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... so I've been kind of quiet here lately. This is largely due to a lot of freaking the fuck out.

So -- roommate and I realized about a week ago that neither of us had seen Loki for a few days; by itself that doesn't necessarily mean anything, because cat, but his food was untouched and his litter box was untouched. (Yes he sometimes eats Monkey's food, but in addition, not instead, of his own, and rattling his food dish usually brings him running.) And he is not a quiet cat -- if he were trapped somewhere he would be howling his head off -- so it was increasingly clear he wasn't in the apartment. And of course he doesn't have a collar.

Cue the litany of lost-cat tasks: calling vets, calling the shelter, talking to neighbors in case one of them brought him inside, making up fliers, etc. Also cue my brain being an asshole and constantly returning to worst case scenarios.

To add to the stress, my roommate had a scheduled trip for a grad school interview, leaving Tuesday and getting back this weekend. Having her gone is stressful even normally because there isn't backup if my aides flake and because I don't have the stress relief option of venting to her and because my mom is the one driving me home from rehearsals argh. Having my roommate gone *and* Loki missing meant I've been a gigantic ball of anxiety and stress.

Then yesterday I went to go to rehearsal, and Loki goes scooting out from under my van to under another car. Tea deer versonnen: My aide scoops him up and brings hm inside, I sulk about going to rehearsal because I want to be at home with a Loki making sure he's okay, but I do the responsible thing of going.

I don't know where the fuck he was all week or what he was doing; he seemed scared while hiding under the car, but was back to his usual self, including jumping on shoulders (and my mom's back, when she made the mistake of bending over to try to pet him). Possibly slimmer, but he had some pudge. We will probably take him in for a checkup but I'm waiting until next week so roommate can help with that. But he seems okay.

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Meanwhile, today I was pretty much a complete mess -- you know how you can hold it together (at least sort of) *during* a highly stressful event, but then crash afterward? Yeah. Some amount of paranoia (which I predicted yesterday would happen) that when I haven't seen him in a few hours it's because he's gone again, rather than hiding somewhere sleeping; a lot of crying, both random and not. (And I ducked up scheduling a ride -- Yahtzee had to go to the vet for yearly vaccination stuff today at 3, and I had someone lined up to drive, but told her 3:40 for a pickup time rather than 2:40, and didn't realize until 3:03 -- and even though I was able to have my aide, who was there, drive instead, and call the vet to give a heads up that Y would be a few minutes late but was coming, I then just burst into tears because ~clearly~ (that's sarcasm font) I'm a horrible failure. )

Oh, and my chair has wonked out again -- lateral tilt not working, stuck in turtle mode, though st least not super tilted -- and I *still* don't have the new chair working. (Well, it works in general, but there's a comfort issue and if doesn't tilt back as much as i need.)

So ... yeah. I'm having ~fun~.


Nov. 22nd, 2016 06:28 pm
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My apartment may not have drop bears -- wrong country and all -- but it sure as fuck has drop kittens.

Loki (who, despite the eternal 'kitten' moniker, is over a year old and probably at least 11 lbs) launched himself *downward* from the top tier of the 7' cat tree, smacking my face (far side!) and upper chest as he bounced off me and onto the ground.

He didn't draw blood, but I had to check...

(Note to self: check cat tree occupancy status before approach)
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Hey, cat folk, I need some advice:

What do yu do if a kitten is playing too rough (bites and scratches, all shallow but painful) and *you can't move your hands*?

Loki (he of the major vet bills a while back) has started using my hands as prey during the night. It was tolerable when he was gentle (I tried not to encourage it, but I did let it happen, and that may have been a mistake but I'd probably be in the same position), but now it really hurts, and is leaving visible marks.

I've tried a deep authoritative "no!" but it does nothing. I've tried high-pitched yelps of pain but it does nothing. I've tried burying my hands under the sheet (or rather getting the sheet up over my hands), but he digs them out and attacks anew. I don't have the mobility to physically remove him, to physically remove *myself*, or any of the other usual suggestions for when playtime gets too rough.

I *haven't* tried whacking him lightly with the small backscratcher I use for face itches at night, just because I suspect escalating the violence won't help. But I've completely run out of ideas.

What can I do?

(And yes, I know to keep an eye on the bite areas and see a doctor stat if it starts looking weird, but I'd rather avoid getting attacked in the first place.)

She who had a sleep-in morning interrupted by 6am kitten attacks grrr (which is ridiculous because I'm never up this early during the week so it's not like I've broken routine yet)
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Loki is home. Thin and wobbly, but active and alert and as ridiculously adorable as always.

This doesn't mean I get to stop worrying about him, of course, but he's home.

Now there's just the vet bill to stare at...
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I feel hollow and numb today; I guess there are only so many days of flaily stressy crying-all-the-time high-emotional-aeousal stress that one can keep up before crashing.

Tried to go see Loki, but the infectious disease people didn't want him going out of the isolation unit (because his upper respiratory infection is airborne transmission and so he could infect other cats) and normal people aren't allowed to go in. They did allow us to see the live cam feed, so I can confirm he is still cute, but somehow a grainy black-and-white image of a sleeping kitten is not the same as getting to snuggle him. We might get him back late tomorrow but no promises.

Thank you, btw, to those who have contributed to or signal-boosted the GoFundMe. I really appreciate it &hearta;
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My roommate has set up a GoFundMe for Loki's vet expenses: http://www.gofundme.com/z4vjqbc4

Please don't feel obligated to contribute, but we would greatly appreciate any support ♥

(Signal boosting as appropriate would also be appreciated.)
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Loki (new kitten) is sick.

details/timeline )

teal dear: kitten is sick and in hospital, I am an utter mess, and everything sucks.

ETA Update: He is better hydrated but hasn’t really perked up, and kidney stuff is elevated, so they want to keep him overnight. They will only call again tonight if something goes wrong, so hopefully I won’t hear until tomorrow. Payment estimate is up to $3k.


(and apparently the 100% mink yarn I got at Stitches West might not actually have any mink whatsoever -- it's unclear whether that applies to all the yarn ever sold under that line or whether some is mink and some isn't -- and I'm not going to return it because I would have to mail it back, and anyway you don't get a *refund*, you get a credit for one of their other yarns. And sometimes I tell myself that the yarn is still worth having, it’s still soft and sleek and pettable, and I don’t have allergy issues to worry about, and it’s a nice gradient of greys that will make a nice cowl-or-whatever, and then I wonder why I'm talking myself out of being angr, except that this is not a good time to have yarn stress)

(wtf, universe)


Jun. 27th, 2015 08:08 pm
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So my roommate sent me a photo of a kitten that was looking for a home. Now, mind you, I have a cat and a dog, so I don't really need another pet, and i tend to prefer acquiring adult pets rather than babies. But I saw this photo:

...and had an immediate visceral "omg I need that cat" reaction. Which apparently my roommate did too, and there was much whimpering, before we came to the conclusion that while *I* do not need another cat, my *roommate* clearly needs a kitten.

She went today (when the bunch of kittens, of which this was one, was available), and apparently when she cuddled him he kind of stretched out and went all limp and purry, and everyone there was like "yup, you belong to that cat now."

Soooooo, there is now kitten.

Kitten is named Loki. Which bodes so well, heh.

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