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I apparently have some issues with how knitting patterns are written. These are all swirly standardized wordings but they're wrongitu wrong wrong.

1) "at each end". Often used with increases or decreases: inc 1 st at each end of next and foll 14 alt rows, or whatever. (Non-abbreviated version: increase 1 stitch at each end of the next row and following 14 alternate rows.) This is not technically incorrect, but it is very easy to read as "at end", which then leads to increasing on only one side rather than both. ("each end" is first and last stitch, or thereabouts; "end" is just the last stitch.) It would be better to say "at both ends", because pluralizing end→ends gives another clue that it's multiple, well, ends.

2) "Repeat X times". This can happen withon a line, eg "* k1 p1 k12 p1, repeat from * 8 times", or over multiple lines, where a several row pattern is defined and then it says "Repeat rows 1-10 6 times". The problem is, it's ambiguous as to whether it's X times *total* or X times *more*. (The "total" applies more often to the multi-row situations, where they define the pattern and then tell you how many times to do it, but I've seen it done both ways.) It would be so much clearer to say "repeat X times more", if not "Repeat X times more (X+1 times total".

3) "No stitch" squares in charts. The tl;dr is that charts are gross, whereas knitting is more flexible; to get things to line up right, sometimes spacer squares are needed. I totally grok it but it throws people off all the time -- Ravelry is sometimes like knitting tech support, lol -- and the terminology is misleading. It's more of a "no action" square than a no stitch square. Meh.

4) How gauge is generally described. This is less a pattern rant and more a knitting standardization rant, but: Gauge is usually described as X stitches and Y rows over 4 inches. The problem is, it is very very hard to judge partial stitches. I mean, okay, it's pretty straightforward to tell the difference between a whole stitch and a half stitch, but finer measurements are hard. Quarter stitch vs a third of a stitch is hard to distinguish visually, but if you have something 500 stitches wide, that can get significant. (Plus, it can be counterintuitive for some people that if you have a larger gauge, eg 24 stitches in 4" rather than 21 in 4", you need to go up a needle size.) It is much much easier to measure the *length* of X stitches. Instead of "24 stitches in 4 inches", you'd do "21 stitches in 3.5 inches". Same spi value, but it's easier to measure fractions of an inch (since they're marked on rulers) than fractions of a stitch, and it's more obvious that your knitting is turning out tighter (or looser as the case may be).

...yeah. Opinions. *grin* Sadly I have no influence over these things, and my gauge-measuring suggestions never seem to catch on.

What I do not have the time to rant about because it is way more detailed than I have the brain for tonight: stitch mount, "correctness", mount-neutral language, and actions va results. Yes that's all one rant.

What is not technically a rant but still a thing I want to write up someday, if I can figure out how: why knitting patterns are like computer programs (including subroutines and for-loops and goto triggers and if statements).
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I know I keep disappearing, and I'm sorry. It's not intentional. I'm just finding it really hard to keep up with ... well, anything.

So. Updates!

Health: having continued fatigue and stamina problems, along with shit when I'm tired like aphasia and problems focusing my eyes right. I'm half considering asking my doctor how much she knows about ME/XFS and whether that's a possible explanation.

Niecelet: is two and a half (what), a total chatterbox, and really freaking adorable still. Also it appears I will have a nephew in a month and a bit (what). The sad thing is my sister has more energy at 7 months pregnant with a 2yo and a full time job than I do...

Crafting: glacially slow. It takes me a month to loom knit a hat. And then I get frustrated and don't work on stuff. There's tons I want to make, I just need more energy and mobility.

LJ stuff: ahahaha what oh lj. I'm so glad I don't do support there any more. I haven't decided whether or not to agree to the new tos ... which of course means this entry won't crosspost. My instinct is to not agree, but that's just a knee jerk reaction, plus I hate to just disappear.

Social media overview: I'm most active on rav, second most active here. Have picked up twitter again a little bit, do Facebook occasionally. Have an instagram account but it's not very interesting. Don't tumblr much. And as I said before I'm having trouble keeping up, so if I have missed any significant life events, I promise it's not personal. Feel free to comment with stuff I should know.

Other shit: some jerkwad dickface asswipe ran into the back of my van while it was parked downtown. No note of course. It goes in Tuesday to be fixed, which will take 3 days unless they find more damage than expected.

Games: Currently obsessed with Clicker Heroes (and I just transxended for the first time, eek!). Secondarily Abyssriun (why the fuck they changed it to tap tap fish, I don't nbkw but it's stupid), zen koi, a few others. I still want to write up game reviews. (Clicker Heroes is Steam, though I think there's a mobile version; the rest are mobile.) Oh, and Pokémon on 3DS, which I can't do for long stretches but I like way better than Pokémon go, though I've been playing Pokémon X for quite a while and barely have a clue what I'm doing.

Language stuff: went back to revising German on duo; I keep getting tripped up by false cognates (no, sinnvoll is not sinful!) but I've maintained my current streak, almost 250 days, yay me.

Um. I think that's all for now. Fair warning: I am typing this on my phone and my eyes aren't focusing right, so there may be typos or autocorrect weirdness. I apologize and will fix whey I can.
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a) been kinda off-grid lately -- mostly health stuff (migraines, random heart palpitations that have no apparent cause at least yet but yes I do have a doctor appointment because this is a new thing, and stuff like pain keeping me awake last night until after 6am so I only got three hours sleep and the next day or two are going to suck) -- if I've missed anything important in your lives please link / summarize / tell me where to look?

2) I had a dream the other night where I got to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda. He was very tolerant of me glomp-hugging him. idek.

iii) I "lost" all of Wednesday to writing up my newest knitting pattern, Freedom of Hattitude -- knitting drama seems to inspire me.

backstory )

D) I also made a hat for a friend. Loom knit, a smidge too small because I couldn't find the right loom, so worked in twisted rib (e-wrap+purl) for stretch.

V) ...and once my brain recovers from last night's painsomnia, I want to play with brioche loom knitting. Fear me. Or don't; whatever
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...or at least Ravelry famous.

So, okay: there has been this gigantic tempest in a teapot about sheep designs. Item A: a cute hat design with sheep, which became fairly popular. Item B: a different designer made a matching cowl, with an added alpaca but mostly very similar because matching, and released it as a pattern. Cue indignation because designer B didn't get designer A's permission and therefore stole her work. (It would have been apparently okay to have done it as a personal project but how dare she release the instructions!) Not helping was the fact that Designer A was working on her own cowl. Also not helping was the fact that designer B released the pattern and headed off to Rhinebeck, thus allowing for indignant "it's been a while DAY how have you not taken this down yet". As well as "I'm buying the cowl from the REAL designer" when Item C, designer A's matching cowl, got released. (It's worth pointing out that A started out free but changed to paid; item C is a paid pattern; item B was released for free.)

Relatedly, Designer A released a sheepy Christmas ornament pattern and, when someone pointed out a similar pre-existing pattern, designer A made a fuss about taking her pattern down to respect copyright.

Some of us watching this whole thing got kind of eye-rolly about how much fuss was being made. So I commented, in one of my forums, that I was tempted to do my own design with (sheep)(sheep)(tall alpaca)(sheep), in the approximate shape of a hand with the middle finger raised. A Paint-drawn mockup ensued.

Then someone pointed out that I should make the pair of sheep loop like boobs, and the alpaca like a penis, just because lol. So I did a Paint mockup of that. And then charted it out. And then wrote up a PDF. And then added it to rav. Explicitly under a Creative Commons Atteibution license allowing for unlimited use, distribution, modification, imitation, etc.

Now: Ravelry has a "hot right now" ranking of patterns that are being looked at right now. I was curious to see if I could get my design in the top 20 list.

So I watched as it climbed... third page of hot-right-now sorting ... second page ... first page ... top 20 ... past the Item A hat ... past the Item C cowl ... into the top 5 ...

Right now, it is the top fucking pattern in the HRN list.


(Link for posterity, image NSFW: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/menagerie-2 )

Whee yarn

Oct. 9th, 2016 11:21 pm
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So I have, over the course of the year, set myself various crafting goals. I have no hope of getting them all done, but. For the sake of having them all in one place, here they are.

(DT) finish wips. Definitely niecelet sweater, possibly zombie dragon tail and/or June mitts. Possibly also mini Cthulhu if it counts as enough left. Deadline Dec 21.

(RR) kal, sort of, lol. Vague deadline end of year.

(EFQ) hat cal. Set up due end of October, item due end of November. Note: satisfies 5/9/16 of SKC.

(CP) October goals:

Go to Lambtown - DONE
Add Lambtown purchases to stash and link to queued items
Finish the body of niecelet’s sweater. For realsies this month
If #3 gets done: Do the trim on niecelet’s sweater
Work on rainbow shawl EDIT: or zombie dragon, if unable to find rainbow
Practice brioche (an actual swatch, le gasp)
Cast on something new (if Wings, incomplete cast-on allowed)
Look sternly at mitts currently in timeout and ask if they’re ready to behave yet
Actually color something (okay that’s not really crafty but close enough)

(SKC)16 in 2016:

1. Finish baby sweater
2. Organize queue Done 6/23
3. Organize files on my computer hahaha
4. Start something brioche
5. Start something crocheted (not Tunisian or slst) **Done** 2/10
6. Start something Tunisian
7. Start a shawl for myself **Done** (rainbow)
14. Start something slipstitch crochet **Done** (orangenhaut)
8. Finish one of the above five items
9. Make a hat
10. Make a pair of fingerless gloves
11. Make a cowl
12. Finish up my mini cthulhu (needs wings and sewing)
13. Design something that's actually mine **Done** 6/18
15. Make a BB-8
16. Do a MK/CAL **Done** (orangenhaut)

I am allowing myself overlap, i.e. making a completed brioche hat satisfies 4/8/9. Except for item 5, as noted.

(Note to self: skc and rr items need tagging)
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So I'm randomly surfing Ravelry, as one does; and I actually pay attention to the banner ads, as one rarely does, because on Rav they actually have a chance of being relevant to my interests (or at least being pretty eye candy, because yarns); and the banner ad that happens to load for me one of the times links to a contest run by Cooperative Press, an indie publisher of knitting stuffs.

I click through, partly because I half recognize the name, and partly because the grand prize for the contest is rather enticing (I don't really *need* an iPad mini, but one that comes pre-loaded with a bunch of knitting books? yesplz); and the gist of the contest is "yay us! and word of mouth is lifeblood for indie presses so go tell folks!" and I go rooting around the shop to see why the name was familiar, and, oh, *oh*.

The primary reason I know Cooperative Press? They're the people that published Extreme Double Knitting, a book I have been lusting after for a while, because double knitting is a seriously awesome thing and because it has information on non-mirrored double knitting. I haven't acquired it yet because a) I am doing more crocheting than knitting at the moment, and b) monies (and the weird hangup I have about purchasing entertainmenty things), but it is seriously tempting.

But then I looked at their other stuff.

Ancient Egypt in Lace and Color?

I am in love.

Even with the fact that I have a gadzillion pretty shawls on my "to knit someday when I turn into an octopus with better mobility and can knit many things more easily" list ... but c'mon, *Egypt*.

(California Revival Knits isn't too shabby either. *pets the pretties*)

Anyway. I thought you all should know.

Not that knitting is relevant to *anyone* on my flist... ;D
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At some point one has to surrender to the inevitable -- which is to say that this incarnation of the Oncoming Storm mitts is as finished as it is going to be.

(I solved the width issue by picking up stitches along the length of the bobble section -- which worked -- and doing a rev-st-st with short rows -- which mostly worked -- and then sewing up -- which so very did not, ahaha -- and doing a surface crochet line up the seam -- which worked sort of. But that doesn't take care of the black bits, or the stockinette section between the arm and the thumb, and I am just kind of arghwtf.)

Am a bit more zen about it than I was last night; I needed a practice run anyway. And I do feel that I achieved /something/ with this, even if my pride and common sense won't let me post it to the ravellenic finish lines. (Even the colorwork one, despite not having any problems with the colorwork parts.)

Notes for next time:

* do the in-the-round version, to eliminate seams

* cast on 40 sts

* one gussety panel of 10, decreasing p2tog under each bobble or p3tog over alternate

* crochet hook bobbles ftw

* (catch float on the k stitches)

* colorwork section 3+4+[2+4+]3 across with rows 3+(2)+2+(2)+3 -- and this probably doesn't make sense outside my head but it doesn't need to

* thumb as sc rather than knit
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...knitting bobbles sucks.

Knitting bobbles with yarn that is grabby, splitty, and black? Kind of "black hole" levels of suck.

(I have decided to Cheat. The bobble instructions as written go from 1 st to 4 sts to 2 sts to 1. I can get a close enough look by doing the crochet hook method - 1 st to 5 sts to 1 to 1 - and it is still awkward but actually possible.
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I have officially1 finished the purple hedgehog that I think makes sense to nobody but me.

(1: the job of attaching the eyelash-yarn spikes is horribly shoddy and lopsided and argh but I made myself call it done anyway)

Next project is daleky fingerless mitts, and I have discovered several things:

1) whatever mystery yarn (in all probability acrylic) I am using for the black is terrifically grabby against bamboo needles

2) Red heart acrylic (oldschool variety) is not half as bad

3) I can still knit!

4) except for casting on, which is still a pita, but crochet cast-on is my new best friend

5) knitting does still hurt, so I am taking it only a bit at a time

6) partly because of that, I am about the slowest knitter evar omg

7) (yesterday's output: seven rows of 30-stitch fabric, worsted weight)

8) If I were smart, I would be doing these on a worsted-weight-suitable loom instead

9) (I am not smart)

10 (I also do not have a ww-suitable loom, just bulky and extra-fine-sock)

11) Yahtzee is remarkably talented at picking up bamboo needles without harming them
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...okay, I admit it, this entry is mainly an excuse to test out the new update page on Dreamwidth. :D

(for those going "what? it doesn't look any different to me?", head over to the beta features page and opt in. it is awesome. There is a tag browser! and organization! and an update box that doesn't have an obnoxious fixed width! and fu is the awesomest!)


Writing thingses for the rest of the year:

* [livejournal.com profile] secret_mutant fic exchange (due Dec 22)
* Yuletide \o/
* [redacted] from kinkmeme
* daily writing project

Knitting thingses for the rest of the year:

* haat!
* ...other haat. maybe.
* gauge swatchen for tubular castingson
* figure out garter square sock toes on loom


(that all should keep me busy)
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* iTunes is driving me nucking futs. It is freezing up on syncing to my iPad, repeatedly, but also freezes for up to five minutes while it pokes around. I am very close to stabbing it. With a spork. A rusty one at that.

* am doing a mystery KAL hat thingie in November. Should be either lots of fun or a complete disaster. Will keep y'all informed.

* am, partly because of the previous item, not doing NaNo. I am tempted by [livejournal.com profile] novel_in_90 but I don't have any pressing ideas, and I know that going into something like that when I don't know what I want to write is just going to make me stressed and miserable.

* do want to get back into the habit of writing. I just am in one of those annoying dry patches where I know that the way to get out is to just write dammit, but there is still a persistent irrational part of me that insists I should hoard the few ideas I have until I can do a good job with them.

* Suri would like you all to know that she is Very Lonely and also Quite Neglected and wouldn't mind getting some Attention. Especially if it comes with Skin To Lick.

* I have a birthday coming up wtf when did that happen o.O (yes, I know it happens every year, but it can't possibly be November again, right?) ...that is, yay, excuse to eat cake!
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...yes, yes, I realize that this comes as no surprise ;)

Re the hat project I talked about previously, it was pointed out to me that I could do something horribly drastic like - oh horrors - swatch. So I will use non-project yarn and play around with various methods of tubular cast-ons for 1x1 and 2x2 ribbings.

However, I have also decided to do the hat KAL that WoolyWormhead is putting out in November ... haven't decided which of the two patterns I'm doing. (There are of course no pics available yet; I like a vast majority of WW's designs but that doesn't really help much!) Nor what yarn to use - time to go stash diving, I guess!

La la la I really needed more patterns >_>
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So the fingerless-glove pattern that I am possibly going to use for the scarf-yarn-glove set, starts with 1x1 rib. My brain says, "ooh, an opportunity to try tubular cast-on!"

...which would be bad enough (not that I have anything against tubular cast-on, I've just never done it!) but then I looked at the hat pattern that I am almost definitely using, saw that it started with 2x2 rib, and the same dorky part of my brain said, "ooh, tubular cast-on for that too, gogogo!"

The more sensible part of my brain tried telling the other part to shush, but it was too late. The seed had been planted.

...I have just spent the last, oh, two hours or so, researching various methods of tubular cast-on and adaptations thereof. Yeahhh.

Standard tubular cast-on -- which basically is a seamless tube of stockinette that is then merged into a single fabric layer -- feeds very nicely into 1x1 ribbing, by virtue of the fact that the front and back fabrics alternate stitches. Feeding it into 2x2 ribbing instead is possible, but the easiest transition (having each side on separate needles, so you can just k2 from the front needle and then p2 from the back needle instead of k1/front and p1/back) comes with methods that require more fiddling, not to mention more purling; and the easier methods have harder transitions because the front and back stitches are already integrated one by one, and so you have to work half the stitches out of order.

My head kind of hurts.

Plus there's the fact that the hat pattern has you work the ribbing with smaller needles than the rest of it (size 4 instead of size 6, though obviously "as needed for gauge" is a factor), but a lot of the stuff I encountered about tubular cast-on says that it works better with a smaller needle than used for the ribbing. Whee for three separate needle sizes in a single hat!

...meanwhile the glove pattern recommends size 5 as a starting point, and the scarf is being done on size 8, and asfsafsdf how am I supposed to keep it all straight ;_;

(whiiine whine whine)
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+ glitch has totally eaten my life. ;_; it's fun and wacky! and, apparently, addictive.

+ I managed to finish my [livejournal.com profile] mer_ficathon fic! only a week late. ("only".) it is kind of adorkable. *pets it*

+ random I-amuse-myself moment: it occurred to me the other day that with the prevalence of "u" for you and "ur" for your in txtspeak, the -r ending might eventually be glossed as possessive, which means that 'her' would be the possessive form of 'he', and 'sher' would be the feminine equivalent...

+ have more or less decided on patterns for the hat and fingerless gloves to match the scarf I'm making. love the yarn. love the colors. it's variegated enough that I can't do any intricate patterning -- well, I can, but it would get completely lost -- and is a very happy thing. now if only I could remember what I did with the other skeins...

- still have not come up with a good method of doing cross-stitch. it probably is not a good thing that my muscle memory for stitching involves a) being able to lick the thread, b) being able to hold the needle closeish to my eyes to thread it, and c) holding the frame such that it was propped up pretty much on my boobs. none of that has been possible for years, but I haven't found anything to replace them. the fact that my eyes aren't as good as they were when I was 15? totally doesn't help.

- also I have been hurting rather a lot lately. not major pain (although I do have a somewhat wonky personal pain scale, where minor pains barely register and aren't worth taking meds for, and one of my PAs is astonished at what my brain categorizes as minor), but annoying. grr.

+ ETA: farmer's markets are utter win. went today for the first time in a while -- a little closer to the end than sometimes, so some of the places were closing up -- and got some seriously gorgeous stuff. apples (pink lady) and pluots (plum+apricot hybrid) and dates and salad mix and preeetty radishes and dates and bread and a piece of eeevil cheesecake. nom. :D
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(yes, I did choose this icon deliberately. *grin*)

So ravelry has a group (well, technically I'm sure there's many, but this is afaik the biggest one) for people who are destashing, i.e. selling. It's kind of fun to browse through sometimes just to see what yarns there are.

Very occasionally, this can be dangerous.

Usually I can resist. I'm not running out of yarn, there's very little that I actually /need/, and with the exception of, say, a full skein of Wollmeise for $10 (which would be a little worrisome and also would be snapped up faster than the speed of light), I can just say "ooh pretty" and then move on to the next one.

(Or sometimes, "gah that is scary" and move on to the next one. Especially when it comes to clown barf yarn.)

But then the other day I came across one that was made of 70% mink 30% cashmere, which made me go !!! and which was purple so therefore an awesome color; and the same person had a yak/wool in a red-purple colorway, and while (unlike the mink) I had heard of yak yarn I had never actually tried it. And then since I was getting stuff from him /anyway/, there was this gorgeous frosty-light-blue merino/bamboo that was just sort of calling my name...


Yarn came today (it is v. easy to tell yarn packages, given that they weigh next to nothing and are squishybig) and I am full of glee. Especially about the mink/cashmere one (or, as I have started to call it, cashmink) because OMG SO SOFT you have no idea. ♥_♥
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...I seem to have come down with it >_>

I have dormant projects (*cough*Saroyan*cough*) on the needles, but nothing active; I was doing stuff for other people, like the wedding gift (that I started the night before the reception, realized I wouldn't get it done in time, dickered around for a month, and then chickened out of giving it, so it is still on my desk) or like the owl mittens (that the needles totally did not cooperate for).

I have been wanting something to do, but ever since I stopped work on the mittens of doom, I've been delaying with "but I don't know whaaaaat".

...not so much any more.

Yesterday, I cast on and knitted a couple of inches† of One Row (Handspun) Scarf (rav link) with ... this yarn; I am failing at finding a non-rav link.

(ETA: Derr. On flickr, here.)

I also have some malabrigo worsted, one thing of gold and one thing of green-and-gold, that I want to do something with, possibly striped.

And speaking of stripes, I have two skeins of Noro Kureyon #92 (the visible parts of the skein are kind of oceany blues, although there may be some other colors hiding) and three skeins of Noro Kureyon #236 (mostly greens and golds) that I am thinking of making a Noro striped scarf with. Or else a Multidirectional diagonal scarf. And then using the third skein of 236 as CC for a hat.

Unless I use the 236 for a bag and the 92 for something entrelac-y. Or maybe this. Or...

(If it is not already obvious, I also have indecisiveitis, which slows down at least the symptoms of startitis!)
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There is definitely FOP shit going on in my right thigh/hip/buttock. Grump. Not being able to tilt back really is not helping.

(they apparently have insurance approval so can go ahead and order the part. and of course they don't work on weekends so it will be next week at the earliest omgwtfarghflargl)

And between my hip and my back there is a part of me that wants to call up my doctor and go "hi I hurt gimme pain meds". Even though the pain is at a tolerably consistent, tolerably low level and I haven't even been taking OTC pain meds. WTF, that-part-of-me.

SBB update: have rewatched selected canon through TBFTGoG (so much love for that ep ♥). Thor's Hammer is giving me fits because the only reason they knew about Cimmeria was Teal'c, which means story babble ) I'll figure it out.

(Words written: 0. Words thought about: lots.)

(ETA: 1500 words! Am setting a daily goal of 750 words; kind of like NaNo but without as much pressure. Have a rough-draft version of the 'teaser' section. And a Scrivener project set up, which is of course the most important thing.)

Knitting update: On fourth row of ribbing. Did I mention I hate 1x1 rib? Especially surprise rib. (The pattern had no visible ribbing, but that's because the ribbing is sewn to the inside to form a cuff /facepalm/) but it is progressing. And getting faster. Though I am still worried I will snap one of my kabob skewers needles -- 2.5mm bamboo needles are very bendy and I do not know at what point bendy switches to breaky.
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So I have this thing where I'm making these (I am insane) for someone as soon as their yarn arrives.

I also cast off last night on a project that should have been finished several months ago. I have not yet woven in ends, or washed/blocked, and I am trying not to chicken out on giving it to the person I made it for, but nevertheless, there are no active knitting projects on my desk.

The logic part of my brain says: The yarn will be coming soon. Hold off on starting new things.

The knitter part of my brain says: to hell with logic, I want to START SOMETHING and maybe several somethings and GIMME.

(the knitter part of my brain is about five years old, I think.)

thinky thoughts, aka thunks )

ETA: The yarn came! Eeeeeeyay. /bounces with glee/ Pretty pretty pettables. So I do not need to dither about an interim project \o/
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...which will involve designing as well, or modification and cobbling together of existing designs, because I have not seen anything that resembles what I want.

* backless poncho lap-blanket sweater hybrid thingie. Something with a neck and yoke like a top-down raglan sweater, but without a back (I can't lean forward so it's hard to get things in place) and without sleeves and long enough to go over my lap.

* slipper boots with in-sole pocket for heater pad. I can't wear most conventionally made boots because my ankles are bulked oddly because of bone growth and also fixed in position, but knitting is stretchy and flexible and warm and fuzzy (probably would use some sort of warmthy stitch).

* wristwarmers or gloves or something with pocket for microwave-heatable something. Get cold hands easily D:


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