Jul. 17th, 2016

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FYI -- I will probably be talking about Pokemon a fair amount in the near future. I will be tagging entries, and I won't be offended if those of you who are in "omg why can't people stfu about this game" mode filter out relevantly tagged entries.


so I've been playing Pokemon Go at a casual level

(grabbing stuff while I walk yahtzee or while I'm being driven someplace, grabbing Pokemon that I come across but not going out of my way and with a self imposed rule of no more than 5 pokeballs trying to capture a mon)

and there's been a lot of chatter about PG and accessibility -- since it's basically a Pokemon themed fitness app, so people with disabilities are at best falling behind everyone else progress wise and at worst not able to play

which I've been lucky about because I live in a urban area, there are Pokemon and Pokestops that are accessible on days when I can get out, I have no RL friends to compare myself to, and I'm super casual

but right now I'm kind of pissed off because *i can't use gyms*. (Basically, arena for fighting someone else's Pokemon.) The gym defenders around here have cp (combat points) of 500-1200; my strongest has 153 and gets wiped out immediately (and even at friendly gyms you get no benefit from being smashed by the opponent's first move).

and I don't know why this is bothering me since I can still do the collection thing but it's just kind of isolating

(And one of my other games, which is sort of similar in concept to Pokemon (not PG, just general Pokemon) in the "collect monsters, level them up, fight other monsters" sense, is doing a promotion for a special bonus pack you can buy -- a guaranteed high level monster plus a scroll to awaken the monster plus some in-game currency stuff - for "only" $30. And I have this thing about not wanting to spend money on impulse buys in game, but it's so damn tempting, but there are better things to spend money on, and it's just making me cranky)


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