that's been around since yesterday? Still headachy.

PA who's scheduled for today? Attacked by a dog, will be ok but can't work today.

Backup PA? Phone is out of service. (probably due to not paying the bill; she has money management issues)

Other PA? Out of town for the weekend.

Yeah, today's going great so far...


Mar. 13th, 2013 10:28 pm
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Tried to add beads to my current crochet project (fingerless gloves, beaded close to the top edge). Discovered:

- yarn is floppier than the beading wire I am used to using with beads
- worsted weight yarn is thicker than said wire, or than thread
- cheapo sewing needle threaders (plastic tab handle with flexible wire eye) are not built for wrangling yarn and beads
- bead related stuff was so much easier when I could a) bring my hands together, b) hold stuff close to my face so tiny stuff looked bigger, and c) see non-blurrily.
- and, in fact, bead related stuff is pretty damn impossible with my hands stuck a foot apart at waist height and with my vision getting crappy even for stuff that is easy to see

I kind of have a sad.

(also a lot of beading stuff that I should rehome)
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still sick. still fairly miserable. Want my breathing apparati back now plz.

(the lung stuff is not actually in my lungs, technically, but it interferes with breathing. and also, therefore, with singing. the sinus stuff mostly doesn't interfere with breathing, except when it does, but it stuffs up my head something fierce and does weird shit to the pressure balance in my inner ear.)

also want my shoulder to stop hurting. want to be doing more knitting (though the Scarf has reached that annoying length where the existing parts make turning back and forth a little unwieldy [but I am not going to try to use this as the opportunity to teach myself backwards knitting/purling] but it's hard to do when my shoulder gets offended after five stitches or so.

also want to stop being exhausted all the time.
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I would be swearing like a sailor throughout this entire post except that for one thing, I am not a sailor; for another thing, the number of swear words would overwhelm the actual content; and for a third, my level of pissed-offed-ness actually transcends swearing.


A brief recap of the timeline here:

Jan 2 through today )

Friday, Feb 4, aka today, aaka more than a month since this shit started: no, the chair is not fixed yet. But we have information.


...so, okay. The chair repair company, which I shall for the purposes of this post call Company A, is ... average, as far as chair repair companies go. Mild incompetence, especially on the part of management, is made up for by the fact that they are one of the few places I've encountered that do field calls (as opposed to making you bring the chair in and leave it while they work on it).

This company has been bought out by another company, which for the purposes of this post will be Company F, because they are made of fail. The chair tech assured me that from my perspective nothing would change, they'd still do the same work, blah blah blah.

Today, my dad talked again to the chair tech, and found out that while the chair tech will still be the one coming out and doing the work, Company A is not in charge of ordering parts etc; that is Company F's job. And she finally gave my dad contact information for Company F.

It turns out that they had insurance authorization by ... I forget whether my dad said the 12th or the 18th. One or the other.

They did not order the part until the 28th.


I have no words.


The person from company F that my dad talked to said the part should actually be here Tuesday. I am not holding my breath.

oh *fuck*

Jan. 2nd, 2011 03:37 pm
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So my chair is suddenly making LOUD GRINDING NOISES (and not properly moving) when I try to tilt back.

We are not talking office chair here, remember. Wheelchair. Spend all day in it. And tilting back is the only way I can a) get seated far enough back (I am not in danger of falling out or anything but my legs are half off the chair), b) get recentered if I am too tilty, c) relieve pressure on butt/legs, d) relax my spine enough to stretch it out a little (probably a misphrasing since there is enough bone crap that I doubt the spine stretches, but it feels like it does, and pops a little, and gets happier, and I can only do it if I am horizontal), and e) generally be in any way comfortable.

...I am thankful that it broke in neutral position, rather than in tilted position; there was one time that it broke while tilted all the way back, and getting me out was a sort of nightmare. But. This is epically not good.

Even "better"? My backup chair (which is nowhere near as fitted to current access needs) is completely and totally and in all other ways dead. Not just battery-is-low dead: won't-turn-on dead. And the charger, if I plug it into that chair, doesn't react at all.

/thumps head against wall a lot/

ETA: This is not related to the previous except for my reaction to it, but -- okay, brief backstory: I do not have job. I am on social security, and also on IHSS (in-home support services) which pays for part of my attendant care. They re-evaluate every year, and the most recent evaluation cut the available hours I get from 200, which is pretty much what I was using, to 140 or something like that. The official reason was because I have roommates (and I tried to point out that hello *disabled* roommates; on a practical level the amount of care hours I need has not changed), but I suspect budget issues were part of it. Now? They are reducing it by a set percentage because the state is out of money. Which on the one hand, not really a surprise in any way, but on the other hand, MY NEEDS HAVE NOT CHANGED. /fumes/
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There is a bit of backstory to this; let me explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up:

teal deer: we need a ramp to the front entrance )

So I show up for the between-services socialization time (which has COFFEE. okay, church coffee, so it's not real coffee, but whatever, it's still caffeinated, I think), and the first person to talk to me is this little old lady who, having been to the first service and therefore heard the presentation, launched into the following arguments:

1) It is fiscally irresponsible for us to be doing new construction projects when we're also having to cut staff because of budget issues. (which is a fair point, if you aren't aware, as the church leadership is, that there are stored funds /earmarked for projects like this/, so building the ramp would not be a detriment to the budget, nor would not building it help the budget; plus which, we aren't necessarily going to build it immediately, we're just trying to get the fucking /permission/.)

If this had been her only argument, I could have pointed that out. However, she slid promptly into:

2) Wanting to get in the front door is "elitist", especially when there's a perfectly serviceable ramp on the side; and,

3) She is perfectly able-bodied and she uses the side entrance, either implying or stating outright (I can't remember) that going in the front is some sort of luxury; and,

4) It's not like going in the front door is more sacred anyway.


Now, I don't do confrontations well, partly because of my personality and partly because I've been trained that the socially acceptable thing to do is to smile and make nice. Also, I was /completely in shock/ that anyone would use those arguments /directly to someone in a wheelchair/. So I didn't deal well with it. I kind of mumbled some sort of "well, it's not quite like that" and then escaped as quickly as I could.

(And, once I got over the shock, did the phone post of omgwtfness.)

I of course had the five-minutes-too-late comeback of wanting to point out that she /had a choice/ as to which entrance to use, and the fact that she chose the one over the other does not mean that people who are /forced to use that/ should not have the same choice she does. And the only-in-my-head (-and-on-my-journal) retort of how the fuck do you dare even THINK something like that, let alone SAY IT, without any idea of HOW FUCKING HATEFUL AND ABLEIST IT IS.

*stabs things*


Jun. 18th, 2010 10:05 pm
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A few days ago, we were watching Criminal Minds reruns on ... it might have been ion? Either that or A&E, but it doesn't much matter.

Today, I turn the tv on and get this: If you can see this message, the TV you're watching isn't yet ready for Comcast's digital network enhancements


So I get on their website and chat with a ... okay, I've done support, I know how it works, but a) canned greetings should be /grammatical/ dammit, and b) saying that things changed a few months ago does not adequately answer a problem that is /just now/ occurring.


The TV is a digital-ready TV, btw. It just can't deal with the "newtwork enhancements". Whateverthefuck that means.

So I can get a handful of channels, none of which have Criminal Minds or anything else worth watching, and I am frustrated, and argh.

(But at least I got the powerpoint done...)


May. 20th, 2010 11:57 am
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My new morning aide has been driving me crazy. Inane levels of chatter (because donchaknow it's /rude/ for two people to be in a room and not be conversating), obsessions about how fat she is (and Biggest Loser seems to be the only tv show she watches, or at least the only one she talks about), and a complete lack of brain (why yes, in this household we wash our hands between taking out the garbage and dealing with the toaster).

This morning was just ... arghflail.

ranty mcrantface )

On the amusing side, I have discovered that rot13.com is an excellent way of leaving cryptic notes to self. I wanted to jot down the various morning annoyances before I forgot them, but my computer screen is big enough that if I just typed it and let it sit there, there was a chance she would see it. (Possibly not intentionally, but even if I'm cranky with someone it's not good form to have a wtf-laden rant sitting about where they can see it easily.) So I typed in notes, and then clicked cypher, and voila! I don't even think she knows what rot13 is, let alone how to translate it, so all that was up on the screen was a bunch of gibberish. Some of which came bizarrely close to the Eye of Argon naming scheme. (For fun I rot13ed 'Grignr' to see if it was something normal. It wasn't, but at least it had more vowels.)
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Warning: This is mostly not squee. If you are in happy flailing space, it might be better if you didn't click the cut. (Also, I envy you for that.)

cranky spoilers are cranky )
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So. Y'all remember how the controller for one of the functions of the chair (side tilt) has been broken-but-functional since at least last September, and definitely b0rked since a week ago last Sunday? and my chair is, as a result of the maintenance or the b0rkage, moving at a speed of about two centimeters a millennium? and I can't go anywhere because I can't cross the fucking street?

And y'all remember how the paperwork from last September-or-whatever got lost, and then after the b0rkage, when it was fucking critical, the insurance company apparently hadn't gotten the authorization that the FAIL people supposedly sent, so as of Friday they were re-faxing the authorization?

My dad got a call from them yesterday. Apparently, the insurance has approved their request...

...so they are now ordering the part.

Which will take at least a week or two to get here.

I am really fucking not sure whether to laugh or cry or scream. Or all three.


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