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Apr. 3rd, 2016 07:56 pm
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So I have some very important news: I HAVE A NEW CHAIR OMG.

It's not perfect yet; there are all sorts of minor tweaks and changes that have to be made. (And because I am so physically inflexible, the wheelchair controls need to be positioned very precisely, and there are all sorts of awkward things like deflating the seat cushion a bit to make it more comfortable means the armrests are too high, etc.)

But. But! It is shiny and new, and *fast* (6mph top speed), and the suspension is amazing, and it has all the features I need including the lateral tilt, and the display has a clock, a speedometer, an odometer, a resettable trip odometer -- no streaming video though, lol.

I'm still switching back and forth between the chairs until the things that need resolving get resolved, but soon the most important question will be how to bling it up to suit my personality :D

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It is 68 outside.

(20 Celsius, for them as prefer that.)

Two days ago, it was 108. (42.2 C)

...can it please be like this for the rest of the summer pleeeeease?

(Also I went by the library and picked up a couple of audiobooks -- Thud! by Terry Pratchett, and Strange Brew which is a collection of short stories -- for Things To Listen To While Crocheting, so I is happy.)
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- The postcard for the current book sale for the local library mentioned "lots of knitting books"... no argument here! I scored two Yarn Harlot books, Hand-Knitting Techniques put out by Threads magazine, Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation, and a (non-knitting) Discworld book, all for $5 \o/

- ...

...okay, that's only one thing, but that's ...something? I guess?
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I made my approximately-weekly trip there to get bread (I like their bread and it's not a bad price), and decided I wanted to post about why it is awesome. So, in no particular order...

1. Free coffee samples. It's not unique to them, but I pretty much always like the coffee they have available, and a couple of mouthfuls of hot caffeinated goodness always perks me up

2. Peppermint brownies. I hadn't seen them before, but sort of had to get some >_>

3. Cranberry pistachio biscotti. omnom.

4. Brandy beans. Kidney-bean-shaped hollow chocolate with a brandy filling.

5. Dark chocolate coconut caramel bars.

6. Peanut butter filled pretzels, which I did not actually acquire this time but they kind of tempt me because yum.

7. Mac and cheese -- frozen dinner thing, but it actually is made with Real Cheese and tastes pretty damn awesome.

8. Parmesan asiago rosemary rolls, which I have not tasted yet but look awesome

9. Confetti rice with baby corn and lemongrass and ginger

10. Surprise free chocolate.

...k, that last one takes a bit of explanation. So I go to check out, and they card for the brandy beans (which I knew but forgot to get my ID out for), so I have my aide get my ID for me out of the thing it's in. She puts it back, and then goes to close it, and I have her get out the credit card, and the following exchange occurs.

Her: Oh yeah, that'd help.
Me: Yeah, they generally like me to pay for stuff.
Her: (joking) Maybe they won't need it this time.
Me: (joking) Yeah, all I have to do is tell them it's my birthday month, right, and I get everything for free, isn't that how it works?
Her: (snickering) For the entire month. Yeah.
Cashier: Actually, I can't do that but I *can* give you one of these chocolates (gesturing to the small display set up at checkout). Just pick one out and it's on the house.
Me: (lots of blinking) You sure?
Cashier: Absolutely.
My aide: Hee, you're so spoiled.

So I ended up getting a Rittersport (dark chocolate and hazelnuts, omnom) \o.O/
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So Amazon is having a sale on some DVDs, and I was all resisty until it included Crusade -- and then because it was only $16 I "had to" add more to my cart to get the free shipping, so a book of Tunisian lace stitches sort of fell into my shopping cart. Purely by accident.

And then, well, I was going to my foot doctor whose office is right near the Trader Joe's here, and so afterwards I went to TJ's, and accidentally got some rum as well as some pretty salads.

And on the way to TJ's, I popped into Cost Plus World Market, and I was totally not intending to buy anything -- I was just killing time waiting for my PA to meet me -- but they had a Wall Of Ginger, so I had to get some ginger chews. And some squishy honey lemon ginger chews. And some ginger marmalade. IT'S NOT MY FAULT, the ginger made me do it, really. (I have no excuse for the bag of snack mix that's chocolate covered caramel popcorn and macadamia nuts.) I had a good day, yay \o/

(I also got a package in the mail of locking/crochet stitch markers that I'd ordered off etsy in a moment of ooh-shiny earlier, which is also happy.)
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eeeeeeeeeyay GW2 is almost here \o/

(GW in general holds a special place in my heart. It was my first ever MMO sort of thing, and I have all kinds of ridiculous love for it. I don't think that GW2 can hold quite the same levels of personal awesome, but I am so very much looking forward to this you have no idea)

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(yes, I did choose this icon deliberately. *grin*)

So ravelry has a group (well, technically I'm sure there's many, but this is afaik the biggest one) for people who are destashing, i.e. selling. It's kind of fun to browse through sometimes just to see what yarns there are.

Very occasionally, this can be dangerous.

Usually I can resist. I'm not running out of yarn, there's very little that I actually /need/, and with the exception of, say, a full skein of Wollmeise for $10 (which would be a little worrisome and also would be snapped up faster than the speed of light), I can just say "ooh pretty" and then move on to the next one.

(Or sometimes, "gah that is scary" and move on to the next one. Especially when it comes to clown barf yarn.)

But then the other day I came across one that was made of 70% mink 30% cashmere, which made me go !!! and which was purple so therefore an awesome color; and the same person had a yak/wool in a red-purple colorway, and while (unlike the mink) I had heard of yak yarn I had never actually tried it. And then since I was getting stuff from him /anyway/, there was this gorgeous frosty-light-blue merino/bamboo that was just sort of calling my name...


Yarn came today (it is v. easy to tell yarn packages, given that they weigh next to nothing and are squishybig) and I am full of glee. Especially about the mink/cashmere one (or, as I have started to call it, cashmink) because OMG SO SOFT you have no idea. ♥_♥
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Dark!Valdemar fics:

how many will the heralds take
Forced Teaming
One True Way (Arrows AUness! *glee*)
Errors in Judgement (and omg yay for awesome disabled characters \o/)

Little Mermaid fics:

Work in Progress
The Skin Beneath the Skin (which utterly killed me in a few places)

Mulan story:

A Life for a Life, A Heartbreak for a Heartbreak

/flails more/

All of these stories are made of epic awesomeness I can't even have words! ...the fact that it is 2am and I have had rum and eggnog probably contributes to the lack of wordiness.

But you guys. Awesome stories! Yuletide authory people, if you are someone that wrote for me I LOVE YOU FOREVER.

New toy!

Nov. 11th, 2010 02:09 pm
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...also, my brain is weird, but that is not at all new.


So I seem to have acquired an iPad. (Combined birthday plus early Christmas present from my dad and sister.) This is very much yay \o/ there was sonic dolphin squeaking noises going on when I got it.

However, since this was one of the "omg waaaaant but can't afford, gah" sorts of things, I haven't been paying attention to what all is available, especially in the way of apps.

So. Any suggestions? Especially for:

a) increasing the sorts of ebooks I can read (I currently have a stash of ebooks / downloaded fanfic / etc, in forms ranging from .pdf (which it seems okay with) and .epub (ditto) to .html and .rtf and .txt (which it doesn't, but I suppose I could "print" them to pdfs?)

b) writing (since it might make a nice portable ... thing what is for writing)

c) knitting-related whatevers



Also, er, remind me how to get info off of an iPod? I've been afraid to sync up my iPod because it has all the right musics and playlists and stuff, and while I have the music files more or less restored from backup data, the playlist info did not seem to come with, and I really do not want to have to do all that again.


nano wordcount for today: er. 138. I know the day isn't over, but sheesh. My daily wordcount is kind of plummeting (845 for day 8, 611 for day 9, 358 for day 10), and it's become less "novel" and more "random unconnected scenes" because I have NFI where I'm going... or rather, I have one idea left and I'm afraid to write that because then I won't have anything so I'm trying to delay getting there? I don't even know.

And I try bribing myself ("X words and you can do/have Y", where X ranges from 2k to 1k to 500 to 250 and even that last feels impossible, and Y ranges from WoW to ebz to playing with new toys to knitting to reading to having chocolate to whatever) and it NEVER WORKS. I don't know what's wrong with me, because it ought to work, it just ... doesn't.
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Today I:

a) conquered a Pattern of Evil for someone on ravelry (and it really was hideously written; my eyes were crossing trying to figure it out)

b) managed to get 700-odd words in one half-hour sprint, and 600 in a later 20-minute sprint

c) got not only the desired 2k words today, but 3k -- 3122, to be precise

d) which also put me over 10k total words! (11258 total, which is also only 750 words shy of the 2k/day goal I was setting)

My favorite bit was ... I won't c/p the words here because the execution sucks. But I love the concept.

Basically, I had already decided that (since I was poking loving fun at Valdemar anyway) the unicorns should come from this sacred Grove. Which is where our band of heroes is headed to try to see if there happen to be any unicorns hanging about.

My brain decided that there were trees still there, even though there is a crater a mile deep and some distance around from the Grove (think a semi-physical magic bomb, except that the trees were left standing).

Then I decided that the magic bomb of doom had turned the trees to something like glass (cribbing shamelessly from the Jade Sea in Guild Wars).

...and then I found myself writing about how the whole thing was basically one gigantic windchime.

I never would have come up with that in a million years of planning. Lizard hindbrains are awesome sometimes.
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I have, in the past 24 hours:

* finally gotten my healy gear all gemmed up (er, that will only make sense to WoW folk)
* sorted out talents etc for three out of my four max-level characters (ditto, with the additional explanation that there were major major changes on Tuesday)
* called, and met with, a potential (at this point probable) new morning aide person
* sealed and stamped something I should have mailed a month ago
* cleaned off some of my desk
* returned a library book that needed returning
* talked with therp about holiday issues and strategies
* cast on in the vain hope of being able to do a dishcloth-sized knitting in, um, *counts* less than 19 hours (I started at 5 and am like three rows in, which is not a good sign)

Yay me \o/

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Unrelated link: steampunk lesbian short stories omg want. Want NOW argh what is this "waiting" you speak of.
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* 10/10/10 is awesome

* I am signed up for nano (as isabeau) ... and may actually have a workable idea

* Have had donuts and yummy coffee with yummy creamer

* also have had tea

* went to local library's every-other-month book sale and bought way too much stuff got some awesome shit. including a book of German etymology (auf Deutch natürlich, and while I can't really use it yet, once I get my German back up to speed it will be awesome), and a nice copy of the Last Unicorn, and some audiobooks.

* Chichester Psalms are still awesome. Even if the rest of the choir does not have it as thoroughly down as I do

* still have the bestest roommates (well, housemates, whatever) in the world <3

...not included in this update are the not-as-good things like "haven't found replacement aides yet still" and "still can't find my metal sock dpns" and "not-a-school has been kind of suffering from lack of good lighting that a) I can turn on and off by myself but b) doesn't randomly come on at 5am or whenever"


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