Oct. 24th, 2017 12:06 am
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What has been your favorite concert you’ve ever attended?

Jimmy Buffet

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Star Trek: Discovery: Episode 6

Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:41 pm
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Well, that was... a thing.

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71F - 49F : Morning heavy rain

Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:25 pm
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I went to bed early last night, and so I woke up early this morning, around 7am. I got up and started cleaning in between reading on the internet, and got all my stuffed animals from equucentric up on my new bookshelf, and put away things that Tara had stacked on the table for me to go through. So it was a productive morning, at the expense of my back hurting a lot. But still, it felt good to be productive. I thought I heard the tornado sirens go off, but two people near me said they didn't hear them at all. Although Donna was at the bank, and I assume Cat was at work, so maybe they weren't really near me? At any rate, I did what any good southerner would do when the sirens go off, and sat looking out the window watching the rain.

At 2:30 I went to Starbucks to meet Addie for my bat mitzvah tutoring. We didn't learn anything new this week, just went over what we've already done. It turns out I'm pretty screwed up on what I'm doing. Don't ask me. I'm mispronouncing words, getting tunes wrong, and generally making a mess of things. Addies says last week's topic screws everyone up, so don't feel bad. I guess at least I'm normal in my screw ups?

While we were there someone stopped and asked us if we were studying Hebrew, and said he was fluent in Hebrew so he was going to ask. I guess what I'm doing is vaguely comprehensible as Hebrew, then. Either that or he saw the papers.

I came home and Tara said she'd make us potato soup, but Kevin was hungry right then, so he made chili cheese fries. We ate that, and then when Tara finally got here (around 7) I had some of her potato soup, too. It was all good. Tara's still here cleaning my office. I almost forgot I woke up with a migraine this morning, but it is coming back with the scent of the chemicals from that, and the dog barking at Tara. I took more advil migraine, which I hope will make it go away. So far not working. The dogs were relatively quiet while Kevin was with them but for some reason known only to himself he decided to take a shower and leave them alone in the bedroom. Needless to say, Rogue got upset and started scratching at the door, and Jack started whining, so now they are out in the hallway with me, barking nonstop.
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Femslash reveals have been made! So I can reveal that I wrote this little thing :-)

Stumbling Toward Enlightenment (8992 words) by [ profile] Selenay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015), DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sara Lance/Lena Luthor
Characters: Sara Lance, Lena Luthor
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - No Powers, Alternate Universe - Yoga, Lena Luthor Needs a Hug, Bisexual Female Character, Yoga Instructor Sara Lance, Reluctant CEO Lena Luthor, Romance, Girls Kissing, Happy Ending
Summary: Sara Lance is a yoga instructor. Lena Luthor is CEO of Luthor Industries.

They're from different worlds, but they might just be exactly what each other needs.

New toy!

Oct. 23rd, 2017 07:36 pm
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So, it arrived! My new MacBook Pro is here and it's what I'm tying this update from :-) So far, I've got things like Safari bookmarks set up, figured out a little bit about how the Finder works for finding files, and reformatted an external hard-drive for Time Machine. So at least I've got a back-up before I do anything awful to my new toy!

It's incredibly shiny and pretty. I keep petting it. Nice MacBook. Good MacBook.

I feel like there's a ton I need to learn before I'm really proficient here, but at least it's here and I can learn now :-)

OMG, I bought a really pretty computer!

(I'm sure I'll be documenting this a LOT.)

meet the chooks

Oct. 24th, 2017 07:55 am
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We finally got backyard chickens! (Aussie vernacular: "chooks", singular "chook")

They arrived on Thursday (six weeks after I ordered them) and are slowly being introduced to the garden. They won't be fully free-ranging, because I have garden plants that I'd like to keep, and the backyard (only the backyard for the moment; although we'll eventually maybe get to the frontyard...

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Anyway, two new additions to the household!

I promise nothing

Oct. 23rd, 2017 07:19 pm
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Okay, so… I’m not promising anything, here, but the bunnies for today, my day off, have been tugging me back to my Tenipuri Nationals re-write. And I think I know why I stalled so hard on this one. It was trying too hard to keep the relatively decent parts of Nationals canon. Which, to be honest, /don’t fit/ after you’ve fixed all the howling moments of WTF.  So, now I’m doing another editing sweep to refamiliarize myself which what I actually did, and contemplating the possibility of, um, Seigaku losing. I mean, everything else I could fit in reasonably well! But let’s face it, Konomi did not make a good narrative case for Seigaku being able to actually win against Rikkai, not with Yukimura at even half-strength. *frowns at the story* If they do win, the momentum to that point nearly demands that it be, essentially, by luck. Which is fine, but /that/ demands a follow-up, and oh god I don’t know if I’m up to re-writing the Invitational arc. 

Eh, for now, let’s just look at the next bit. Which is Atobe’s arc! And Atobe is /always/ fun to write, especially when he gets into it with Sanada. 

from Tumblr

40 Days of Anime - Day 39

Oct. 23rd, 2017 01:31 pm
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39: Is there an anime you wish was more popular?

I'm not sure. My usual response has been SHINGU, but as previously discussed, Not Everything Is To Everyone's Taste, and I'm not sure I actually want a Fandom to develop for my little-known faves, with everything that entails.

Mostly it comes down to - anything that I wish was more popular, like SHINGU (or INU X BOKU, to pick another example)? Really what I want is either (1) more people that I know to watch the thing, so I can burble about it with them, and/or (2) more people to watch the thing, and then write the fanfic that I want to read. Seriously, folks, there are three Shingu fanfics on AO3 (all written by me*), and 8 for Inu X Boku (none written by me), somebody should get on that.

(...I will also note that choice (1) is good for getting me to write fanfic. See also: the entirety of my INITIAL D output. Thanks, Stef and Kay!)

*There used to be a couple more, and written by someone other than me? But they got deleted for reasons I don't know.

Mixed bag

Oct. 23rd, 2017 01:08 pm
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Until the 30th. (That site was easier to navigate than Amazon's, which is all flashy flashy, of course.) There are also book giveaways this week, though you probably won't win.

HLWW: The Gathering

Oct. 23rd, 2017 09:16 am
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It's been a while since I posted, and longer since I posted anything of significance. Aside from the general chaos and emotional upheaval of our lives these days, we bought a house in August and moved in the middle of September. The house is a total fixer-upper, and it's huge, and I probably don't need to go into the details of the slightly hellish experience that is living in a giant construction zone. Plus, new roommates! and a dog! and a six-year-old! My poor cats. We've been living out of suitcases since May, though, so I suppose this is an improvement? We'll see.

ANYWAY. Thank goodness back in April, before we moved, I'd already bought tickets to the Highlander World Wide convention in LA. It was this past weekend, and it was fantastic! I coerced my dear [personal profile] hafital to come with me, and then figured what the hell—I also planned a road trip with [personal profile] destina for the week previous to the convention. So, the last ten days have been a much-needed balm to my soul, a too-rare opportunity to spend time with two of my favorite people in the world, and a chance to re-awaken fannish loves after nearly two years of putting fandom on hold.

Road trip! )

HLWW: The Gathering )

And with that, I must away to the airport. It all went by too quickly. Thank you, friends!

Music Monday

Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:19 am
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24. A song a band you wish were still together:

Well, I know there's still a band out there masquerading as the 4 Tops, but they do everyone else's music now, and don't do their own, and there's only one original top left, so...

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Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:12 am
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What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

This question was meant to be asked in December, which I do not understand. Weirdo meme.

Anyway, the best halloween costume I ever had was a dinosaur that my mom made by sewing a tail onto a onesie. I was very happy being a dinosaur. I was probably 5?

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