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I'm not sure how much I've talked about this here. But in the interests of having it all in one place:

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Needless to say, this all is ... frustrating is an understatement. And sort of interferes with doing anything at all.
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Duck, I'm an idiot.

I generally take both ibuprofen and Vicodin daily -- the first for being an anti-inflammatory more than pain relief. I got sloppy with the refill issue and had a couple of days where I didn't have any because I ran out but the refill hadn't gotten processed. I took extra Vicodin (within the prescribed Vicodin amount, just more than I usually take) to compensate.

I forgot, until my body reminded me tonight, that rebound headaches are a thing.

I also *forgot that ibuprofen comes in ducking non-prescription levels*. Yes, the dosage is lower, but for a few days taking a handful of smaller pills to make up the prescribed amount would get me the same thing. And avoid the headache.

Mrgh. Ducking idiot.

Also my ducking autocorrect needs to learn how to ducking swear.
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I am in the market for new wrist braces to wear at night -- the ones I currently use, Futuro something (probably the Energizing Wrist Support) have worn out the velcro, enough that the straps a) don't stay closed and b) subsequently catch on sheets and blanket -- and figured there are probably quite a few people here that use wrist brace type things and could provide recommendations either for or against particular products.

Some possibly-relevant info: I tend towards L/XL, "designed for women" stuff tends to be too small for me; fashion is not an issue, because I only wear them at night, but comfort definitely is; I need to retain full range of motion with the thumb, so anything that immobilizes the thumb is bad.

Well, hell

Oct. 14th, 2013 09:53 pm
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My knee has been having issues lately, sharp pain (more in the top of the shin than the knee itself) and not wanting to bear much weight. Yesterday it started doing a thing where when I used it it would work but then clench up and not be able to relax for minutes after I sat back down.

Tonight, it decided that standing is totally overrated and it would just refuse the work part and go straight to clenching painfully up.

On the bright side, it didn't cause me to fall or even come close, and I was able to get my flatmate to come help hold me up for the rest of the getting ready for bed process.

On the other hand I have no clue whatsoever what I will do if it's this bad again tomorrow.

I am SO FUCKING CLOSE to just saying "hell with it, I'm staying in bed for the next month"'


Sep. 14th, 2013 12:41 am
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So there was a fun adventure tonight that involved me needing to pee (and not being able to get ahold of my on-duty aide for over an hour), so when she got there I went straight to the toilet, did my thing, and then just had her change me in to nightclothes since it was close enough to time. Came back out, finished eating dinner and doing whatever emaily things I still had to do, then had her put me to bed.

Cue me at three hours later, wide awake and in pain. Back hurts, knee hurts, neck hurts, arm hurts, and I eventually realize that the Vicodin I take with my night meds wasn't touching it.

And eventually I realize that this is perhaps because I didn't take any of my night meds whatsoever. Because in my night routine that usually happens first, before toilet and other things. And tonight I was so focused on needing to pee that I a) wasn't going to take meds first even if I had remembered, and b) didn't remember that I hadn't.

/eyes body/

Meds have now been consumed, Vicodin included. And the one that helps me get to sleep. Somehow I suspect this will wreak havoc on my plans to go to farmers market tomorrow...
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but I'm not quite sure. so here, have some updates.

beading with respect to crochet: works a lot better with a) appropriately sized beads, and b) dental floss. (seriously. Oral B has a "superfloss" thing that is basically pieces of floss with a stiff segment at the tip, which is theoretically designed for braces but works quite well for getting beads onto yarn.) finished the fingerless gloves (rav link) and am in limbo about what to tackle next.

computer argh: iTunes is being stupid and insisting that I only have fifteen tracks (all stuff purchased through itunes), zero playlists, four movies, one app (none of the paid ones though), etc. Am running a recovery thing to get the stuff off my iPad; at the moment the playlists that have transfered over are oddly stunted and out of order, no clue if they will stay that way.

body stuff: pain sucks. so do digestive issues (tmi )) and lack-of-spoon issues and depression issues and woe etc.

new obsession: puzzles & dragons (iOS/android game). bejeweled + pokemon, basically. I still haven't totally figured out how the power-ups and evolves work, and a lot of the info out there is in Japanese, and stuff, but it is addicting. and free (though you can of course buy gems for stuff) but not in the obnoxious way that facebook/g+ games tend to be (spam all your friends! you cannot progress unless you do!)

writing: zilch. my muse seems to be on extended holiday or something. :(

religiosity: easter is a-coming, which is giving me thinky thoughts, but I don't know if I can really articulate them (and don't know if anyone would care even if I did, or if it would be just "lol let me shove the dominant religion in your face")

to sum up: hhhngggg. /clings to flist/


Mar. 13th, 2013 10:28 pm
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Tried to add beads to my current crochet project (fingerless gloves, beaded close to the top edge). Discovered:

- yarn is floppier than the beading wire I am used to using with beads
- worsted weight yarn is thicker than said wire, or than thread
- cheapo sewing needle threaders (plastic tab handle with flexible wire eye) are not built for wrangling yarn and beads
- bead related stuff was so much easier when I could a) bring my hands together, b) hold stuff close to my face so tiny stuff looked bigger, and c) see non-blurrily.
- and, in fact, bead related stuff is pretty damn impossible with my hands stuck a foot apart at waist height and with my vision getting crappy even for stuff that is easy to see

I kind of have a sad.

(also a lot of beading stuff that I should rehome)


Jan. 1st, 2013 11:58 pm
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Pain sometimes needs an off switch.

(really, body, both knees and one hip, all at once? And hurting enough that even with a painkiller I am nowhere close to being able to sleep.)

ETA: Bother, I was half hoping (as of the following morning) that I had dreamed the whole thing. (Dreaming about pain sucks but is better than actually having pain.) But yes, it was bad, and very hard to ignore.
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So I've been having problems with my left knee for about a month and a half -- not really anything easy to describe, but general achiness. Went to my doctor about a week into August, just to make sure there wasn't anything weird beyond the usual levels of weird for my body. He said that based on where the pain was and how it behaved, it was in the muscles rather than the joint, and it would go away.

And it did slowly start getting better.

And them within the last week or so, it's gotten worse.

Different sort of worse, too. It's really more in the shin than the knee; it also doesn't hurt all the time, just when I bend the knee or when I stand. Which is at minimum done twice each time I go to the bathroom. All the leg muscles around it start locking up when it's hurting, the sort of thing where it takes me a while to get stuff to relax, and the transition between locked-up and relaxed hurts like hell, almost as much as trying to stand on it does.

And. Um.

I have enough chronic pain issues that my personal pain scale -- the "on a scale of one to ten" thing that they ask you at the doctor -- is skewed. It isn't that I don't feel pain, because I do, but I have a wacky high tolerance for it. One of my PAs and I have a sort of running not-quite-joke along the lines of, if my arm got chopped off I wouldn't notice until someone said something, and even then wouldn't think to take a painkiller.

By tonight, standing resulted in pain strong enough that I was shaking.

That ... is really not a good sign.

(and I hate that I have no alternatives to it; there is really no other way at all of getting me onto the toilet, or getting my pants pulled up in the morning, or whatever. Okay, so I could get by with a towel as a pseudo skirt if I didn't plan on leaving the house, but toilet stuff is kind of unavoidable)


May. 13th, 2012 08:21 pm
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not news -- right wrist is hurty. fop is funtiemz, srsly

(also not news -- "srsly" is not in standard word anticipation dictionaries. srebrenica is. ...I say srsly a lot more often than srebrenica. Srsly.)

news -- my left wrist decided to get jealous. Nerve went twang, pain receptors went OHAI!!!1, hand went half tingly and hurty, and doing anything with that hand is pretty well out of the question.

It took me fifteen minutes to write this entry using the on-screen keyboard. Well, sixteen now.

I want a new body.

I also want voice dictation that will work for gaming D:

Also, a pony.

(twenty minutes)


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