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is here. I tried to do a picspam post on DW/LJ, but emailing the pictures didn't work (message too big) and I was too lazy exhausted and brain-fogged to do the uploading and coding by hand. Feel free to comment here though, since this is a better platform for replies than tumblr is.

Spoiler: I have adorable pets.
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master post here, still taking prompts!

More stories or pics about Monkey (with bonus!Yahtzee)? Portrait of the Cat as a Happy Monkey...

...so for some reason I keep stalling on doing this what. Luckily I have had scotch (my mom and roommate and I did a tasting of several scotches) so ... whee.

Cats do not photograph well, and I am not great at photos, so I do not have many good pics of her, but here is one:

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She has, for the record, five expressions:

* Zen kitty, aka contemplating the universe
* "I am totally not falling asleep" (closely related; best observed on a young child)
* "I am plotting ways to kill you in your sleep", which is the most common of her open-eyed variants
* "I am cute and innocent, really"
* "catnipcatnipWHEEEEEEEEEE" insane kitty

Generally what she shows in pictures is the middle (serial killer) variant, which is sad, because she's adorable and fond of people.
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Cat: Oh hey there is a plate with turkey remnants! I will go onto the Forbidden Table and partake of this feast!
Human: OFF!
Cat: But... but...
Human: *louder shout plus thwack of backscratcher against table*
Cat: Oh, FINE. *jumps off and saunters away*

Repeat a few times, because Human is particularly slow.

Finally, Human gets out the Spray Bottle Of Doom.

Cat: *sits on floor, gazing at table*
Human: Don't even think about it.
Cat: Wasn't.
Human: Do you see this? *wiggles SBOD*
Cat: I'm OFFENDED that you would even THINK that of me.
Human: *glares warningly*
Cat: *licks genitals*

Of course, a watched cat pot never misbehaves boils, so after Cat wanders off, Human sets the spray bottle on the table pointing in the direction of the turkey plate, and wanders off to resume watching of last week's Sleepy Hollow.

To the surprise of no one who has ever owned a cat, not two minutes later:

Cat: Aha! The Table is unsupervised!
Human: *hears suspicious noises and turns*
Cat: Om nom nom turkey scraps!
Human: *squirt in face*
Human: *possibly giggles just a little bit*
Cat: I was done with it anyway. *licks fur furiously*

She is now sulking at me. Heee.


Jun. 23rd, 2013 11:07 pm
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Either I have a poltergeist, or Monkey is trying her best to get into the kitchen cupboards which then slam back closed before she can do anything inside.

Or, y'know, both...
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Guess who came onto my lap this morning, entirely of her own volition?

(She's been on my lap before, from people putting her there, but she's never come there herself)

...guess who chose the absolute awkwardest time possible to do so?

(I was torn on what to do, because on the one hand I want to encourage physical contact and lapness, but on the other hand it is kind of awkward using the toilet with a furry lap, especially when the fur is purring and kneading)
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So, uh. Monkey? Can apparently open sliding closet doors.

...yeah :D
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...and I'd forgotten about the "wanna go home" first night serenades... /wry grin/


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