Feb. 16th, 2016

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So I've been running around one-earrings because the right ear had a weird
rejection thing going, and I want to get it re-pierced but also wanted to
give it time first to heal up.

Now the other ear is having problems -- the piercing isn't migrating, but
it was hurting last night a bit, and "looked puffy" this morning, so I
took it out for overnight. There is a smallish oozy unhappy bit right above
the piercing -- I don't know if, like, something I wear at night presses
the earring at a funny angle against my ear or what, but it's definitely
not happy.

Earring's out for overnight, I alcoholed the earring and my ear, said ear
is uncovered and has nothing pressing against it. We shall see what it
looks like in the morning. With my luck the abcess will take forever to
heal but the piercing will close up.

All I want is to wear pretty earrings. Why are you making this so hard,
universe? :(

pics of ear, not too gory )


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