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I am a little irked at one of my current games.

They've introduced a new set of things: a new decoration system, a new currency (pearls) that is used to purchase said decorations, and daily quests. Each of the five daily quests gets a reward, and completing all five gets you pearls. (It may also be possible to purchase pearls with RL money, but i don't do that.)

Except the quests don't seem to change, and one of them is to play the game for 60 minutes.

It's cumulative -- you can do five minutes here and there during the day -- but I only really do my iPad games in the evening. So i would have to do a solid hour of "playing", or at least tapping the screen occasionally. Bur by the time I get into bed, it's anywhere between 8 and 10, and I'm usually tired, and it's one thing to spend half an hour checking in on the different games and collecting stuff and so on. It's bad sleep hygiene, but whatever.

It's quite another to spend an extra hour just staring at one game. I can't put it on and go to sleep, because my iPad to,es off if I don't do things, and the game is a huge battery drain when actively running, so I'd end up getting 5am insomnia and having a dead iPad I can't listen to.

And there is no other way to get pearls. They don't give you partial rewards for doing four out of the five dailies (like, 1 pearl for two dailies, 5 for three, 10 for four, 50 for five) which would allow me to build up my reservoir but slower. They don't rotate through different quests so the "play for 60min" isn't required every day. It's just ... fuck you if you don't play this game the way we think you should play it.



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