A cat poem

Oct. 31st, 2015 10:49 am
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My cat
Is a stealth

She generally likes to be
Near but separate
Sitting on a cat tower
Or an unoccupied couch arm
In the same room as her people
And purring

But sometimes
If I am awake at the right time
I am aware of the foot of my bed shifting
And a cat-weight settling
At my feet

I can't see her but
I can feel the warmth and weight
On the arch of my left foot
And if I stretch my toes I can touch her
But I do not, because we have
An unspoken agreement
That neither of us ever admits
She is there

It would not do, after all,
To ruin her aloof image


Jun. 27th, 2015 08:08 pm
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So my roommate sent me a photo of a kitten that was looking for a home. Now, mind you, I have a cat and a dog, so I don't really need another pet, and i tend to prefer acquiring adult pets rather than babies. But I saw this photo:

...and had an immediate visceral "omg I need that cat" reaction. Which apparently my roommate did too, and there was much whimpering, before we came to the conclusion that while *I* do not need another cat, my *roommate* clearly needs a kitten.

She went today (when the bunch of kittens, of which this was one, was available), and apparently when she cuddled him he kind of stretched out and went all limp and purry, and everyone there was like "yup, you belong to that cat now."

Soooooo, there is now kitten.

Kitten is named Loki. Which bodes so well, heh.

obligatory pictures )
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is here. I tried to do a picspam post on DW/LJ, but emailing the pictures didn't work (message too big) and I was too lazy exhausted and brain-fogged to do the uploading and coding by hand. Feel free to comment here though, since this is a better platform for replies than tumblr is.

Spoiler: I have adorable pets.
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Cat: Oh hey there is a plate with turkey remnants! I will go onto the Forbidden Table and partake of this feast!
Human: OFF!
Cat: But... but...
Human: *louder shout plus thwack of backscratcher against table*
Cat: Oh, FINE. *jumps off and saunters away*

Repeat a few times, because Human is particularly slow.

Finally, Human gets out the Spray Bottle Of Doom.

Cat: *sits on floor, gazing at table*
Human: Don't even think about it.
Cat: Wasn't.
Human: Do you see this? *wiggles SBOD*
Cat: I'm OFFENDED that you would even THINK that of me.
Human: *glares warningly*
Cat: *licks genitals*

Of course, a watched cat pot never misbehaves boils, so after Cat wanders off, Human sets the spray bottle on the table pointing in the direction of the turkey plate, and wanders off to resume watching of last week's Sleepy Hollow.

To the surprise of no one who has ever owned a cat, not two minutes later:

Cat: Aha! The Table is unsupervised!
Human: *hears suspicious noises and turns*
Cat: Om nom nom turkey scraps!
Human: *squirt in face*
Human: *possibly giggles just a little bit*
Cat: I was done with it anyway. *licks fur furiously*

She is now sulking at me. Heee.

A Post

Jul. 14th, 2013 05:03 pm
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I want to say something Deep and Profound and Meaningful about the recent
events in the news, blah )

I want to--

I can't.

I'm out of cope, out of words, out of energy.

So instead, have some pictures of new!kitty being cute, and one of Yahtzee
being ridorkulous.

picses! )
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Guess who came onto my lap this morning, entirely of her own volition?

(She's been on my lap before, from people putting her there, but she's never come there herself)

...guess who chose the absolute awkwardest time possible to do so?

(I was torn on what to do, because on the one hand I want to encourage physical contact and lapness, but on the other hand it is kind of awkward using the toilet with a furry lap, especially when the fur is purring and kneading)
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So, uh. Monkey? Can apparently open sliding closet doors.

...yeah :D
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Vet sent me to teaching hospital for Suri. They are ultrasounding her & conferring & stuff but it is all sounding very final and augh dammit
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Worried about cat.

The last few days she’s seemed ... totally not herself. Wobbly, and physically unstable, and she’s walking funny, and she’s not able to jump as well (used to be able to go from the floor to my shoulder, while I was seated, with ease and without claws; now she barely can make it to my lap and that takes some scrabbling) and she’s scary thin (never been big, especially not since the kidney stuff started, but I was petting her last night and there were bony knobbles I don’t remember feeling before) and ... /flail/

Took her to vet. She is down to 3lbs (!), vet is not happy with her smell, and just ugh not good overall. They are running bloodwork to see (won’t get results for another day or two) but it is not the general outcome I was hoping for. Apparently there was also some pus building up under a tooth, may or may not be related to the renal issues, so they sent me with clavamox (?) drops to see if that helps any.


well, fuck

Feb. 8th, 2013 06:20 pm
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...went to let Yahtzee out and little miss escape artist did her thing. Yahtzee is back inside. She's not.

(I am alone in the house, and she doesn't respond to vocal summons.)

And I was watching her, and I figured it was okay because the back yard is fenced, right, and so sure she's eating pine needles and using the tree as a big scratching post, but it's not like she's going anywhere, right, because I mean it's not like cats can *climb fences or anything* oh fuck.

So she is I have no fucking idea where, I can't go after her, she's not really catchable (or all that visible, being mostly black)... she is microchipped, and has a tag with my cell phone number on it, but it's not like I can go get her from whoever finds her, if anyone finds her, if she doesn't get horribly lost or injured or run over or...

/sigh/ I am a horrible kittymom, I am D:

ETA she is back inside -- after like five minutes at most -- but gaah.
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Somebody has an adorable little purple collar, complete with jingly bell and a little ID tag engraved with her name and my cell phone number.

Somebody is not particularly happy with the situation and is off playing hide-and-sulk... :)
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Suri is, and has always -- at least while she was with me, and I'm fairly sure before that too but don't know for sure -- been, an inside cat. It's safer, it's easier, it's better for her, and she generally seemed happy with it. I had her microchipped but didn't do a collar (or, therefore, collar tags), because she wasn't going anywhere anyway, and didn't obsess about flea treatments, etc.

Pre-Yahtzee, everything was pretty much ideal, and she enjoyed the Kitty TV of backyard squirrels and birds outside without ever seeming to want to join them.

Post Yahtzee, she grokked that there was actually an outside, and would sit behind the sliding glass door pouting the unfairness of life, that the dog was allowed out and she wasn't, but still seemed to accept it.

Until this week.


She got out two days in a row -- Monday and also Tuesday. I didn't see it happen, but I strongly suspect that my morning PA (who is, mostly but not entirely unrelatedly, going to be replaced soon) had the back door open while doing cleaning stuff, and either didn't notice her going out or assumed she was allowed. Both times she showed up within a fairly short time standing outside the back door and staring to be let in.

Today, she apparently tried to sneak out when my roommate was letting Yahtzee out to do his morning thing, but my roommate blocked her.

And then.


I have no idea.

What I do know is this: I didn't see her all day. This is mildly unusual but not alarmingly so; she likes to find out of the way places to hide, because cat. I figured she was somewhere and would turn up eventually.

Technically, she did.

...she showed up in the arms of a very nice sort-of-neighbor who had found her, taken her to the clinic where they scanned her microchip, and brought her back to me.


...dammit, cat >.<

She is to all appearances safe, unharmed by her adventures, and seemingly quite content to be back home. And I have given her All The Cuddles.

Which isn't the only thing she's going to get out of this.



Suri had this to say:


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- trying a new nighttime headphone setup with slightly less probability of the earbuds falling out, by virtue of the fact that there are no earbuds. (RunPhones; I had tried SleepPhones but got too hot with the fleece.). I do have to crank up the sound all the way up and still can't hear the softest 30% or so, which may mean the speakers aren't positioned quite right. Will let y'all know tomorrow what I think

- on the tmi-adventures front, Read more... )

- armwise, there is still pain and awkwardness but it's mostly manageable with painkillers (prescription, but the milder sorts, ibuprofen during the day and Vicodin mainly at night). The biggest issue is that the way my chair controls are set up requires my right hand to be more palm-down-rotated than it wants to any more. WTB telepathic chair controls dangit.

- voice dictation stuff still kinda sucks

- as does my computer nagging me about genuine windows blahblahblah

- the kitteh had a vet checkup (following up from the kidney issues diagnosed in November) and is doing better. BUN and creatinine levels are half of what they were, though still high, and her phosphorous is back to normal range, and she managed to gain a whole pound of weight. (which is a lot for someone that weighed 7 and change when I got her and had dropped to 5). Woot etc.
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c/p'ed from IRC because I am teh laazy:

[16:16] <isabeau> so I officially qualify for Paranoid Catmom Of The Year. (cat: *horks up something that looks like a pile of poop* me: *freaks out* aide: "uh it's just a hairball")
[16:16] <isabeau> in my defense, I've had her a year and a half and this is the first hairball. but still.
[16:18] <isabeau> also in my defense the last time I noticed something wrong with her it turned out to be renal failure, so I kind of have an excuse for being paranoid
[16:19] <isabeau> this turned out to be 90% black lab hair and 10% pine needles
(in response to "she licks the dog?")
[16:19] <isabeau> as much as she possibly can
[16:20] <isabeau> though I've had *him* a year now and this is the first doghair!hairball
(time passes)
[16:37] <isabeau> .....aaaaand the kitteh is back licking the dog. /facepalm
[16:37] <isabeau> and purring
[16:38] <isabeau> I actually said to her "cat, do you not learn?"
[16:38] <isabeau> she gave me a "DUH I'M A CAT" look and kept licking

Cats, gotta love 'em :D
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There is nothing like having a warm little kitty curled up by/on your feet, when it is cold. Especially when she is purring hard enough that you can feel the vibrations even through the blanket in between.

Just sayin'.
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Thank you all of you for your support and sympathy and well-wishings re Suri. <3 I am a lot less flaily about it now than I was on Friday/Saturday.

Went to the vet again today for supplies and demo. Have acquired:

* fluid (to be administered subcutaneously, daily for at least the first bag's worth and then they will let me know) and needles, and instructions (and a demonstration) how to do subq fluids;

* food what is good for kitties with kidney issues (there is wet food, one can each of a couple different brands, and also a dry food, which is a 3lb bag but returnable/refundable for whatever portion she chooses not to eat, because she is more used to dry foods and may prefer that), but the advice that it's better she eats *something* even if it's not the special stuff. (Which I had picked up on my readings about this; on the one hand, starving your kitty is never good, especially one that's dramatically underweight, but on the other hand it would be kind of easy to get into a mindset of "the vet said that she must eat this so I can't let her have anything else", so yeah.);

* medicine to bump up the potassium level, which was low in the bloodwork; it's a powder rather than a pill, so can be mixed in with food, especially wet food;

* a printout of the bloodwork, most of which means nothing to me because I have no context for it, but I like having a record. Also some of the numbers were impressively high -- BUN was around 94, compared to normal range of 14-36, and creatinine was 6.3, where the average is 0.6-2.4 -- yikes. Poor kitteh :(

Brought her home, and she immediately went over and started chowing down (it was still the old food, because I hadn't swapped it out yet, but still a good sign) and then a bit later came up on my chest and kind of settled down, licking my hands like crazy and purring up a storm. (Which made me realize how much she *hasn't* been purring lately.) Poor baby, she was probably feeling like utter crap for a while there. I do hope this helps.

For picture reference, this was a photo I took the other day:

Nov 4, 2012 9:46 PM

Her skinniness isn't quite as obvious visually (especially in static image) as it is when you feel her, but. Yeah.

okay, fuck.

Nov. 3rd, 2012 02:12 pm
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So Suri has been seeming a bit thin lately -- she's always been petite, but not skinny like this -- and I figured that that would be good impetus to go in to the vet. I took her to one vet when I first adopted her, made sure things were okay, etc, but it's been a year and a half since then, and while it's not critical for younger adult cats to get precisely annual checkups, it's still a good idea. Even if they, predictably, don't like having thermometers shoved up their butts.

Her appointment was yesterday afternoon. Now, relevant stats as I knew them: the petfinder listing had her born around July 4th 2008, making her four; as of the adoption she was up to date on all vaccines; and she weighed in at seven pounds something.

Get there, and she weighs in at *five*, and the vet is worried about how skinny and bony she is. (Cue me simultaneously "relieved" that I wasn't being ultra paranoid by thinking she was thin, and worried that I hadn't taken her in soon enough.)

Oh, and after the exam she said that judging by Suri's nails, she is significantly older than four. I asked by how much. Her estimate? Something more like *12*.


They also did bloodwork on her, and the vet said she'd call "tomorrow morning" with the results. Which of course led to an evening and morning of worrying about what it could be, as well as weirded out by the age thing (which makes sense with her temperament -- she acts more like an older cat -- but it's kind of like someone coming in and saying that oh by the way she isn't black and white, she's purple.)

Vet calls around 2, after a few false alarm phone calls that had me jumping at the phone only to get a political robocall. I had a bit of trouble hearing her (not helped by the fact that as far as I can tell my brain shut down and stopped processing for half the call), but--

So some things are high, and some things are way too high, and some things are low, and I don't remember any specifics except for borderline anemia, though I did have the presence of mind to ask for a printout of the results; but the basic upshot is early stages of renal failure.

...I am just flailing and feeling like crap.

(I know that some cats can live for years with renal failure, and I know that catching it early is better than, well, not; but I also know that there's no treatment, no fix, just ways to manage the symptoms.)

Going in Monday for some prescription food samples to see if she will tolerate them (I forget what it is about these foods that is good but I trust the vet) and also to get instructions on how to do subcutaneous fluids, but fuck fuck fuck.

(and she said that this kind of supports the theory that she is older, but whatever I just am going to freak out about her health for a while k?)


Jul. 4th, 2012 02:36 pm
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Happy approximate birthday to my darling fuzzbutt dorkface kitteh, who is occasionally wtfy and always entertaining and the best cat ever (in my totally biased opinion).


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