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If you ever find yourself needing a text to speech app on your phone -- like, for example, if you are on the fourth day of a sore throat that feels like you're swallowing razor blades but is not strep and is probably viral and can't be treated but you really shouldn't be speaking -- there is a free, ad-free text to speech app called Speak that is actually pretty decent. Pacing/cadence is off sometimes, and I have to use ungrammatical commas in places to make it more understandable, but it's a lot better than trying to whisper.

Also, if you find yourself having a sore throat etc, numbing lozenges are your best friend. Sadly the effect doesn't last, and you can only do one every two hours, but it's lovely for dulling the razor blades. Ginger candies are good too.

Movie rec

Nov. 17th, 2016 04:18 pm
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I know I've mostly gone radio silent on social media since, oh, last Tuesday; but I wanted to say holy jumping crabcakes you guys, "The Arrival" (sci-fi first contact movie out in US theaters right now) is fucking *amazing*. (With a bonus of "lingistics that didn't piss me off"; there was a tiny smidgen of the multlingual-linguist thing, but otherwise good.)
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For those of y'all who like inclusive SF:


Three years ago, we launched a Kickstarter to fund an anthology of historical speculative fiction, telling the stories of people who had been marginalized throughout history. The overwhelming success of that project - both the initial fundraising and the critical praise and sales upon release - showed how important it is to tell these stories, how badly they are needed.

Now we want to continue telling these stories, giving voice to those whom history has neglected, ignored or erased. And this time, we'll focus on young people - all protagonists are under the age of 18.

27 hours left -- it's funded, so will definitely succeed, but it can succeed better ...
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...the current Humble Bundle is a bunch of Star Wars games, including KOTOR.

Not that anyone on my flist likes either computer games or Star Wars...
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Via Smart Bitches, Trashy Books:

At the moment, Amazon has Firefly for $5.99 (88% off!), and Serenity for the same price (only 54% but still)

and also the HP 8-movie collection for $39.99 (49% off)

No idea how long these will last but it might be relevant to some of y'alls' interests.

SBTB is also doing a series of daily giveaways for Thanksgivukkah, and today's giveaway includes a $50 amazon giftcard nom.
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Snagged from [personal profile] jmtorres:

Pro animation software that usually runs $500-1200 currently selling for $10-$40 with the catch that the company has to hit the quota where this becomes financially viable before they hand out licenses (if they don't hit their mark, they will refund everyone).

(I have no personal stake in this but I figure some of you might be interested)
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Hey guys,

IFOPA - the International Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Association -- is holding a raffle to raise money for FOP research and programs/services for the FOP community.

FOP isn't a very common disorder, and so it doesn't get a lot of attention; but for those who have it, the research is extremely important, given how crippling the condition is / can be. If you want to know more about FOP, the post here covers, er, what it's like for one person, at least. http://ifopa.org has more information as well.

Tickets for the raffle run $5 each, or $25 for a group of 7 tickets. You are also more than welcome to donate more, or donate separately without being part of the raffle. Prizes and a better description of the raffle can be found here. Tickets can be purchased online, or by phone (number on same page), or by contacting [personal profile] ysobel

There will be four winners of the raffle, which will conclude at the beginning of November. But there will also be a more important winner: IFOPA, and the FOP community.

If you can spare it, please consider purchasing a ticket (or more than one). And please feel free to boost the signal!


Jun. 7th, 2010 11:35 am
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DW now has ajaxified cut tags. (Translation in English: you can open cut tags without leaving your reading page.)

Why this is awesome:


(yes, it requires capstalk. it is just that awesome.)

If you are on DW, the little triangle that appears next to a cut is a MAGIC TRIANGLE. click the triangle! )

(If you are not on DW, you can go to http://ysobel.dreamwidth.org/2010/06/07/ for happy fun clicky times)

2) In a multi-cut-tag entry, you aren't restricted to all-or-nothing. You can open some cut tags and leave others collapsed.

3) You can nest cut tags. clicky for example )

(This trick only works with the magic triangle. It doesn't work with normal cut-tag view-the-entry behaviour.)

4) Squeeeeee.

...this change has been live less than 24h and already I am actively missing it on LJ. which cracks me up.
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LJ is going to be making gender information a) required, and b) binary, with no option for other gender identification (despite requests for same as far back as I've been *on* LJ, which I missed posting about my anniversary of) or for not choosing to specify.

More information here: http://synecdochic.dreamwidth.org/366609.html

(Also, this seems an appropriate time to mention that I have metric buttloads of Dreamwidth invite codes. Where the awesome ptb are doing their best to treat users like, y'know, actual people, not just targets for advertising.)
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Ify ou're using Transmogrified, your style probably broke in weird ways (i.e. some of the colors aren't showing up right). This will be fixed -- it basically boils down to a two-part change that only got half done -- but in the meantime, if you're style's not legible, you might want to temporarily customize the colors so 'main background' and 'page text' (which I think are the relevant colors) are contrasting.

Or you can just wait for it to be fixed :)

ETA: fixed!
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For those of you using core1 styles imported from other sites, please see http://dw-styles.dreamwidth.org/5062.html for why your style is now somewhat broken. ^_^

(I do encourage people to shift over to core2, as it is Made Of Awesome, but I also know not everyone will.)


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